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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Discover PPC Ads That Don't Require Cash Payment

There is no doubt that PPC (pay-per-click) ads are here to stay. Don't forget that they are the main basis of the colossal amounts of profits and loads of respect that Google Inc. has earned within its' very brief period of existence.

One of the main reasons why PPC ads are irresistible is because they pay for themselves and one requires only a small initial investment and a little skill in the use of keyword phrases. It is even better if you have additional skills in the area of creating catchy headlines that will attract a good number of clicks from the targeted market. Armed with this many people have built multi-million dollar online enterprises from scratch within a very short space of time.

But a new breed of online entrepreneurs are doing even better by using PPC ads that do not require any cash investment or any payment of sorts. The work and time one needs to put in creating them pay for these PPC ads. Admittedly the combination that works best is where folks combine these free PPC ads with similar types of PPC ads where only one initial payment is made.

The powerful free PPC ads I am talking about are of course promotional articles that have one way links pointing straight at your site. Just think about it for a moment Adsense PPC ads are really links you purchase that point to your site. Now the PPC ads that are promotional articles are even more powerful because of various reasons. The most obvious is the fact that done properly, they will tend to pre-sell your offer and will therefore receive a much higher response rate. Actually test after test by various online marketers has confirmed this fact.

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FAQs (frequently asked questions) on the use of text links and articles to grow traffic quickly.

Content Domination

Why Free PPC Ads Are More Effective Than Paid PPC Ads

There are actually many reasons why the free PPC ads that are promotional articles are actually many times more effective than the conventional paid PPC ads.

We have already mentioned the fact that articles do an excellent job of pre-selling the prospects long before they click through to the site. The best way to get this done is to focus the promotional article on highlighting a serious and nagging problem faced by your prospects that can best be solved by your product or service.

Then there is the fact that the usual resistance people develop when they sense that they are being sold to, is not there. The reason is that written well, articles will never resemble any advertisement. Rather articles are valuable information that many people are usually eager to access. Although PPC ads have been very successful because they hardly look like ads, people are gradually developing some resistance towards them. With the PPC ads that are promotional articles, there will never be a time that people will look at them as ads, as long as they are well written and offer some genuinely useful information.

And now you can greatly speed up the process of getting qualified leads to your site by paying a one off fee to purchase brief commentary articles complete with one way links pointing at your site that are posted on your behalf in leading high traffic blogs and article directories. When you combine these with your free promotional articles posted at your site and at leading high traffic article directories that generate traffic, then only the sky can be the limit to the possibilities for your online enterprise.

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How Low Traffic Sites Can Generate Valuable Ad Revenue

Many low traffic sites that are currently not making any money for their owners can be transformed into lucrative cash generating machines by simply carrying advertisements.

Everybody knows that advertisers will only touch sites that have a very sizeable amount of daily traffic every day and yet some low traffic sites hardly get any hits for days on end. This is true, but the facts are that there is another type of advertiser that will gladly place their advertisement on a low traffic site. In fact this kind of advertiser is hardly interested in the number of hits that your site is receiving on a daily basis.

Allow me to explain. There is something called the Google PR. This is a measurement of page rank used by Google to show the importance of a page. It is on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest rank. To measure the PR of any site, you require the Google tool bar which you can download free. Just go to the Google search engine and key in “Google tool bar” and you will find the site and instructions on how to download the tool bar that measures page rank.

So what is he value of the page rank of a site? When sites seek to exchange links (reciprocal linking) they will usually specify that they need a certain level of page rank to consider a site for reciprocal linking. Most sites will not want a reciprocal link but will instead want a one way link pointing to their site. Some sites will be willing to pay for an ad in your site so as to secure this one way link.

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How To Use The “Add Your Link” Keyword Phrase To Generate Unlimited Ad Revenue For Any Low Traffic Blog

Most folks believe that selling advertising is extremely difficult when the very opposite is true, especially when you make good use of the “add your link” keyword phrase. Selling text links ads on you site is very easy. The reason is simple. There is a huge demand for effective online advertising. Notice that I have used the word “effective”.

Millions of webmasters and bloggers are constantly looking for sites with a good PR to either swop text links with or to get one way links from. There are two main reasons why a site would be interested in getting a text link ad placed on a site with a reasonable page rank. That is to either raise their own page rank &when a site with a higher page rank links to you, your own page rank improves. Alternatively a high number of relevant links from sites with a high Google PR will tend to dramatically improve the position of your site in search engine results. Naturally this means a lot more traffic for your site. There are various techniques that can be used to attract advertisers almost on auto pilot.

