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Thursday, January 27, 2005

How to put your offer in front of enough people to make money on the net

By Christopher Kyalo
Whatever it is that you are selling online, there is a simple truth. You will need to get your offer in front of enough people to be able to make a single sale. Once you know your conversion rate (that is how many people you need to put the message in front of to make a single sale) it is simple enough to calculate how many people need to see your message for you to achieve the kind of sales and profits you want to make with that particular online product or service.

That’s how simple an online business can be. Forget all those complex, confusing pieces of advice flying at you from all directions on the net. Just get back to the basics. If you do not have your numbers correct, you'll go nowhere.

A business venture starts with the setting of goals. What do you want to achieve? How much money do you want to generate? What kind of profit do you want? When you answer that question, all the rest of your business plans will fall into place.

This applies to affiliate programs and it is easy to see why so many people spend time joining them and getting frustrated, when all they need to do is find a way of making this simple calculation. Most good affiliate programs will show you the number of hits you are achieving and how many you are converting into actual sales.

One of the most effective ways of going about getting your offer in front of as many people as possible, online is by posting informative, useful articles on subjects related to your offer. You then direct this captive audience to your web site or where ever your offer message is. Articles (and not ads) work best online and that is simply because the world wide web is an information medium.
This all sounds neat and easy to do except that you will need to write quite a number of articles to start seeing the results.

But as with everything else in life, there is an easier way of doing things. A way of ensuring that your single article or two is put in front of enough people to make the impact you need to start generating sales.

Why not use a site that is already generating 1.5 billion page views each month? A site that will not have any problem with you posting personal information about what you do and how to reach you, neatly and conviniently directing some of this huge traffic to your article or offer information.

You may have guessed the site I am talking about of course.
I found Brian McGregor's ebook "The Ebay Formula extremely useful in helping me understand how to use Ebay to drive my traffic and profits. Of Course there is serious money to be made from auctions or by selling something with a fixed price from Ebay, but that is not the topic of this article. The point I want to make here is that you can use the About Me page to put all sorts of information, even if you are not selling anything.

You can get a copy of "The Ebay formula" from the following link:-

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Free Internet secrets that will instantly drive up your traffic and sales

By Christopher Kyalo
The following 3 secrets revolutionized my life. For years
I had tried everything I knew with no success. It didn’t
matter that offline I was a very successful marketing
expert, online success remained elusive. The moment I
discovered these three secrets things changed dramatically
for me.

So why am I revealing them to you?

Good question. The facts are that lots of people are
already using them and making lots of cash and keeping
quiet about it. The thing about the net is that you can’t
keep a secret for very long. Besides I have plenty to gain
if you remember me as the person who was most responsible
for changing your online fortunes. It means I’ll be able
to sell you lots of stuff in future. The PR spin doctors
will tell you that I am trying to position myself in a
certain way in the minds of the public. For profitable
reasons of course.

So here are the 3 secrets.

1) Well written articles People on the net are always
ignoring this one. Boring plain articles will do nothing
for you. But well written, useful articles with valuable
information that solves problems will do everything for
you. Many times I’ve posted an article at one site and
then done a google search a few weeks later to realize it
has already been re-posted in dozens of other sites. One
sales enquiry I received today via email had a url link to
the site where the nice man had seen my article. I’d never
heard of it before and yet 1192 persons have already
viewed it.

2) It’s a numbers game When I first started using
articles, I didn’t think of the numbers involved. And a
lot of people who may have posted one or two articles and
forgotten all about it may be making exactly the same
mistake I made. I wrote one article and sat back waiting
for a response. I still got it (after about 3 weeks) but I
soon got wiser.

You must have heard all those statistics about what kind
of traffic a web site needs to be successful. All sorts of
crazy numbers have been thrown around ranging from 500 to
over 2,500 hits PER DAY. Now how does a site get numbers
like those without spending the national deficit on

With articles it’s no problem. Here is the math.

Supposing your article is viewed just twice every day at a
certain web site. If you post the same article to only 20
similar sites, you’ll have 40 hits per day. You need only
20 articles to get 800 hits per day.

And don’t forget my point number one. If your article is
half useful, they’ll be a viral effect. In a few short
weeks, one listing can yield dozens of other postings. If
you add 12 to the math above you get 9,600 hits PER DAY.

The lesson here is that you have to keep on producing new
articles and posting them all the time. I recommend a
minimum of 3 new articles every month.

3) Ebay about me page When you add this secret to secret
number one and two, you’ll break the bank – guaranteed.

Ebay has well over 1.5 billion page views per month. There
are well over 40,000 people who sign up for Ebay every day
- Sunday included.

Of course there’s serious money to be made from the
auctions or by selling something with a fixed price. But
you can profit on Ebay even if you are not selling
anything. You can use the About me page to put in all
sorts of information including a link to your web site.
Just by learning how to do this, you can dramatically
increase traffic to your web site or even to your posted
articles. This highly targeted traffic is bound to yield
sales for you, whatever it is you are selling.

I found Brian McGregor’s ebook, “The Ebay Formula,”
extremely useful in helping me understand how to use Ebay
to drive my traffic and profits. You can get the ebook now
at the following link:-

In conclusion I would like to assure you that with these 3
secrets, you can make lots of money online, even if you do
not have a web site. I’ll let you into a fourth secret. I
don’t have a web site myself. Too much work and expense to
maintain. But I make money without one. But that is the
subject of another article. And besides, imagine what you
can do, you who has a web site.

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