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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

One Year Later, I Still Generate Thousands Of Dollars From This Single Advertising Article

Turning a boring description of what your business does into a valuable, useful article to be eagerly read by your prospects is without doubt one of the most powerful online marketing strategies that any business can use today.

Why is it so effective? The answer is simple. Folks are seeking information whenever they come online. If the information you offer is useful and works for them, they don’t mind one bit if it points to a certain product or service that makes the whole thing work. However they will react very strongly and negatively to any effort you make to advertise or selfishly promote your product. Unfortunately this is exactly what most people do, more so in their online articles promoting their enterprises.

They would be well advised to change tact. Never show the fish your hook, you’ll never catch them. Instead they will violently swim away to safety. The truth is that if an article does not pass the advertising/content mix test, then it is almost useless and will make very little impact in promoting your business and generating valuable leads to your site.

I have proved in tests using my own articles that a single article can generate thousands of leads to a site every week while another will generate two or three hits a week. The difference is tied to a single factor. Namely how convincingly the content is integrated to your advertising or marketing.

Some of the articles that I have written to advertise my online business are over a year old. However they still generate thousands of dollars in business for me. That’s how effective the advertising/content mix is.

In other words it is all about producing an article that is useful information that at the same time doubles up as a lengthy advertisement for a product or service.

Impact on Traffic and Adsense Revenue

Everybody knows that the amount of traffic generated is very important to any site. Very few people pay attention to the mood of that traffic you have generated when it arrives at your site. In most cases, a huge percentage of visitors to a site arrive there out of curiosity more than anything else. Even when they are lead there by well-written articles.

The correct mood that you should be looking for in traffic that arrives at your site is excitement and anticipation. Excitement at discovering the information that you have to offer, anticipation of more valuable information to be found at your site. This is the sort of traffic that will end up spending more time at your site. The longer they spend at your site, the higher the chances that they’ll end up buying something. When they spend a longer time at your site, chances are also much higher that they will end up clicking at your Adsense ads.

In other words your online revenue boils down to how convincing you are in linking your valuable content to you marketing or advertising. So how does somebody do this effectively? There are a number of very important factors that you should take account when creating your content or your advertising article.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online entrepreneur. Read the second part of this article in his free email newsletter. To get a copy send a blank email now to

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===============Words of Wisdom
How cautious can a business be and still end up on the receiving end of vioxx lawsuits? All of life is a risk so better to take calculated ones all the time.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Take in a movie like Neil Young: Heart of Gold to relax.

Take a little time off even if it is from stock option trading.

Monday, December 19, 2005

How To Create 2 Super-Profitable Email Publications

Is it really an impossible dream to generate an obscene amount of money online? Is it all hype? Or is it indeed possible to make millions from an email publication or two?

Great American legends like Henry Ford became famous by first dreaming up and then doing something that had never been done before. If you take this article seriously and go on to own an email publishing empire, you will not have done something that has not been before. You will simply be a statistic, yet another successful Internet publisher.

In other words, all you need to do is carefully study what those who came before you did and then simply duplicate the process and your life could change – no hype. For example just find out how people make money producing pet tags and copy the system with few modifications or improvements. And you can be sure that no smart NY lawyers will sue you for copyright violations.

Here is one of the most successful publishing models ever. It has already yielded much more than investing in precious metals for many online entrepreneurs. This technique that you are about to take a close look at, has served most Internet publishers well. Many of them have made huge sums of cash online, using it. It involves the launching of two separate email publications. Each will have its’ own different revenue source.

The First Email Publication Will Be The Foundation
The first email publication will be a free ezine. This publication is the key or foundation of the whole strategy or publishing model that we are discussing in this article. While it can be hugely profitable from advertising, the main aim here initially will be to pick up a huge number of email addresses to create a huge opt-in email list as quickly as possible.

The beauty of internet publishing is that even as you begin to gather your email addresses, there are several ways that you can use the material in this free ezine to start generating cash and at the same time marketing your free ezine. For instance, you can create a blog, publish your free ezine there and post Adsense ads (or the new Chikita ads which have proved to be more profitable for some bloggers) and start generating cash from clicks. The same article in your blog can be distributed to high traffic article directories, which will help to generate targeted traffic to your blog. You will therefore be in that super-profitable situation where you start earning money from your email publication even as you are setting it up for the real super profits.

Techniques To Speed Up Your Subscriber List Growth
There are too many free ezines being dangled in front of surfers these days that many have learnt how to ignore the lot. And yet the quicker you grow your list, the better. The way to do this is to dream up promotions and special offers. For instance you can offer some valuable report free to people who sign up. Or you can offer it to your current subscribers who refer their friends to your ezine.

You should constantly be thinking of ways of speeding up recruitment to your subscriber list because the bigger your list grows, the more profits you will be able to generate from it.

There Are Many Ways In Which A Targeted Opt-in Email List Can Earn You Serious Money

Even without considering the critical role your free email publication and opt-in email list will play in making your second email publication profitable, there are numerous ways you can profit from a large opt-in email list. There are many online entrepreneurs who make a very good living from a single opt-in email list of one or two thousand email addresses. An opt-in email list of only 10,000 can earn you a fortune.

Apart from being able to carry valuable ads in your email publication that should be your main source of income, you can advertise your own special products narrowly targeted at your list. You can advertise affiliate products or even simply refer the traffic to your Adsense blogs to earn from clicks on the Adsense ads posted there. There are actually dozens of ways to make serious money from your list, even before you refer them to your paid subscription email publication.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Publishing and Selling A Million Dollar Ezine From Scratch

Publishing and selling an Internet Information publication or ezine successfully, requires a certain approach, lots of skill and a deep understanding of the publishing business and what makes it work.

It is fascinating that a lot of the principles that have always been important in offline publishing success are even more significant in Internet publishing. In fact there is at least one company that has proved this by applying only offline principles to its’ Internet publishing enterprise. And they stuck to their guns even when people told them that it would not work inline. As a result, they have succeeded tremendously and are today a multi-million dollar Internet publishing venture.

What’s more, one does not need to have been an experienced offline publisher to acquire a deep understanding of publishing. The net makes it possible for anybody to quickly pick up information gained from years of offline experience and through the painful and tedious trial and error of others. Applying this knowledge to an online publication can earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars and ensure that you join the league of prosperous Internet publishers.

The following are examples of key principles from offline publishing that are even more important in Internet publishing.

The Idea, the niche

The idea you decide to go with or the niche that you will choose to target is a very crucial decision in any publishing venture.

A good way to test your idea is to ask yourself what problem your information will solve. The more pressing and the scarcer the information you have to offer is the better. And also the higher the chances you will have of succeeding at it.

However it is also true that there is no point in selecting a good niche which you are not able to write about and cater for effectively. Your understanding or lack of understanding of the particular field and industry that your online information-publishing venture is focusing on will tend to quickly show in your writing. So while selecting an idea or niche, settle on one that you know and understand well. Alternatively, it can be on a subject or topic, which you are confident of quickly learning everything there is to know about.

The Style Must Be Entertaining

Writing online can be a very tricky affair. The style that works best is straight to the point concise and easy to read with brief illustrations and examples. The result is that your writing becomes entertaining and folks enjoy reading through what you have to say. Anything less will not work and your Internet information publishing empire will never take off if you don’t get this basic principle right.