One of them is to prominently place the keyword phrase “add your link”. This means that you are looking for other webmasters and bloggers to swop links with. When you add a prominent link using this keyword phrase other site owners will be able to find you via their favorite search engine. Some will offer to swop links while others will offer to buy one way links pointed at their sites. You should accept both because as you swop links with sites that have a good PR, you also enhance the PR of your own site, which will make you an even more attractive site for advertisers.

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Be Careful Whom You Suggest Reciprocal Link Exchanges With

Be careful not to suggest or accept a link swop with just any site. Avoid gambling and pharmaceutical sites which will tend to reduce yours ranking with search engines. You should also create your on rule about which type of text link ads you will accept and from which category of sites.

Then you should go ahead and create valuable content that will promote your advertising service. Post the articles at leading article directories. If your articles are any good they will get re-posted all over the World Wide Web complete with your resource box with links pointed at your site. There is no faster way of accumulating valuable one way links.

The way to get a high PR in the first place is to create lots of useful content at your site and then post your articles at leading article directories that have a good PR. I would suggest that you combine free articles with the purchase of good quality text links.

There is actually no justification for any small site owner to complain that they have no way of earning any cash. There are in fact many ways for your site to earn lots of cash. The way to start off is by ensuring that your site attains a PR that is as high as possible.

FAQs on the use of text links and articles.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Real Power Of Articles Is In Generating Numerous Leads From Numerous Links

Your online business will never be the same again when you discover the real power of articles marketing in generating an endless supply of quality leads from numerous links.

The reason why most people never profit from articles is mainly because they do not understand them or how they work. Taking the time to understand exactly how articles work in any online business model will make a huge difference.

Essentially, I have seen the best results from site owners who concentrate on one product or service at a time. They then concentrate all their energy and effort on generating thousands of links pointing to their sales page. They do this by creating interesting, captivating articles that are very useful and valuable. Basically their aim is to come up with the sort of genuinely valuable information that their readers will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

What follows is predictable. Their pages of information attract an increasingly high volume of traffic, which in turn means more traffic and sales for their product or service. Simple and basic but it works like a dream.

You have to understand that the hundreds of articles that you generate that are posted at article directories and at other sites, are like mini sites with their own traffic that have links pointing straight at your sales site.

Most people using articles as an online marketing tool, lack this clarity in their strategy. Most will tend to have a confusing mass of articles linked back and forth to each other. They tend to have a new linking priority or strategy every week, which causes them to start afresh while completely ignoring what they have done in the past.

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Minimum Effort For Maximum Results Does Not Work With Articles Marketing

Human nature is such that we prefer to be told a lie that encourages rather than the blunt truth that discourages.

This is the simple reason why the Wold Wide Web is filled with deals, which require minimum effort from you for maximum results. Mostly these deals need you to part with some hard-earned cash. This strategy of promising maximum results from minimal input works. Most folks are very attracted to it.

Please prepare to hear one hard truth about marketing with articles. It may not sell me very many units of my products or get me a lot of traffic, but it is the truth.

Articles' marketing is not easy and it will not work with the minimum efforts for maximum results approach. The truth is that to get maximum results, you will need to work very hard while staying very focused on one key objective. What did you really expect when articles are more or less free, if you write your own? Did you expect a free effective marketing strategy that you have paid nothing for working without you putting a lot of hard work behind it?

To be able to generate a useful amount of traffic, you will need hundreds of quality articles. If you can be able to generate about 1,000 articles, then chances are that you can go on holiday for good and your articles will keep on generating healthy traffic to your site, without any additional effort from you.

1,000 articles sounds impossible. But it is simply 10 articles a day for 100 days. All you have to do is discipline yourself to churn out 10 articles every single day for the next 3 months and 10 days. Or alternatively 5 articles a day for the next 200 days. The whole thing can be much faster if you get help from ghostwriters.

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Little Known Articles Marketing Strategy: Cover All Your Niches

If it is bad news that you need plenty of articles to make an impact with content marketing, then the good news is in the fact that it will cost you nothing but lots of hard work if you write the articles on your own.

