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Friday, February 28, 2014

Small Businesses Should Sell More During Hard Times? You Must Be Joking

 You will never see people celebrating the terrible news of hard economic times such as what is beginning to bite in many parts of the world just now. Least of all those who own small businesses. However the facts and research on the ground suggest that there are many reasons for small business owners to pop the champagne even as the news gets worse.

Unbelievable to many but true. Consider the following solid facts;

a)    During the worst of economic recessions there is still plenty of money being spent; only that it is being spent differently.

b)    The greatest economic depression in the history of the human race (1930s) produced the highest number of brand new self made millionaires most notably in the United States. Other recessions always have entrepreneurs who are laughing all the way to the bank.

c)    When the economy is bad it causes upheavals and chaos, no other environment in the world produces opportunities in more abundance for small-unknown-entrepreneur-nobodies to make serious quick money. Throughout history do you know how many families have made absolute fortunes in times of war and chaos?

d)    Products and businesses launched during economic depressions become recession-proof so much so that they almost always outlive the great grand-children of their founders.

e)    Small lean businesses will always find it easier to adjust and change direction quickly to take full advantage of the huge opportunities that a bad or crumbling economy suddenly presents.

f)    There is very little competition for those who discover the secret because everybody else is just looking for a way to survive or relocate to a better economy.

Actually it is a lot easier for you to sell more and prosper your small business to new heights during hard times. It starts with a little research on your part. Ask yourself questions like what has happened in the past when money became so tight. How did consumer spending habits change and how can you take advantage of those changes to position your small business or product to reap the rewards?

For instance one of the things that may appear puzzling at first is the consistent habit in virtually every recession of consumers buying consumables in bulk. Items that were purchased in small quantities are suddenly bought in big packs and stored in the home. Makes sense when you remember that buying in bulk will always give you a much better price per unit.

If you have been worried sick about what is happening to your small business you need to take a fresh look at the whole situation and I guarantee that you will find a silver (or is it gold) lining in the darkest clouds.

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Increase your sales and profits 10 times in the next 30 days


1.    Times are hard and are bound to get harder

2.    All throughout history the most sensational make money stories have happened during tough times and economic depressions. You don’t have to believe me. Google the Great Depression and see the people who made amazing fortunes for yourself.

3.    Did you know that Michael Joseph of Safaricom is a proven marketing genius who grew Safaricom from one small room and one base station to the most profitable company in East and Central Africa and probably beyond? And he initially did it with 0 cash injection into the business.

4.    If Michael Joseph became your marketing consultant today your business would be unrecognizable in 30 short days.

5.    There is nothing stopping you from learning some of the tricks and techniques he used and applying them to your small business.

6.    Your sales and profits from your small business will always be as high as your innovative selling ideas (copied or original) will take them and there is really no limit to what you can achieve.

7.    There is a Nairobi business which grew from 0 to Kshs 60,000 sales per day selling a product worth only Kshs 10/-. And all this happened in 45 SHORT DAYS right before the eyes of the writer of the book below.

8.    Great, innovative but simple ideas to sell more of whatever it is you sell can be applied anywhere in the world and they will ALWAYS WORK

You can learn a lot from the case study of the Nairobi business which grew from 0 to Kshs 60,000 sales per day selling a product worth only Kshs 10/-. And all this happened in 45 SHORT DAYS right before the eyes of the writer of this book. However it is also useful to learn tips and techniques behind the success and also get numerous other ideas that you can apply to your very own small business. You will get all this from the amazing book Increase your sales and profits 10 times in the next 30 days.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How small businesses can prosper in Kenya as times get harder

The first article in a long series that will revolutionize your small business sales and volume of customers. Ensure you never miss a single article.

If you operate a small business in Kenya and indeed most of East Africa you already know that things are tough. Money is tight and getting tighter, customers have either become unpredictable or disappeared altogether.

Cheer up. I have some great news for you. The time for small businesses to shine has come. All you need to do is change your thinking a little.

The first rule you must bear in mind is really important.

People still spend money when times are hard it is just that their buying habits change

How do you behave when you have money and how do you behave when you are low on funds? Think about it for a minute and it will help you a great deal to understand your customers better and to solve many mysteries that may be dogging your small business just now.

These are some of the characteristics of people when cash is tight;

-    The usual wall of resistance that comes up around a person the minute somebody tries to sell them something grows more solid and thicker.

-    Some folks will even get irritated and angry that you dare try to sell them something. I once saw somebody almost punching a poor salesman. This resistance is harder to break for small business entrepreneurs or sales people who approach them.

-   When they pass your shop they will not dare enter or look in your direction if it is a stall for fear of being sold to. And yet in some cases they will be looking for exactly what you are selling.

In my book How to increase your sales and customers 10-fold in 30 days I give countless ideas on how to get round this problem. The bottom line is that you must change your mindset and adjust to the new realities that are already here.