Hold your reader captive with valuable insights and tips as well as interesting examples and stories to illustrate the point you are trying to make. This is the only way that they will look forward to receiving your ezine and this will put you in a position to generate tremendous profits.

The Selling System

In offline publishing, marketing and selling of a publication has always been the main determining factor of whether a venture will succeed or not. The World Wide Web, being a huge market where everybody is competing for he attention of audiences, makes this even more important.

A selling or marketing system is crucial to the success of any ezine or Internet publishing enterprise. A system is a laid down procedure for doing something. A good selling or marketing system will not only give you a steady supply of leads but it should also be able to turn a good percentage of those leads into sales. Using affiliates is a powerful selling system, probably the most successful online selling system so far. It was made famous online by There are many other selling systems you can consider to help you sell your information products.

It is amazing how people ignore having a selling system in place when they worry about their systems in every other area and aspect of their businesses. How would you be able to do your accounts without an accounting system? Yet people are happy to handle the most important department of any venture without a system. It is a fact that if you do not generate any sales, there will be no work for your accounts department.

An effective selling system for your ezine or internet publishing project will mean a constant flow of leads and will also ensure that you regularly turn a good percentage of those leads into paying customers.


In the next part of this article we will discuss how you can start making money immediately and shortly after you have launched your online publication. It does not matter if you do not have any subscribers or advertisers, the World Wide Web offers some amazing opportunities you can exploit.


Christopher Kyalo is a successful online publisher and entrepreneur. Read the second part of this article in a free sample of his best-selling email course, How To Build Your Own Internet Information Publishing Empire. To get it, send a blank email now to

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Most Important Secret to Huge Online Information Publishing Profits

Armed with only the secret you are about to read in this article, success in the tricky but extremely lucrative world of Internet Information Publishing is virtually guaranteed.

It is nothing new. In fact it is potentially much more lucrative than selling pink dimaond rings or entering the precious metal market. Here it is;In the offline publishing heydays, many smart publishers used exactly the same secret to maximize on their revenues and to make huge fortunes.

The whole secret is hidden in one simple question you must always ask yourself. It is all easier than getting your auto insurance renewed. The question is;

What do you have?

A few practical examples are in order here so that you can fully grasp this amazing secret.

Tabloid publishers are amongst the most hated group of people amongst celebrities. But many of them made huge fortunes by asking the simple question, what do I have that the public wants badly right now? A tip from some Viagra lawyer? Rumors about some movie star’s latest fling? Or some dirt brought in by an angry and money-hungry former employee of some famous person. Publications like The National Enquirer, in the US and the notorious News of The World in the UK were able to successfully answer this key question many times. The result is that they were able to churn out stories that sold millions of copies of their publications every week which put millions of dollars into their bank accounts.

On The World Wide Web, a virtually unknown small business asked this critical question just six short years ago. They found that they really had very little. They had no Internet markets experience at all. All they had were some marketing principles that had worked offline. Direct marketing principles that is, which they had used to sell information products in the bricks and mortar world. They were told that these principles were useless online and would not work. On the net a different set of rules applied, the experts told them.

They decided to give it a shot anyway. After all they had nothing to lose.

That small business made $100 million in sales last year and is on track to increase that profit substantially this year. Now everybody is scrambling to copy their model and there are folks online now making money by simply trying to teach the successful business model used by this small business to others.

There is nothing wrong with doing this except that my view is that you are bound to succeed more quickly and make much more money by being you. The way to do that is to ask yourself the simple question, what do you have?

What You Have Doesn’t Have To Be Much
What you have does not have to be much. We have already seen that from the earlier example of a small business that ended up growing into a multi-million shilling enterprise within a very short time.

Here’s a simple example that may apply to you.

All you may have at the moment may be a free-hosted blog on relationships, for instance. Maybe you receive only a handful of hits every day. That’s all.

Here’s what can be done in this case. The idea is to generate revenue and create a hugely successful information product from the little that you have.

Read the rest of this article in a free sample of his best-selling email course, How To Build Your Own Internet Information Publishing Empire. To get it, send a blank email now to

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Avoid Usual Pitfalls In Hiring An Online Writer

There are a number of problems a webmaster or blog owner faces when trying to hire online writers.

• Not being sure of the quality of writing that he’ll end up getting. Many times samples may look good but the final work ends up being very disappointing.
• Not sure how quickly his articles will get done. Many times there can be endless and very frustrating delays.
• Good online writers can prove to be very expensive.

Now there is an emerging group of innovative websites that are addressing these problems. Websites where you can post your writing assignment without putting any money down, get several excellent writers to write the articles for you and post them at the website. You then simply read the lot and decide on the set of articles you like best. You ignore the rest and just pay for what you liked.

And what’s more you set your price. What you are willing to pay for the articles you are looking for. Many excellent writers have signed up at the site to make use of their idle time, when they do not have any work from their regular clients. The result is that you are able to get some very talented online writers to do some work for you.

Sign up and post your writing job at the site now. Click on "Customer Tutorial" for quick tips on how to use the site.

Special Note

This writer who is a very experienced quality online writer handles a limited number of very satisfied regular clients enjoying high traffic at their sites. If You would like to pay a little more and get the online writer whose one article earned $10,000 in sales (and still counting) to work for you then drop me an email at ckyalo at and we can take this discussion further. My rates are as follows;

- Well-written keyword-rich article of 300-350 words = $19
- Well-written keyword-rich article of 350-450 words = $24
- Well-written keyword-rich article of over 500-1,000 words = $30

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Wild Animals Can Teach You About Hunting For Clients

Watching wild animals in Africa hunting for food, is an extremely educative experience for marketers those hunting for Financial jobs and those who want to dramatically increase their sales. The big cats are especially fascinating in their different hunting methods.

The lion usually has lots of difficulties hunting. This cat is built very big, strong and heavy. The result is that it is no match for the speed and agility of the antelope, its’ favourite meal. So the lion relies on stealth, surprise and the quick short dash – not unlike that of a well-built 100 metres sprinter. The lion’s advantage is in its’ strength which enables it to kill fairly large prey that would give smaller cats like the cheetah a lot of problems.

The cheetah has a totally different hunting method. This cat is light, agile and built for high speeds. No problems catching that small antelope in the herd scampering for safety. But unlike the lion, the cheetah cannot go for bigger prey (more meat) like the zebra or even larger antelopes.

You now fully understand why the lion cannot wake up one morning and decide that since it admires the cheetah’s sheer speed, it wants to hunt like a cheetah - or vice versa.

That should be obvious, should it not be?

Then why is it that Marketers make this mistake every day?

The type of selling system (it’s actually a hunting system you know) you choose will depend a lot on what you are. Are you an agile, small young business with no bureaucracy or long-decision making process, not unlike the cheetah? Or are you that larger recently-prosperous-business struggling to maintain enough sales growth to sustain your cash-guzzling overheads, not unlike the lion?

This lesson came down hard on me a few years ago when I created a selling system that surpassed all expectations and grew a small magazine from a circulation of less than 500 copies to 120,000 copies weekly, in a few short months. The simple system employed the use of teaser flyers.

If effective moving ideas require you to be organized, then effective marketing needs you to be even more so.

Quick tip 1

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Turning Free Articles Into Online Gold

How do you do this? It’s simple really, all you need is this amazing ezine, Turning Articles Into Online Gold it’s a sister ezine to our paid subscription version and has very valuable and useful information and yet it’s free.