The other really good news is that once the initial hard work has been done, you will require minimal effort later to sustain your good results and daily sales. It is like putting up a block of apartments. The initial investment is very heavy, but once your building is complete, collecting the rent does not require too much energy on your part.

That's the reason why the best way to do the articles is make sure that you cover every possible related niche with the keywords you use. One effective free keyword I use is the Overture tool. Just key in a keyword and it will not only give you numerous other related keyword phrases, but it will also tell you how many people used that keyword at Yahoo and other associated search engines in a recent month.

The right way to use the keywords is in helping you to generate excellent ideas for good valuable content. I will never use a keyword phrase that I do not have a good idea for. It is much better to write an excellent and useful article that does not seem to target any important keyword phrase. This is preferable to writing a useless boring piece of trash that does not give any useful information and simply concentrates on repeating a certain high traffic popular keyword phrase.

The net is already full of a this sort of trashy articles without you adding a pile of your own. These sort of articles will not help you or anybody. However a well written, useful article without relevant keywords will inevitably find an audience.

Of course the ideal situation is to write excellent articles that are based on non-competitive keyword phrases that will get you plenty of traffic from search engines.

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Your Headline Will Determine Link Popularity

Usually I carefully track my traffic every day without fail to see where it is coming from and to carefully monitor link popularity. One thing has become quite clear to me over time. There are numerous articles that do not use a good non-competitive keyword phrase but still end up attracting tons of traffic for me.

What makes all the difference is the headline of the article. Using the high traffic articles directory I usually use, many visitors will tend to search for content using categories rather than specific keywords. They will then scroll down the list of article headlines, clicking through on headlines that look interesting. Even visitors to a blog or site will scroll down the homepage looking for an interesting headline.

In my headlines the priority is always a good headline to attract the highest possible number of readers rather than the keyword phrase. This is not to say I don't use keywords. I use them all the time, the only difference is that when faced with a weak headline using a good keyword ot an excellent headline without keyword phrases, I will always choose a good headline.

One useful technique of coming up with popular headlines that will land you high traffic is to address nagging problems in your headlines.

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How To Make More Online Sales From The Same Limited Leads

To maximize on your sales from the same limited traffic your low traffic site receives, you will need to implement the oldest trick in the book. Despite its' age it still works.

This is trapping email addresses and following up on them with relevant mailings, special reports and regular ezines. A good place to solicit for email addresses by possibly advertising your free ezine or special report, is on your sales page.

There is no denying that very few clients will buy from you the first time they come across your offer. It rarely happens. Most will buy from you after they have gotten quite familiar through several contacts, like receiving several editions of your email newsletter or reading a special report that really impressed them. This is the reason why any online selling system that does not include a strategy for harvesting email addresses, is losing a substantial volume of sales.

Asking for email addresses at the selling page can be tricky because you want to avoid losing sales. The way to do it is to have a brief pop-up message that will be red before they get into your sales copy. Or alternatively have a link right at the end that leads to another page or site that talks about your special report, email newsletter or whatever it is that you use to harvest email addresses and build an opt-in email list.

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Why Text Links In The Middle Of The Article Will Sell Like Crazy

We have already discussed in earlier articles the impact of the resistance folks usually develop when they realize that somebody is trying to sell them something. In fact many times people may resist purchasing something that they actually need and have been looking for.

That is why it makes a huge difference finding a way to sell which does not look like selling, which means that your prospect drinks it all in without creating the usual barriers of resistance.

This is precisely the reason why text links within articles can be so effective in getting lots of traffic to a sales page that should not look like a sales page. The text link should be highly relevant and promise some really useful solution to a problem. The page it leads the reader to after clicking on it should offer some genuinely useful information even as it sells your product. The more creative, the better. I saw a sales page the other day that was a long Q and A format answering some frequently asked questions while repeatedly referring to the product that is the ultimate problem-solver of the issues that were being addresses. Pure genius, and the sort of selling strategy that makes people rich.

I have found that text links that are bang in the middle of articles achieve much higher popularity and click through rates than links at the usual places where the reader knows people tend to put all their self-serving links.

FAQs on the use of text links and articles for an amazingly effective traffic strategy.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Do You Have A Traffic Strategy?

It is amazing how so many frustrated low traffic site owners live on nothing but blind unrealistic hope, with no traffic strategy in site.