Basically what you must do is to re-position yourself with the client from being in a position where you are selling them something and become the person who understands their problem and are capable of providing a solution.

People are eager to solve their problems and will gladly speak to somebody who looks like they understand and have the capability to help them. Understand that we all hate to be sold to, more so when times are tough.

In this article I will give you just one technique that can help you instantly do this. Instead of going out to sell put your order book away and instead go out to do some research.

Prepare a simple questionnaire designed to identify the most pressing problems facing your customers that are related to your line of business. Make it as thorough as possible so that you really get it. And then go and design a solution and call back the good person who helped you out with your research and give them a great solution. If the solution looks workable to them, they will not need any convincing to buy from you. It is as simple as that.

I have used this technique countless times with great success. It always works.

The initial resistance that I have always received from those I give this idea to is that it is too time-consuming. That one I dealt with quickly by having one of the best sales people go out for a week. One used the old technique and the other used my new one. At the end of the week the results spoke for themselves. The first person had the diary filled with numerous appointments and promises, had countless business cards and people's telephone numbers, BUT NO SALES. The second who had seen much fewer people had solid orders. You will find plenty of real life practical examples to illustrate this point in my book; Increase sales and customers 10-fold in 30 days. Get free details, selected chapters and sneak previews of the detailed book direct in your email inbox.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to Increase your customers 10-fold in 30 short days TODAY

  "Increase my customers? 10 fold? hehehehehehe Impossible. Try the Churchill show with that joke"

"I have spent a fortune advertising if that didn't increase my customers 10 fold nothing under the sun can"

"How do I know the techniques suggested will work for me?"

"I have been in business for 20 years, there is nothing new you can teach me"

"The Kenyan economy is terrible these days, no money. Maybe when things get better"

I have heard it all. But the truth is that if somebody asked you to fly a Kenya Airways plane to London you would say, IMPOSSIBLE. But then a pilot will walk in and fly it without a problem. What's the difference here? Knowledge and skill. Pure and simple. BOTH CAN BE ACQUIRED. However acquiring knowledge and skill is usually a terribly expensive exercise but today you have a chance to get it at a pittance.

If you believe it is possible to increase your customers 10 fold in 30 days then this book is for you. If you think it is impossible ignore it STOP READING NOW and go and read something more useful on another website. Leave it for dreamers, jokers and the Churchill show.

If you KNOW it is possible here are the contents of the book.

Inside you will find;

* Kenyan case studies of small businesses that increased their sales some of them by 100 fold (not even 10 fold) and how they did it.

* Why the economy can easily be ignored and you still achieve your targets (otherwise businesses would be shutting down every time the economy heads south.

* The basic secret is cutting through the barrier of resistance every buyer has, that's all, the rest are details.

* Why you should have a simple system that enables you to predict your sales accurately for the whole month on the first day.

* Written in simple jargon-free language that a mama mboga can understand.

* You may NOT need a loan to expand your business if you can increase sales instantly.

* How to think like your customer so that you are always one step ahead

* Step by step plan to follow to increase your sales 10 fold in 30 days. Not 40 days not one year... 30 DAYS!!!

* Will work with any business no matter what your size is. Small stall, no stall at all or big go-down in industrial area, the basics never change.

I have worked with businesses of all sizes all over the world and I have 30 years experience in helping businesses increase their customers 10-fold and more in 30 days (other people call me a marketing expert but I promised I will leave out the jargon and speak in simple language). I am sure I can help.

If you want to give this a try here is the deal. People read great books all the time but never find a way to implement the knowledge and turn it into profits for their businesses. And so when you get this book I will throw in a 2 week 14 lessons FREE email course to help you apply everything to your business so that you turn this whole thing into a reality.

How much do you imagine something this valuable costs?

Kshs 5,000 (It is worth more than that but that is NOT the price today)

Kshs 2,000 (would be a very low price but that is still NOT the price today)

Order it right away and start getting those customers for a very special price of...

ONLY Kshs 499/- ($6)

If you had a visitor and took them out for a cup of tea and cakes in a good restaurant 499/- would NOT be enough).

But with ONLY Kshs 499 or $6 you can start to revolutionize your business today.

And ordering couldn't be simpler. You can use Mpesa to send KShs 499 to 0727-217920 or if you prefer Airetl Money send to 0787 625261 OR if you are outside Kenya you can use Paypal and send to (please ensure that you notify me via email as soon as you send the funds giving me the cell phone number you used and the email address I should send to.)

Re-focusing the content on this blog to target target small businesses in Kenya and the East African region

Most of the articles you will find archived in this blog are about online marketing. I have decided to re-focus the content to target small businesses in Kenya and the East African region. Many business owners have no training in marketing and that is the reason why you will find that the articles avoid jargon and technical expressions and are instead written in simple language that anybody can understand.