This free ezine is published every two days or so and contains very useful content that will keep you inspired, informed and focused on maximizing on your online revenue using free articles.

Sneak Preview of Contents

- Why articles are the most effective online marketing tool in driving targeted traffic to your site.
- How to distribute your articles effectively so as to receive maximum response.
- Case study: How I used free articles to make $10,000 online.
- Packed with numerous tips that will help you use this free tool to drive massive traffic and profits to your site.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Huge Response From Text Links Within Articles Shocked Me

I don’t quite remember where I first started reading about text links, but I had always ignored them. Those ugly-looking highlighted words buried in the text of something interesting that I was reading online can be very effective and as aggreassive as Ortho Evra Attorneys.

Still I ignored to use them that is, because looking back, I do remember that I always had a tendency to click on them a lot. Sometimes my click through would end up in total disappointment as I landed on some totally irrelevant web page that I had no interest for. But most times I would end up at a highly informative page that would greatly add to the information I was looking at.

When I started using text links for the first time, in my articles in my blogs and in high traffic article sites where I distributed them, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the response I received. It has gotten me really excited and I now have a number of clients that I have introduced this amazing concept to.

Why Are Ugly Text Links Within Articles So Effective?

So why do we click so much at these hyperlink text we come across? Why are they virtually irresistible? The answer is simple. It is the same reason why search engine PPC (pay-per-click) ads have worked so well and are at the center of shifting advertising dollars online at a rate that has many offline advertising mediums very worried. It is the same reason why TV spots did not transfer too well online.

You see it was always assumed that the Internet was an advanced Television medium. Some people still think in these terms. If this were true then TV ads should have made a killing online, instead of causing a record number of bankruptcies. But if you take the Internet to be the most advanced telephone in the world, then suddenly everything makes sense.

Pop up and pop under ads are similar to a situation where you are having a telephone conversation and somebody rudely comes online, interrupting your conversation to ask if you’d like to buy some baked beans. Banner ads are like some advertising jingle playing in the background as you are having your telephone conversation. Probably less annoying but still intrusive.

When you are having a telephone conversation, you tend to be interested only in what is relevant to the current conversation. So even if you are currently in the market for a new car, this is just not the time for somebody to give you that information. The key thing here is relevance.

Text links within articles are even more effective than PPC ads. My tests have clearly shown this. The traffic they attract to sites tends to stay much longer (always remember that relevance is very important here).

Text Links In The Middle Of Relevant Articles Are More Effective Than The Old Classified Ads

In those offline days, nothing helped to prop up more start-ups and small businesses than classified ads in local newspapers. Those tiny small fonts that were best read with a magnifying glass, were super effective in creating valuable sales leads for many small businesses.

The text link is the online answer to classified ads. But it is even more effective. Classified ads were usually stuck at the back of the newspaper. These online classified ads (text links) appear right in the middle of interesting related stories. Information is the main currency online and all you need to do is to ensure that your text links are placed in well written and informative online writer’s articles.

Text Links Create Valuable Links For Your Blogs/Sites

Search engines place a lot of weight on links to a site. In fact keywords used in text links to a site are so effective that they will work better than keywords actually used in the content at the site when it comes to ranking a site. So apart from creating immediate traffic, they will also have a huge impact on your search engine positioning. Relevant text links are too effective for you to ignore them any longer.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How To Make A Huge Profit From The Stuff You Paid A Web Content Provider To Do For You And Other Content Lying Around At Your Site

Did you know that you can make hefty profits from that valuable content you paid a web content provider or low cost online writer to get done some time back? It’s absolutely true. In fact there are 5 different ways that you can cash in on your current content lying around at your site getting stale.

You see the web really puts a premium on creativity and creative people and only the creative thrive and end up making lots of cash online. There are really no two ways about it. Not being creative online is like a person with Lactose Intolerance going to a dairy products feast, you will land into all sorts of dead end problems. But the good news is that it is easy to get creative, sometimes all you need to do is read articles like this one you are taking in right now and then simply find a way to apply the ideas to your site.

There are numerous and enormous benefits in learning how to make money from the content your already have or are churning out at great expense for your site or blog. In fact by simply learning how to turn a profit from content that you’ve paid some web content provider for, you will not only put some extra cash into your pocket, but you’ll also be able to afford fresh new paid-for content at your site all the time. Not exactly the sort of information that you can learn from your ordinary online college courses.

Whatever changes the search engines make to the way they rank sites, content remains king and by ensuring that web content provided at your site is always fresh and well-written, you’re sure to dramatically improve your rankings with search engines and at the same time generate lots of traffic.

Re-Sell What You Paid The Web Content Provider To Supply
The number of sites that you can use to sell off your content is steadily rising. It will of course help if you give your article a very striking headline and brush it up a little here and there. But this is not too much work or too much to ask for and can easily be done by virtually anybody you can pick at random at your local employment agency (for example) and not necessarily somebody who is a writer.

We now have on the net sites that will gladly display your articles for sale and complete the entire process on your behalf, for a commission from the proceeds. Some of these sites sell licenses to your content. What this means is that the same article can earn revenue for you again and again.

Here’s an example of a useful site that will sell articles and content on your behalf. Register by clicking on the link on the left side of the page in the middle that says “become an author”


There are so many websites out there covering every possible area of interest that you can think of. This means that there is bound to be somebody out there somewhere who badly wants that content which you are now sick off and looks worthless to you.

Earn Money By Placing Some Links To Web Content Provider Articles
We now have folks online prepared to pay you to place links to certain sites on your blog content. One organization I know that has been aggressively advertising and looking for people pays $5 for every link placed on content at your blog.

The particular organization I am thinking of can be reached by sending an email to
Brian.Ratzker at

If you have other related products or affiliate program sites, you can of course earn much more than $5 per link for a longer time by placing links in your content pointing to this affiliate program sites or product sites.

There is really no reason why you should not take advantage of every opportunity to earn something back from content that you’ve already paid some web content provider for.

Read about the other 5 amazing ways that you can turn a hefty profit from your articles and content lying around at your site by reading an article at the following link;

5 Amazing Ways To make Money From Idle Content

Have the last laugh on your web content provider, and at the same time find an ingenious way to finance fresh new content at your site all the time.

(Plus explore the magic of bulk email marketing)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Massive Rewards Of Aggressively Self-Publishing Your Website Content

Very few people ever think of self-publishing their website or blog content. Yet behind this simple thought lies a secret that has opened the flood gates of traffic for many.

I am not suggesting that you go out and publish a book (although this is even a better idea), what I am talking about here is online self-publishing. One of the wonderful things that the World Wide Web has done is turn millions of us into online self-publishers. You see by having a web site or blog, whether you acknowledge it or not, you are already self-publishing.

But it gets really powerful when a webmaster or blog owner goes beyond their own site and self-publishes their content elsewhere, in other people’s sites. It becomes even more interesting when they go even further in self-publishing and create an information product from their web content and offer it for sale online. Some smart webmasters are even doing both but using the former to help sell the latter.

You see there is an increasing number of websites that accept article submissions relevant to their subject of interest. Not to mention the dozens of high traffic article directories that will accept an article on virtually any subject of interest. The first thing that happens is that you instantly create valuable links back to your site (the rules of self-publishing free articles online are such that every article has a resource box with details on the source of the article including links). These links will do two things that are bound to have an enormous impact on your traffic. The first is that they will positively affect your search engine rankings. The second is that they will directly lead traffic to your site or blog.