They want more traffic but they do absolutely nothing to get more traffic. They just sit and wait, hoping for that big break to come. Basically for pie to fall from the sky. It actually does happen sometimes, but what are the odds? Very close to impossible at best, I can tell you.

So even if you think articles marketing does not work and even if you are sure that reciprocal links and acquiring links will do nothing for you, why not try them out, for a while. At least you'll be doing something, even as you wait for pie to fall from the sky.

It is extremely important that before you start doing anything that you have some sort of tracking mechanism on your web site so that you know exactly where your traffic is coming from. This will tell you what is working and what is not working. Let me also quickly add that you will need to be patient. Just because you did something and have received zero traffic in the first two days, does not mean it has failed completely. Give it some time.

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Use text links for an amazingly effective traffic strategy.

Your Traffic Strategy Must Be Based On Some Math

Whatever traffic strategy you come up with to increase the daily hits at your low traffic site, you must have clear goal in terms of numbers on your mind.

For example, if each article you write and post at an articles directory gives you an average of 5 hits per day, it means that you would need 200 articles out there to get 1,000 hits per day. We all know that when you post an article, it tends to get re-posted and despite the duplicate content issue, virtually every re-posted article will get you traffic one day. Even if somebody has re-posted your article somewhere and search engines have not indexed it because it is duplicate content, there is still a chance of somebody getting to that site. Maybe even the guy's neighbor can land there and end up clicking through to your site.

Still if I were you, I would set my goals assuming that there would be no viral effect. That way your chances of success would be much higher.

Getting 200 articles done would take quite a while, so you may opt to acquire links which is much quicker. Again, you would need to set you goals clearly. Say each link brought you on average 2 hits per day, it means that you would need about 500 to achieve the goal of 1,000 unique visitors every day.

Setting goals is critical to success because it helps you focus on what needs to be done so that you can achieve what you want.

The amazing thing that happened to me was that when I discovered this truth, I was able to do about 100 articles in less than 8 days. I surprised myself. You too will surprise yourself, there is plenty of almost magical energy in being able to focus on a goal that you know you can attain.

One last word of caution. In the event that your estimates do not quite work out, just take the lower figure and work with it. For example you may find that every article gives you an average of 0.5 hits per day instead of 5 as you had earlier estimated. Instead of giving up, work with the lower estimate even as you seek ways and means of improving on the average number of hits your articles are generating.

How to use text links in an explosive traffic strategy.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Did You Know That Leads From Articles Are Better Than Leads From Adwords?

The Adsense program sends massive volumes of traffic to many sales pages and this is one of the most effective ways of making money online. In fact it has revolutionized the way business is done on the World Wide Web.

Some folks are using this simple method to rake in obscene amounts of money online, with very little effort. They simply open an Adwords account, bid for keywords related to what they are selling and receive highly relevant traffic. A decent percentage of these visitors end up purchasing the product or service that they are selling. The huge advantage that has made this particular advertising-for-clients model so hugely popular is the fact that you only pay for actual leads generated. That is people who click through to your site. The implication here is that your advertising ends up not only paying for itself, but gives you a profit and you simply build your business rapidly by re-investing a portion of your profits every time.

Now here is the big shocker. There is a much better way of generating sales leads without using Adwords. Test after test has shown that leads generated in this other way are more targeted and usually you will have a much better chance of turning them into paying customers.

That method is the use of articles posted at your site, at certain high traffic articles directories or even better at some ezine with a sizeable number of regular subscribers. Traffic from articles has many advantages over Adwords or PPC ad traffic. One is the fact that if you write the article yourself, it is free and will continue generating targeted traffic for you for years to come without any additional effort or investment on your part.

This articles thing is probably one of the best kept secrets on the net today.

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Understanding The Reason Why Free Traffic From Articles Will Always Buy More Than Paid For PPC Ads Traffic

Many people do not believe for a moment that leads from articles will always give you a better conversion rate and more sales (by far) than leads from Adwords or any other PPC ads program.

Probably the biggest obstacle to their ever believing this fact is the simply the logical belief that something that you have to pay for and especially an established product can not possibly be less effective that a common free thing like articles. Surely it does not seem to make sense.

No need to argue, just go out there and carry out a simple test and see the results for yourself. But let me also explain possible reasons for this shocking fact.