By creating and promoting information products based on your site’s contents, you will often find that you are generating even more interest in the free content on your site. Since what is already on your site is similar to what you are selling, many people will want to examine it before they purchase your product. Others will want to glean as much as possible from it so as to avoid purchasing your product.

Are you getting an idea of the power there is in self-publishing your content?

I have nothing Interesting Enough To Consider Self-Publishing

Most folks don’t believe that their content is interesting enough to self-publish. The truth is that if this were true, then chances are that your site does not deserve to exist. Besides, what the World Wide Web has done is to create markets for tiny niches covering imaginable subject you would care to think of. In other words, whatever it is you have to say, chances are that there is somebody out there who is eagerly seeking that information.

As you aspire to attract as much traffic as possible to your site, self-publishing the content that you are using to do this becomes a breeze.

Self-publishing Sharpens Your Focus

By self-publishing your content at other websites and by creating other information products, you sharpen your focus on creating captivating content that will attract traffic and keep as many folks as possible coming back again and again. In the increasingly crowded and competitive web, this can be a huge advantage.

Self-publishing does this for you by forcing you to focus on the real value of your content and what your target market wants.

Online Self-publishing Is The Future And the Future Is Already Here

According to a recent article in BusinessWeek magazine, blogging is rapidly redefining media worldwide. If we take a moment to consider the role blogs have been playing in recent elections, most notably the 2004 US presidential elections, then it becomes clear that this is in fact an understatement.

Blogs are at the forefront of online self-publishing and it is not surprising that they are a powerful online marketing tool these days, frequently used by many Fortune 500 companies in their marketing plans.

The sooner you start looking into self-publishing your website content the better for you and your self-publishing business.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

You’re in Self-publishing and yet you don’t even know it

Through the ages self-publishing has proved to be rather lucrative and has made fortunes for many entrepreneurs as well as building up their image to the level where they have become the envy of many a PR spin doctor.

Since owning a popular website or blog means that in the vast majority of cases, you are making available quality content, and you are actually involved in self-publishing. Online self-publishing.

With this knowledge, you should actually maximize on all the self-publishing opportunities at your disposal like special reports and email newsletters to collect email addresses of visitors to your website and even sell some of the information your visitors highly value. Regularly emailing your clients with the useful information they desire is better and much more effective than if you were to send flowers.

Wake up and maximize on your self-publishing operations.

Why Articles Are Increasingly Effective in Internet Marketing

Getting enough traffic is an increasing concern amongst many online enterprises and Internet marketing experts. You can’t do anything without traffic. And yet folks are becoming increasingly hostile towards many forms of online advertising and Internet marketing promotional efforts making them increasingly ineffective.

Looking for a good seo ghost writer?

On the other hand well-written informative articles are like gifts that surfers seeking information welcome. When you post these informative articles online with your web address tucked in some corner in the resource box it can work like magic in getting you traffic. Readers will mostly behave like somebody has send flowers. How do you react when somebody sends you flowers? That’s right, the first thing you do is find out who they are from and then you’ll most probably smile and get in touch with that person (after putting them in some water of course). That’s exactly the sort of reaction that informative well-written articles get. No wonder they’re so effective. No wonder they’ve steadily climbed to the top of the list of effective Internet marketing tools.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How To Find The Right Google Adsense Keywords So That Your Earnings Skyrocket

The right Google Adsense keywords will make all the difference to your earnings. It has been proved again and again that attracting high-paying Adsense ads is much more effective in increasing your income from Adsense that trying to increase traffic to your site. In other words traffic is important but the right Adsense keywords are even more important in increasing your earnings.

Online marketers are well aware of this fact and many of them have taken advantage by trying to sell all sorts of lists claiming to list keywords that will attract the highest paying Google Adsense ads. The rather unfortunate result of this, is that it has led many site owners to shift their focus to keywords that are not related to the subject covered by their blogs or websites.

This is a big mistake because the truth is that virtually every subject will have relevant keywords that are capable of attracting higher-paying Adsense ads. So the focus should be on generating high quality relevant content for which you can later seek the best keywords to insert without changing the meaning or impact of the articles. Always remember that good content is what will keep your visitors at your site long enough for them to notice your Adsense ads and to click on them. It will also cause them to come back frequently and to keep on clicking on new Adsense ads that appear on your fresh content as you regularly update your blog or site.

Like in any other business you will make the most profit from repeat visitors because every new visitor to your site will cost you a lot of time effort and money while repeat visitors will cost you virtually nothing. The larger your number of regular repeat visitors, the better.

It is important to ensure that every article in your website or blog carrying Google Adsense ads contains the best possible keywords to attract the highest paying Google Adsense ads. So it is an extremely profitable exercise to go through all your old content and insert the best Adsense keywords.

One thing that most site owners forget is that the ads situation is extremely fluid and constantly changing. New ads come in all the time while old ads are pulled out and replaced by others. At times they are not replaced at all since the advertiser may already have succeeded in his marketing objectives, he may then have opted to change his strategy and use other marketing methods.

This is the reason why it is impossible to guarantee that a certain keyword will always attract ads that pay a certain exact amount. All you can do is generally target a keyword that tends to attract higher-paying Google Adsense ads. It is yet another reason why you should always focus on high quality, relevant content first and then the right keywords should be a secondary but nonetheless equally important objective.
The writer of this article ghostwrites articles for sites and blogs that attract higher-paying Google Adsense Ads. He charges only $15 for a 300-400 word article. This fee includes researching keywords that will attract higher-paying Google Adsense ads. Contact him now at ckyalo at

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How To Find An Inexpensive Ghostwriter

There is no doubt that a good ghostwriter can make you a fortune.

With well-written content based on the right keywords you will be able to attract tons of targeted traffic. More targeted traffic almost automatically means more revenue for any site. A good knowledgeable ghostwriter will also help your site to attract the right Google Adsense ads. Not the ones that pay a fraction of a cent but ads closer to the ones that pay up to $100 for a single click. There are some believable claims that there are folks out there making as much as $25,000 in a single month from their Google Adsense ads.

So how does somebody go about finding a good ghostwriter? Actually there are several ways.

Read Free Articles To Find Your Inexpensive Ghostwriter

Leading free article sites like, and usually carry some very well written articles. Visit these sites and see which articles impress you the most about the subject that you want to hire a ghostwriter to write about. You can then contact these writers directly and ask them if they are willing to ghostwrite for you and how much they will charge for their services. Within these sites, the email addresses or sites of the writers are usually supplied. One of the sites has a way of contacting the writers through the Webmaster.

Use The Following Site To Find Your Inexpensive Ghostwriter, Risk-free

There are certain risks associated with hiring a ghostwriter online. If this is a major concern for you then you can hire through a site that is regularly visited by some of the best ghostwriters in the world. And what is more is that they will openly bid for your assignment, meaning that you are bound to get a very good price for top quality work. Your cash is then deposited in an escrow account until your assignment has been completed to your satisfaction. Only then will the ghostwriter get paid.

Please use this link to visit the site for more details;

Hire The Ghostwriter Who Wrote This Article

The writer who wrote this article is very experienced and charges a very reasonable fee for his work. See details at the following link;

Looking for a good seo ghost writer?

Here is still another option...