To start with the Adsense program is not perfect. It is true that it has been hugely successful because the ads are mostly relevant to the content they usually appear next to. But this does not happen with 100 per cent accuracy. Contrast this to an article that is talking directly about a problem that can be solved by a product for which you find a detailed text link to, either within the article or in the resource box at the end of the article.

Secondly the reason why the Adsense program has been so successful is because those tiny little text links look less of ads than some big banner ad at the top of some page. People will tend to resist ads and any effort to sell them something, even when they need it. This is an important fact of life for anybody intending to market anything to appreciate. That is the reason why a well-written article will always do a much better job because it is not an advertisement but some piece of information which potential customers read though with their usual guard against being sold to, down.

Appreciating and fully absorbing this huge advantage will revolutionize your bank account and this is no hype or exaggeration. It is a cold fact.

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Do You Know The Dollar Difference Between An Information Site And A Traffic Site?

If I were to summarize in one brief sentence, the most effective way of making money online (which has also helped me personally to make tens of thousands of dollars at a time) then I would use the following simple sentence. It is understanding the difference between an information site and a traffic site.

In its' simplest form I have used this technique to sell tens of thousands worth of product by simply linking an information page on the same blog to a traffic page. What is an information page and what is a traffic page? And what is the difference?

An information page as the name suggests, is packed with information. The more valuable and useful the content in an information site, the better. There are thousands of people all over the world today making a living from information sites. They simply set one up and then install Adsense ads and collect a monthly pay check for their trouble.

A traffic site on the other hand is a sales site. It will usually have a sales letter or strong sales literature and the main objective is to sell a product or service. So naturally the idea is to drive as much traffic as possible in its' direction.

What most people do not know is how to drive traffic from a content site to a traffic site. Or even more basic, from a content page to a traffic page on the same site. Obtaining this simple skill will make all the difference and help you reach that place where you will fully appreciate the fact that articles are truly online gold.

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Discover how to use text links to build traffic.

Articles That Attract A Million Hits

The experience most people have with articles is not good and chances are that you are readfing and this and you have been bitterly disappointed by articles in the past. Many people rush to using articles for marketing purposes without fully understanding the technique involved and when it inevitably does not work for them, they discard them and never want to hear anything about them again.

Very much like the person who finds diamonds on their land, tries to cut them but being unable to, discards and ignores the hard shiny stones, not realizing that you require special skills and equipment to process raw diamonds. It is exactly the same with articles.

Just think about it for a minute, there are sites on the World Wide Web that receive millions of hits every month. And in many of these sites those visitors have clicked through from a search engine while in search of information. That information is usually in the form of an article. How can you convince me that articles are NOT effective?

It is true that it is not easy to create these sort of articles and there are in fact many other factors that come into play. It is also true that if you cannot get one article to give you a million hits, you can easily get 100 articles to give you a million hits every month. That would mean that each article would have to attract 10,000 hits or 334 hits a day. It is even easier to reach your million hits from 10,000 articles and what's more you do not need to personally write or post those 10,000 articles. You can write 50 and they can get re-posted 200 times all over the net with your resource box on them. You would then need each of those pages with your article on it to attract an average of 3.5 hits per day and you would have your million visitors target.

For this to happen you of course have to deal with the duplicate content issue, which is not really a major thing when you understand what it is and what you need to do.

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How to find text links to build your traffic faster.

How To Use Articles To Sell Like Crazy

Here is a simple technique you can use to sell any product or service very effectively online.

Research and come up with some really valuable information that highlights the problems that can be best solved by your product. Create an information blog and archive all these valuable articles there. Ensure that each article you write is posted at the highest traffic articles directory on the web with a resource box that refers visitors to your information packed blog.

Let me emphasize that it is of absolute importance that your information is as valuable as possible. It should also be your own original work. Cut and paste does not work these days more so with the crack down in duplicate content.

Your articles should make use of important keywords and non-competitive keyword phrases that will help you attract traffic via search engines in the long term. To help you make an impact as quickly as possible with search engines look for sites with a page rank of 3 or higher and get them to link to you. Initially you should also do plenty of reciprocal linking. The whole idea is to steadily build up the traffic arriving at your information blog. You do this by increasing the articles and links pointing to your information site.

At your information blog have detailed text links within your article and even in the resource box pointing to your traffic or sales site. Make it clear in the link that you are pointing your readers to an excellent solution to the problem at hand. Another link pointing directly to your traffic site should be in your article resource box.