Alternatively, you can post your request for an article at a site where some of the best online writers in the world will write the article and bid their price. You can then select the article you like best at the price you like best. Go to the site now and register and you will be given the simple instructions on how to request for an article. Please use the link below to get there.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The right Internet marketing articles strategy is a game of links

Do you know the secret or internet marketing strategy behind the phenomenally high traffic that blogs enjoy in general in comparison to websites?

It really should not be a secret but if you examine the successful blogs you will find that they have numerous links that lead traffic back to them. Admittedly the higher traffic the sites with links leading back to them, the higher the traffic they will tend to enjoy.

The Internet Marketing strategy that lifted blogs to the top
Blogs have taken off by having numerous links linking to each other back and forth. Because of the usually conversational and informal nature of blogs, it is usually much easier to create links to one another. Easier than it is with websites. This is the reason why an increasingly popular Internet marketing strategy used by many websites is to create a blog or several blogs and then create links on those blogs to drive traffic to their main websites. Using this amazing Internet marketing strategy, many webmasters are cashing in on the popularity and higher traffic enjoyed by blogs.

This is an important Internet marketing strategy to bear in mind when using articles. It simply means that the more quality links you have leading to your site or blog, the higher traffic you will enjoy.

How to use this Internet Marketing Strategy in your articles campaign
So how does somebody increase the number of links to their site or what is the most effective internet marketing strategy for increasing links to a site as fast as possible? The answer is simple. The more the articles you write and post, the more links you create to your site. The faster you write the articles, the faster the links will grew. There is of course another factor in this internet marketing strategy that will have a greater impact in the long term. And that is the quality of your articles. The better their quality and the more informative they are, the more they will tend to get reposted and the more rapid the viral effect that will spread quality links to your site all over the net.

Actually there is no comparison between the effectiveness of links you build up yourself by posting individual articles and the links created by the viral effect of your articles spreading all over the net. The latter is much more powerful and will give you links in numbers that you would not possibly hope to post by yourself - not in the next 100 years. Even when you use special software for rapidly and automatically posting your article ( I don’t recommend this for various reasons, one being the dangers of your article being posted in a site where it is labeled Spam because of it’s irrelevancy. This actually happened to me once. I can assure you it is not a pleasant experience at all. In fact it can quickly wipe out all your good painstaking work of many years in one single click.)

Still the more the number of articles you churn out and post on a daily basis, the quicker your traffic will build up. It is a simple math reality that I have proved on my sites time and again, and it is a very powerful articles Internet marketing strategy that still works.

This Internet Marketing Strategy Will also help in Search Engine Optimization
Using articles to implement this Internet marketing strategy will also have an impact in your search engine rankings. Whatever system used for rankings at whatever search engine, and no matter home many times they keep on changing their policies, one thing remains important. And that is the number of links leading to your site.

Therefore consistently practicing this Internet marketing strategy is a search engine optimization strategy that will dramatically improve your ranking with search engines over time. That is how powerful this Internet marketing strategy is.

Click on this link for details on how this writer can help you get your Internet Marketing Strategy articles campaign up and running at a dirt-cheap rate.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How I submitted my internet marketing articles to only 20 sites but within no time 16,000 other high traffic websites had also posted them

There is no internet marketing chore that I enjoy more than doing a regular google search to check the viral effect and progress of my online marketing articles. Within a recent short period I saw the number of websites where my articles are listed grow by a staggering 16,000.

The full implications of this is that without me lifting a finger 16,000 more websites, blogs and their pages, with search engine prominence, now contain my articles. This means that even if just one person in the entire month reads only one of my articles in each of those locations, I will end up with a total of 16,000 unique readers per month. And without any more effort on my part.

But for articles to enjoy this kind of magic they must have 3 key ingredients.

An effective internet marketing article will have a good headline
What causes you to click on a link or ad? What attracts your interest to any content online? It is of course a headline. Writing headlines is an art in itself. Those who are good at it, earn a lot of money. Tabloids like the National Enquirer or The Sun in Britain understand the power of a headline because they’ve sold millions of copies of their publications regularly for many years and it all hinges on how effective the main headline is.

I learnt this lesson well in my offline marketing days when a newsletter I used to publish would sell a few hundred copies on one headline and then sell over 300,000 copies with another headline.

On the net, headlines are even more important and when writing articles you should bear this in mind. Apart from taking care of the keywords (with search engines or google adsense ads in mind), your headline should be so enticing that anybody mildly interested in the subject you are covering will want to read it.

In writing this article, this are the headlines I considered and discarded before I ended up with the headline I used. Study them carefully and learn something about internet marketing headlines.

- 3 things an effective internet marketing article must have
- Why my internet marketing articles posted in only 20 sites suddenly appeared in 16,000 other websites shortly after
- Why my internet marketing articles grew from being in only 20 sites to 16,000 within no time
- 3 things an internet marketing article needs to go crazily viral

I would have chosen this last headline listed here, except that more specific headlines are more believable in a World Wide Web that is choked with hype these days.

An effective internet marketing article must contain useful information or tips
Why would somebody bother to take an article and post it at their website or blog? There is only one reason that would cause them to do this. Your article must contain useful and valuable information. Some internet marketers deliberately hold back vital information and refer others to their websites for it. This is a mistake because the reader will judge you from the information they read in your article. If there is little or no information then the assumption is that your website will not be any different and probably has more of the same.

Remember that online there is always too much to do and too many websites to visit. So for anybody to visit your site, they will need to see some really useful and valuable information.

An effective internet marketing article must be well written
Your internet marketing article must be very well written to be read and posted widely. Remember that people on the net are in a hurry and they have the widest choice mankind has ever had in history. So if they have a problem making head or tail of what you are trying to say in your article, with a simple, impatient click of the mouse, they will move elsewhere.

Online writing should be brief, direct and to the point. It also helps a great deal if the article is broken down the way it has been here, with simple points listed in bold.

With a little effort, most people can write reasonably well. But even if you can’t good online writing services are very affordable. In fact the going rates are so dirt cheap that many offline writers used to earning a minimum of $500 for any piece of writing they do, are bitterly complaining. Luckily their complaints haven’t changed anything.

Check this site for details on an excellent experienced online writer who charges only $9 per article.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why free articles traffic can earn you more sales than pay-per-click leads

To be successful at any affiliate marketing program, you not only need traffic but you also require a certain type of traffic. In fact this rule also applies to any online marketing you can think of.

Recently some across an amazing audio interview where one man says he abandoned pay-per-click ads for free articles online marketing because he found the latter more effective in his case. You will find the audio interview here;

Personally I have been earning a living online for a while now and I have never seen any need to purchase pay-per-click ads (at least not yet). Free articles have done everything for me. Recently I’ve also started combining the free articles with other free online tools and the results have been very good.

While I have seen successful affiliate marketing and online marketing done using traffic generation sites and viral marketing sites (see my other articles), one generally requires very high numbers of this type of traffic to be successful. But with articles, you only require very little traffic to be hugely successful. I’ve run blogs with google adsence ads posted (one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs on the web currently) and have quickly noted that just a tiny amount of traffic from articles has had a major impact on the number of clicks that happened at my blog. I also get clicks from traffic generation sites but I usually require more than 10 times the traffic I get from articles to get the same results I get from articles. That is a tested and verified figure from my blog.