It is very important that you remember to vary the wording in your article resource box and even anchor text in your links, so as to avoid the duplicate content penalty of omission by search engines.

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Discover how to get text links that will help you sell like crazy.

To Sell Much More, Make Your Copy And Presentation A Casual Conversation

Nobody likes to be sold to. This is a critical truth to remember at all times.

This means that the wording and presentation you use in your traffic site should be as casual as possible and as far as possible your layout should not represnet that of the typical sales page.

I saw a classic selling page recently where the smart online marketer simply answered the most frequent questions asked by persons interested in purchasing their product. He used biting and sometimes sarcastic remarks in answering the questions and it just made that sales page the most interesting sales page I have ever seen. And I would bet you my lunch for 10 years that the sales are also interestingly high.

When creating your traffic site, picture yourself talking to the next door neighbor. You wouldn't dream of trying to sell them something would you? Personally I'd be terrified to. But I have no problem sharing with them the knowledge that I have and mentioning my product in a casual way, even the price. But I would focus on what it has done for my other clients and even pass on their contacts for my neighbor to get in touch with them and ask (testimonials).

This is the most powerful online selling model I know. Create a good information site and then link it to your sales site, carefully tracking and monitoring your traffic. It is as simple as that.

Get text links that will give you very targeted traffic.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Increasing Page Rank Can Help A Low Traffic Site Make Money

One of the biggest problems facing many low traffic sites, is a poor page rank. Without a reasonable page rank, a blog or site is basically useless and chances of it generating any revenue or doing anything useful are practically nil.

Since the blog or site hardly receives any traffic, it will need special features and special advantages to make it stand out and enable the webmaster or blogger to create opportunities for revenue generation and growth.

That something special about your low traffic can be the content. But even more valuable would be a good high page rank.

Page rank is usually on a scale of zero to 10 and this is a measurement by Google to show the value of a site or how significant it is.

Let me give you one practical example. One of the ways that a low traffic site can quickly gather increased traffic and also get out of the so called Google sandbox is by having other sites link to it. The easiest and best way to start off is by exchanging reciprocal links with other sites. Exchanging links has the potential of both increasing traffic dramatically and also improving both youir page rank and position in search engine results.

But before any site agrees to your proposal to swap links, the first thing they will tend to do will be to look at your page rank. If it is reasonably high, they are much more likely to accept to exchange links with your site. If it is zero, or close to zero, chances are that the site will find it virtually impossible to get anybody to exchange links and the site owners options will remain very limited.

In the second part of this article we discuss how any low traffic site can improve its' page rank.

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How To Increase Your Page Rank

Increasing or improving your page rank is critical for the success of any low traffic site.

There are two effective ways of improving a site's page rank in the shortest time possible. The first is to create valuable content and post it at high traffic, high ranking article directories.

The second is to acquire links pointing at your low traffic site. Reciprocal links will not quite work and what you really need are plenty of one way links from sites with a higher page rank.

Usually the two methods combined work best, although I have had a few instances where good quality articles posted at this high traffic articles directory I use have enabled me to move the ranking of a site from 0 to about 3. This has happened with a very short space of time (about 2 weeks). However sites with higher rankings of 4 or higher have been achieved only by using the second method. I have no idea whether this is a hard and fast rule, but this is my very own personal experience with page ranks.

The higher your page rank, the easier it is to start generating revenue from your low traffic site. You may even find that other sites offer to buy advertising space in the form of text links on your site. There are also a number of sites that will sell advertising space on your behalf and take a commission, if your site has a high enough page rank.

In other words increasing your page rank is the fastest route to turning a low traffic site into a moneymaker.

Discover how to use text links to build traffic.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Is Duplicate Content A Hoax?

Some people believe that there is no such thing as duplicate content or any penalty imposed on sites for it.

I laugh at that suggestion because I have seen physical evidence of its' existence before my very eyes many times over the last few months. There was a time, if you Googled me you would get a staggering 95,000 results. Suddenly without any warning, it dropped to around 23,000.

This was a clear indication that the search engine had dropped most of the results because they were too similar (that is what duplicate content means).