The reason may not be too difficult to guess. Traffic that you get from the search engines and pay-per-click ads will be the sort of traffic that is not entirely sure of the content they will find at your site. Remember that these folks are usually lured in using catchy headlines which may not always be very clear in meaning. In sharp contrast, a visitor to your affiliate marketing site or blog who has read one of your articles will have already sampled much more than just a catchy headline and will therefore not only be sure but will also tend to be extremely interested in what you have to say and is therefore more likely to visit many more pages within your blog, site or affiliate site. The longer a visitor stays, the better the results you get and the more valuable that traffic ends up being to you.

The longer they stay, the more likely it is that they will click on one of your google ads, thus earning you income. The longer they stay the higher the chances also, that they will end up buying something or joining the affiliate program or purchase the affiliate product that you are marketing.

However, not all articles are effective in driving traffic where you want it to go. To be effective the articles will have to be very well written and they will also have to be loaded with lots of valuable information. Some affiliate marketers or online marketers deliberately hold back a lot of information from their free articles and end up referring people to their site for any useful information. This is a big mistake. If your article is not well written or the information in your article is not valuable, then you will find that most people will not bother to visit your website or blog.

There should really be no excuse for poor writing online. There are loads of good writers available (click this link to read about this writer’s very affordable online writing services;

Christopher Kyalo has made money online while using articles as his only marketing tool. Visit the following link to find out the most effective site to post your free article to;

The guy who gave up pay-per-click ads for an articles campaign

...And his sales actually went up!!

I recently came across this amazing audio interview about the power of articles. You'll not believe it but this guy gave up "optimizing" his site and stopped paying for pay per click ads and concentrated on only free articles to market his site. His sales shot up as a result because his conversion rate went up to an amazing 3.5%

Listen to it for yourself, the link is below. Once you get to the site, find the audio interview at the bottom of the June 20, 2005 post.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing free articles

Before you start using anything it is always a good idea to understand its' limitations and disadvantages even as you appreciate its' good points. Let's start by looking at the disadvantages of free articles as an online marketing tool.


Requires patience. It takes time for the viral effect to start working
Most folks on the net are in a terrible hurry. They want it all to happen in a few seconds. Even minutes are too long.

An online marketing articles campaign requires a little patience. Even the much desired online marketing viral effect where your article gets reposted all over the net, will take time to start happening.

You need to be a good writer
You need to be a good writer who understands the difference between writing offline for a newspaper or in some magazine, and writing online. Online writing needs to be clear, easy to read and loaded with facts. The competition for readers is crazy online and very few people will waste time trying to make sense out of some poor writing. The problem is that not everybody doing inline marketing is a writer, let alone a good online writer.

May require some work and consistency

If you use online marketing pay per click ads, all you need to do is pay for your ads and wait for your traffic which will surely come. With free articles, there's loads of work to be done. And it is consistent work, you will have to keep writing and posting articles to keep on getting good traffic.


There is nothing else that is so effective and yet free on the net
You've probably heard the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. And it is very true. Writing affects people's emotions, thoughts and ultimately their actions. Good writing can be extremely powerful online marketing, especially when it is read by the people the writer intended. This is achieved easily on the net and the sort of quality traffic that articles will tend to generate for your website or affiliate program site, will be impossible to get in any other way. That's why they say content is king on the world wide web. The most amazing advantage is that posting this powerful online marketing tool at high traffic web sites all over the net is free.

If combined with other tools can work faster

Although it is true that articles take time to give you good results in terms of traffic, there are various methods of speeding up the whole process. You can for example use traffic exchange sites and get much higher readership for your articles at a website or posted at your own articles blog. Either way you will speed up the required effect. See my article on this subject at this link:

You can also ensure that your long term results from articles is nothing short of amazing and ends up resulting in millions of hits by using an amazing tool which I describe in my article which you can find at the following link:

You can hire a writer or write list articles yourself
It is also true that you need a good online writer. But you can easily hire one. At $5 per article, this will hardly make a dent in your budget. I charge $15 myself for very high quality keyword rich articles that will get anybody loads of traffic.

Alternatively you can do list articles yourself, even if you are not a good writer. This article has deliberately been written using the list article method.

How do you write list articles?
As the name suggests, you write your headline then list all the points briefly. You then run through the list again, explaining each point in more detail. Even if you just leave your article as a list with very little explanation, it can still be read and appreciated and can show-off your knowledge on a particular subject. Always remember that articles are a very powerful online marketing tool.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

FREE Affiliate marketing secrets to grow a huge income – Part II

1) Short term methods
Short term marketing tools are very important to any business more so in an affiliate marketing program.

It is easy to tell a hungry man to be patient but unless they get some food over the short-term they will die. In the same way, any online business or affiliate business that does not get any clients over the short term will meet with the same fate.

Even if the cash is available to continue, the affiliate online entrepreneur will get discouraged and abandon his affiliate marketing program. Even if it is not costing them a single dime.

Traffic exchange sites can be combined with articles posted at web sites that accept free article posts. Or you can use the traffic exchange site to get traffic directly to your affiliate program site.

To find the best way of writing creative and effective affiliate marketing articles to drive traffic to your affiliate program feel free to read and study the valuable articles packed with tips that are in this blog.

Many of the people visiting your affiliate website from a traffic exchange site will be in a hurry to move on. But that’s fine because what you are doing here in your affiliate marketing strategy is creating initial awareness and giving the hungry man some food to retain his strength for the better days to come. A few of your visitors will mark your site and become regular visitors.

It will also help if you post your affiliate marketing articles at high traffic websites. Read my article about the highest traffic website on the net for articles (I have tested it extensively). Find the article at the link below.

2) Medium term methods

Blogs are the most effective online marketing tool I know. They are very effective affiliate marketing strategy to lead valuable and highly targeted traffic to your affiliate website. All you need to do is establish a blog that will attract the target market for your affiliate marketing. The more creative you are the better. Again there is plenty of useful information on this elsewhere in this blog.

As I have already mentioned, you can easily earn some extra money by pasting Google adsense ads at your affiliate marketing blog.

3) Long term methods

I have already covered the most effective long term method for huge traffic. In my opinion, this affiliate marketing tool is a much more effective long term tool than even tools that you have to pay for. Read all the details in my detailed article elsewhere in this blog. Find it at the following link;

It is very possible to make lots of money with free tools in affiliate marketing.

To receive a free ecourse on this subject send a blank email now to bizboom at

Looking for a good seo ghost writer?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

FREE Affiliate marketing secrets to grow a huge income – Part I

There are many sites on the web that have grown really big without spending a single dime on advertising. And while I have nothing against pay-per-click advertising (it is actually very effective) my advice is that there is plenty you can do for free before you start spending money.

Besides it is much harder promoting a site you have just started than it is to ride on the success of other better known sites by getting involved in an affiliate program.

The secret of successful affiliate marketing starts with your choice of an affiliate program. Choose something that is close to your heart. If your main hobby is gardening, then specifically look for a site related to gardening. There are several key advantages in this, the first being that you have the advantage of knowing exactly where to find your clients.

There was a time I was introduced to a content-writer’s website and within a week I had signed up over 60 new affiliates under me. It was all because I knew exactly where freelance writers hang out on the web and what they are looking for. Some little creativity did the rest. Remember that whenever you want to get other people to do something you need to think like them and know how to give them what they want or are looking for, even as you get what you want. A few articles here and there and a single classified ad brought me instant traffic and instant affiliates signing up under me. Actually this is one of the huge advantages of most good affiliate programs – the fact that you earn a commission from other people’s efforts even as you continue with your own efforts. That is how to take full advantage of the networking power of the net.

The way to approach your affiliate marketing strategy is to divide your marketing tools and methods into three.

1) Short term methods
2) Medium term methods
3) Long term methods

Before I deal with each of the three separately let me just emphasize why all three are important. You need short term marketing methods to bring in the initial service and to give you an idea of what the response rate is going to be. For example I joined an affiliate program selling a very effective book that can help anybody make a huge success of selling at Ebay. My short term strategy for selling this book was to use articles submitted daily to different article and ezine directories. I got my first sale when less than 50 visitors had visited the site. But my excitement dampened when I received more that 120 visitors without making a second sale. In the end I discovered that I required about 180 hits to make a sale.

Although I was disappointed, this information was invaluable to me, because all I needed to do now was find a way of getting 180 hits per day to make at least one sale every day. That is what short term methods are supposed to do for you.
The methods you come up with to reach your targets are the medium term methods. Continuous submission of articles loaded with your links and the setting up of a blog or two specifically to market your affiliate program are my favorite and most effective medium term methods.

Your long term method or marketing tools, should explode the traffic to your affiliate program. But this is unlikely to happen overnight. To read about my favorite long term tool capable of giving your affiliate program site or blog promoting your affiliate site 1,000,000 visitors a day read my excellent article available at this link:

In the Part II of this article I discuss the 3 free marketing strategies you can use to earn a huge affiliate income. The article will be posted after the weekend. Meanwhile you can register at the site recommended in my article at the above link and get your long term marketing moving.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The most successful internet marketing model - start with free tools, spend money later

There is a particular web site where I regularly place my free internet marketing articles to generate traffic to my blog. Quite often several so called internet marketing experts place articles shortly after one of mine has been posted talking about the impossibility of making any money online without spending lots of cash on advertising.

Recently one of these "experts" bluntly called some of the techniques that I was suggesting, "tools for beginners on the net."

No, I was not offended. All my life I’ve met dozens of "experts", not only on internet marketing, but on scores of other unrelated subjects. They have never intimidated me. More so because many times, I have seen many of them fail miserably when asked to put their theories into practice. And make no mistake about it, some of these folks who have failed the practical test have had a long string of degrees and fancy qualifications next to their names.

I’ll tell you the sort of guys that get my attention. People who have earned lots of money doing what they are suggesting to others. Sadly these guys are very rare to meet. As soon as most people find a winning formula for success, they will tend to keep their mouths firmly shut. So most of the "experts" you will meet online especially the internet marketing ones, are simply peddling theories they have read about or learnt somewhere else.

You will not find theories or stuff that I read somewhere else in any of my internet marketing blogs(not here and certainly not at All the writing and advice I give is firmly based on experience, my own experience in internet marketing. That is not to say that I don’t read. I read a lot and later in this article I quote from some reading I did recently in the New York Times.

So why do I reveal my very profitable internet marketing secrets?

I reveal my secrets because that is the only way to grow. And in a place as dynamic and fast-changing as the web, you can be sure that your secret will not remain a secret for long. So instead of clinging onto something that will not be mine for that long why not release it a little earlier and gain valuable publicity and image from it, to help me make even more money from my internet marketing?

Part II

Luckily I have always been an ideas person. New ideas literally come out of my ears and I usually waste no time in trying them out. And I’ve realized one thing (you do not have to believe me) the more valuable internet marketing ideas I give out, the more fresh new ideas I receive. The more I hold on to my internet marketing ideas, the less I receive.

There is also an exciting new development on the net that is going to have a major impact on internet marketing. The growing success of pay-per-click advertising is helping numerous web sites make increasing revenue from advertising. Many of them are recovering their investment for the very first time through these ads like the google adsense ads. The pressure has therefore dramatically shifted to the quality of information because to earn from ads, one needs traffic and traffic is heavily dependant on the quality of the content.

This is one of the reasons why the demand for online writers has exploded and will continue to do so for a long time to come (visit my other blog for more details on this subject, if you want to cash in and make money from online writing.)

This is good news for everybody because it means that the quality of free information available on the net will continue to improve dramatically for some time.

I firmly believe that this will only make the current most successful internet marketing business model even more powerful. This model strongly contradicts what the internet marketing experts, I was telling you about at the beginning of this article are saying.

The model is that a web site starts off with free tools and grows to a huge size where they are in a position to attract a venture capitalist. They then move to the next level and set up a sizeable marketing budget to attract even more traffic.

The companies that have done this are just too many to mention in one article like this one. However I will pick just one internet marketing example from an article I read recently in the New York Times.

The newspaper was quoting Mark Pincus, founder of the hugely successful site which raised $6.3 million in venture funding in November 2003. Tribe is a free service that charges for classified ads. The site had 243,000 unique visitors in March. Pincus told the New York Times that traffic to his site had tripled over the last 12 months.

"Up until now, we haven’t spent money on marketing because we've wanted to be conservative," Pincus told the New York Times this month (May 2005), "But with revenues starting to come in, we’re now spending money on marketing to get more traffic."

I rest my case on free internet marketing.

To receive a free ecourse on this subject send a blank email now to bizboom at

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Free and effective affiliate marketing and website advertising using articles and traffic exchange sites Part I & II

Affiliate marketing is an extremely tricky subject and so is website advertising.

The reason is simple. Most of those who have mastered these subjects are keeping their mouths tightly shut. Some are releasing their valuable affiliate marketing secrets it in bits and pieces to try and make some quick cash before the methods become completely obsolete. The rest are busy trying to guess the secrets behind the successful affiliate marketing that easily brings in five figure incomes on a monthly basis for scores of people all over the world.

Today is your lucky day because you are about to move a step closer to successful affiliate marketing for whatever affiliate program you are involved with. You are about to read a previously closely guarded secret of affiliate marketing.

I clearly remember the day I discovered this secret rather casually from an article I read online just like you are doing currently. Later I went on to discover other key elements that were critical for the success of the whole program. I have packed all those secrets in this single article.

Here is the main secret that will multiply the effectiveness of your articles and ultimately your affiliate marketing.

It is possible to multiply the effectiveness of your articles in promoting your affiliate program by making a single step. And that is creating a blog and posting all your articles there.

Do not worry about getting traffic to your blog, it is the easiest thing to do and I will deal with that later in this article.

There are 4 very important advantages you will gain by starting a blog and posting your articles there.

1) Blogs always boost search engine visibility tremendously thus making all your articles much more visible and easier to find and therefore much more effective.

Whatever your opinion about them, blogs are rapidly changing the internet. Their popularity is rising by the day and most important search engines love them. Not surprising when you consider that they are constantly being updated even if not by the owner of the blog, by his visitors. Blogs have literally swept web sites aside. Smart online marketers and many involved in affiliate marketing are using them very effectively for website advertising to drive traffic to their websites.

2) You will be able to track and monitor which articles are the most effective in promoting your affiliate program.

Any advertising campaign that is able to measure results, dramatically multiplies its effectiveness. This is simply because you are able to tell which articles posted at which websites are most effective in your affiliate marketing.

Usually your affiliate marketing web site will not tell you exactly where your traffic is coming from. Armed with this information from your blog, you will be able to concentrate your efforts on the web sites where your articles are bringing in the most traffic and you will also focus on the types of articles that are bringing in the best results.

3) You can earn extra income from your articles by carrying google adsense ads at your articles blog.

Many people are convinced that carrying google adsense advertisements at your blog is better than any affiliate program on the net. Better in terms of the earning potential.