This is very serious business indeed. It means that while previously there were 95,000 indexed documents online with my name on them and mostly a link or at least mention of one of my sites. Overnight that number dwindled to only 23,000. It should be obvious that the more indexed pages out there that have a link leading to your site, the more traffic you will end up getting. Therefore the immediate effect was less traffic for my sites. Less traffic means less revenue. It means that all that work and effort I put in had suddenly been cut down to size.

This is the main reason why duplicate content should be a subject of great concern to anybody with an online presence. It also means that the rewards will always be enormous for anybody who learns enough about it to get round it and avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines.

Anybody who claims the duplicate content thing does not exist should have their heads examined.

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Duplicate Content: How To Eliminate It

So how does somebody fight duplicate content? Or avoid it?

The first thing you have to do is make your articles very different from each other. Generally avoid the same topics which will lead you to very similar headlines.

Another often-ignored area is the resource box. Previously, I would use exactly the same wording on my resource box for hundreds of articles at a time. This will definitely sound off the duplicate content alarm bells.

One of the best way to overcome duplicate content is to narrow one's focus. For instance if your article is on illegal immigrants in the United States, narrow your focus to the illegal immigrants in the state of California.

If you must submit your article to numerous directories, then each article has to be different for maximum effect. Personally I usually submit only to a single high traffic articles directory. The viral effect takes over from there. While a number of these re-postings will inevitably be duplicate content, many others will not be because the webmasters re-posting the articles will know what to do. The best way to do it is to write a brief comment and then link to the article at source. Still even the duplicate content obtained virally does not concern me because it is other people's time and effort involved. And what's more, re-posting on a massive scale allows a good number to slip through the duplicate content dragnet (I estimate over 20 per cent).

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Discover how to use text links to build traffic.

Why Importance of Links Has Skyrocketed With The Crackdown On Duplicate Content

With the ongoing campaign against duplicate content by leading search engines like Google, it means that the importance of links pointing at your site has increased tremendously.

The links will play a very important role in helping to get traffic to your site and indeed your articles and should be used side by side with articles marketing to reap the best results.

There are those who do not believe in purchasing or exchanging reciprocal links. Almost without exception this will be low traffic sites because all high traffic sites are involved in either or both of the two exercises. Is there really much difference between purchasing pay-per-click traffic in Adwords or another search engine pay per click program and purchasing it through text links? Buying links is the same as buying advertising space and is very important in the early development stages of a site in kick-starting its' accumulation of one way links from other sites that are not purchased.

The critical effect these early links have is that they help drive reasonable traffic to your site where your articles and content will hopefully build an audience over a brief period of time.

It is also useful because duplicate content issues have meant that a site builds up links much slower from articles than previously. However traffic generated by articles or through links in articles posted elsewhere has proved time and again to be so valuable that it is much more valuable than paid for traffic from Adwords.

Discover how to use text links to build traffic.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Low Traffic Blog: The Reciprocal-Link-Way To Increase Traffic

What is the fastest and most effective method of increasing traffic for a low traffic blog that has still not received recognition from search engines?

The answer will probably not surprise you. There is no faster more effective way for a low traffic site to increase traffic that beats reciprocal links. In other words exchanging links with other blogs.

It is widely believed that reciprocal links are worthless as far as search engines are concerned and one should either go for one way links or nothing at all. Once again this is the sort of advice that applies to high traffic sites but does not apply to a low traffic site. A high traffic blog will already have plenty of links, usually including lots of reciprocal ones already pointing at their site. It will hardly make sense for such a site to keep on exchanging reciprocal links.

However a low traffic site that hardly has any links pointing at them (reciprocal or otherwise) will gain tremendously from exchanging reciprocal links.

There is another even bigger advantage of reciprocal links for low traffic sites. And that is, the links can be a major source of quality traffic. Say a small blog managed to accumulate 30 links every week pointing at it. That is at a rate of about 5 reciprocal links a day. Let us assume that these links bring in an average of a measly 5 visitors a day. This will mean that every week the blog will be increasing its' traffic at a rate of 150 unique visitors per day. Or at a rate of 600 new unique visitors every month.

This will have a tremendous effect on the revenue generating ability of your site, either through Adsense or any other affiliate and no affiliate programs.

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Can A Blog With Only 3 Unique Visitors A Day Make Money?

It is documented that on a good day, the average site on the web receives about 3 unique visitors. This is actually the daily average. Pretty depressing, but the question is, can this average site make any money for the owner, say within a few weeks?

You bet it can. For instance by launching a reciprocal links campaign, this blog receiving only 3 unique visitors daily can greatly multiply and increase its' traffic in leaps and bounds. Especially if the blogger can find blogs with much higher traffic to exchange reciprocal links with. But even if they are consistent in acquiring reciprocal links with other low traffic sites, the increased traffic will rapidly add up and accumulate so that within a very short time the low traffic blog that previously welcomed only 3 souls per day will now have a rapidly rising double digit traffic.

It is also important to maximize on the number of page views from every unique visitor. The way to do this is to have unique quality content and then link the various pages covering similar topics in an intelligent way. For example an article on reciprocal links can have links at the bottom pointing to all other articles in the blog that address this subject of links.

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Access the most powerful reciprocal link tool on the web today by subscribing to the Increase Traffic Rapidly Weekly Newsletter. Saves you all the time you spend looking for sites to exchange links with by listing sites, willing to trade links and their PR. You will also find articles and testimonials on the kind of traffic different blogs are receiving by exchanging reciprocal links with certain blogs. All this information will help any low traffic blog increase their traffic tremendously-. Our definition of a low traffic blog is any blog that receives less than 1,000 unique visitors a day. Apply now to join by sending a blank email to

The Most Powerful Weapon A Low Traffic Blog Can Have

How does a low traffic blog with 0 page rank get reciprocal links? Actually it would be difficult because who wants to link to a lower page rank site?

In other words, a reasonable PR of 2 or 3 is extremely important if your blog is going to attract any interested parties for reciprocal links. The fastest way to improve your PR is to find sites with a high PR and somehow get them to link to you. Alternatively there are some blogs that do not discriminate and will happily link to any blog irrespective of their PR.

Yet another effective way is to post useful articles at high PR article directories and link directly with your blog. After a week or two, you will notice that your PR score has climbed up and you can therefore find blogs to exchange links with, much more easily.

Always remember that without a useful PR, you're dead and reciprocal linking will hardly work for you. The better your PR score, the more receptive other sites will be when it comes to exchanging links with you and your reciprocal linking campaign will end up being very effective.

The result will be that even as you wait for search engines to pay more attention to you, you will be able to increase your traffic tremendously.

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Access the most powerful reciprocal link tool on the web today by subscribing to the Increase Traffic Rapidly Weekly Newsletter. Saves you all the time you spend looking for sites to exchange links with by listing sites, willing to trade links and their PR. You will also find articles and testimonials on the kind of traffic different blogs are receiving by exchanging reciprocal links with certain blogs. All this information will help any low traffic blog increase their traffic tremendously-. Our definition of a low traffic blog is any blog that receives less than 1,000 unique visitors a day. Apply now to join by sending a blank email to
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Reciprocal Links: How To Generate Links Much Faster

Anybody who has ever tried to generate reciprocal links who is reading this. Knows that there is a problem that my articles have not yet addressed. The chore of finding suitable link exchange partners is extremely time consuming.

What will tend to happen will be that you will have spent a lot of time researching, emailing and generally doing everything that needs to be done to exchange links, but you will usually have very few successful link exchanges to show for your efforts.

So let me be extremely honest in saying that if you do not use ethical link exchange sites or software and other online tools designed to make reciprocal link exchange faster and more efficient, there is little chance that you will succeed.

Luckily we now have very effective reciprocal linking tools on the net. Some of these tools are even free. They will help your reciprocal link campaign take off so that you will be able to accumulate dozens of links every week pointing at your blog. One particular free tool I know off shows you sites that are looking for link partners as well as their PR and exactly what they are looking for. This will tend to save you a lot of time, which you would ordinarily spend on research and trying to identify possible link exchange partners.

Access the most powerful reciprocal link tool on the web today by subscribing to the Increase Traffic Rapidly Weekly Newsletter. Saves you all the time you spend looking for sites to exchange links with by listing sites, willing to trade links and their PR. You will also find articles and testimonials on the kind of traffic different blogs are receiving by exchanging reciprocal links with certain blogs. All this information will help any low traffic blog increase their traffic tremendously-. Our definition of a low traffic blog is any blog that receives less than 1,000 unique visitors a day. Apply now to join by sending a blank email to
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Investment And Property

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Link Exchange
Automated Link Exchange

Here is a wonderful site that halps you exchange links with other sites easily.
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