My opinion? It is easier to start earning cash much quicker with google ads than any other affiliate program I know of on the net. You see with affiliate marketing where you are looking to earn serious money, you will need to be patient. With google, you simply get the traffic and you start earning almost immediately.

You will need to apply to google adsense who will check out your blog and make a decision whether or not to accept your blog. The decision usually takes about 48 hours. Put some reasonable amount of content on your blog before you apply with google.

What I love about carrying google ads in my blogs is that I am busy building traffic to my affiliate marketing programs and at the same time I am getting paid for my affiliate marketing efforts. I love the net.

4) Having a blog will give you an extra marketing tool that can be very effective.

As mentioned earlier blogs are very popular. Which makes them very effective affiliate marketing tools. You will have heard of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds which get content right on the desktop of your subscribers’ computers bypassing the troublesome ISP email filters.

Currently I do not know of a more effective online marketing tool other than blogs.

It really is very simple just launch your blog, post your articles and learn as you go along, how to maximize on blogs as marketing tools that will bring a huge difference to your affiliate marketing.

I can hear you asking the question about how you will get enough traffic to your blog. Because the truth is that your affiliate marketing will only work if you get heavy and constant traffic to your blog.

Actually it is very easy. Much easier than it is to send traffic to a web site. I guarantee that you are about to be very amazed. This is not theory or hype, it’s stuff that I do every day and again you will not need to spend any money on advertising.

Actually instant traffic for your blog is possible. All you need to do is register with a good and effective traffic exchange site.

I recommend these two;

Register with both and put your link to your blog with both. The first is the leading traffic exchange site that specializes on blogs while the second is the leading traffic exchange site for websites (including blogs).

Why register with both?

So as to get a wider audience. The people who will see your blog at the first traffic exchange site will be different from those that see you in the second.

Surfing both sites for your credits can be done at the same time even as you work on a third window. Or you can keep both windows visible on your computer screen at the same time.

Both the sites I have recommended here are set up in such a way that you will earn credits for people you introduce and also for people introduced by people you introduced up to the fifth level. This means that by simply introducing a few of your friends and associates to the sites, you will build up huge daily traffic to your blog without you having to surf other sites, after a certain period of time.

Do traffic exchange sites really work? You bet they do.

Let me address your fears because I had exactly the same fears when I started out. You see traffic exchange sites work because you visit other member’s sites and you earn credits in this way which will enable other members to visit your site.

Usually you have to spend a minimum of 30 seconds at a site before you can click to visit the next site. 30 seconds is a lot of time on the net and although many people may not be interested in what you are offering at your blog, you are bound to find many who will be. In fact the sites allow surfers to mark interesting sites which they can come back to again and again. But even on this first visit there is nothing stopping you from looking around for a few minutes if you find a site interesting.

There is another concern that people who are new to traffic exchange sites usually have and that is the same people visiting their sites over and over again. It is true that members will often end up visiting the same sites over and over again (when you build your credits very high). Actually there is nothing wrong with this in fact it is good marketing.

As early as 1885 a man by the name Thomas Smith was able to observe how we humans react to advertising and he wrote the following: (just replace the word ad with site or blog)

1. The first time a man looks at an ad, he doesn’t see it.
2. The second time he doesn’t notice it.
3. The third time, he is conscious of its existence.
4. The fourth time he faintly remembers having seen it.
5. The fifth time he reads the ad.
6. The sixth time, he turns up his nose at it.
7. The seventh time, he reads it through and says, “Oh brother!”
8. The eight time he says, “Here’s that confounded thing again.”
9. The ninth time he wonders if it amounts to anything.
10. The tenth time, he will ask his neighbour if he has tried it.
11. The eleventh time he wonders how the advertiser makes it pay.
12. The twelfth time he thinks it must be a good thing.
13. The thirteenth time, he thinks it might be worth something.
14. The fourteenth time he remembers that he wanted such a thing for a long time.
15. The fifteenth time, he is tantalised because he cannot afford to buy it.
16. The sixteenth time, he thinks he will buy it some day.
17. The seventeenth time, he makes a memorandum of it.
18. The eighteenth time, he swears at his poverty.
19. The nineteenth time, he counts his money carefully.
20. The twentieth time he sees the ad, he buys the article or instructs his wife to do so.

Get you blog today and post your articles there and then get a free counter to monitor the traffic your blog is receiving.

After you have done this you can read my other article in this blog titled;

“A web traffic secret guaranteed to give you 16,807 visitors to your blog on a regular basis”

Please do not read this article before you have embarked on this first step because you will feel overwhelmed. Just carefully do everything step by step and it will all be very simple and effective.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A web traffic secret guaranteed to give you 16,807 visitors to your blog on a regular basis

If you are interested in getting even higher traffic to your blog by making use of the real power of the net, please read on.

This is a question and answer session with Christopher Kyalo carried out by Natasha Trafiak.

Q- Is it really possible to get traffic running into millions to a blog?

A- You know the answer is yes, there are blogs getting that kind of traffic now as we speak.

Q- Can any ordinary person build up that kind of traffic?

A- Yes. The secret lies in being able to understand the real power of the net and then setting up your business to take full advantage of it.

Q- So what is the real power of the net?

A- Referral marketing. Hotmail grew from zero to millions of users in a few days by setting up a simple system where everybody who sent out mail referred others to the service. It was done with a short message at the end of the mail inviting people to sign up.

Both Google and Yahoo are currently using referral marketing techniques to launch their new services. For example you know that you can only get a Gmail email address by invitation (referral). This service may not have been that hot had it been freely available to everybody.

Even blogs thrive on referral marketing. How do they get those huge audiences within such a short time? It’s by getting linked to as many other blogs and sites as possible. That’s referral marketing, you hear about a blog from somebody else, you visit and like it and send a close friend the link.

That is the real power of the net, its’ amazing ability to spread a referral message efficiently and at high speed. If you see a good movie, you may forget to tell your spouse or friend about it. You may even forget th title and what theatre it is showing in. But the net does not forget. A link does not forget, as long as it is there.

Q- So how do I set up my blog to take advantage of this referral power?

A- There are two methods. The first is to try and get as many links as possible leading to your blog. There are various methods of triggering off the process, including using articles. This is the slow method everybody is already using (with various variations of course) but with the competition between blogs you’ll need a lot of luck. According to a recent article in BusinessWeek, there are 9 million blogs out there with 40,000 new ones popping up daily.

Q- And the second…

A- The second is the reason why we are having this interview. It is the simple technique of using a viral website. There are many viral websites but I will recommend one that I use myself. You simply register at this site and then put the link to your blog or affiliate website you want to promote there. But before you do so, you will have to view other sites and get a code from each site to enter into your registration process. As a result you will be visiting other blogs and sites. The good news is that everybody who joins has to do the same. And it also means that by just getting 7 people to join who in turn get 7 people each, you will have 16,807 people on your fifth level and a total of 16,807 + 2,401 + 343 + 49 = 19,600!! Just by getting only 7 people to join.

Actually by using this method, you will not only be able to attract 16,807 visitors to your blog but within a very short time, your visitors will actually run into tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands and before you know it... No I don't want to mention that figure and start sounding like a hype-pedlar.

Anyway it will happen almost effortlessly as long as you get a few people to sign up (the web gives you excellent advice on how to make this happen). I deliberately used the low figure of 16,807 in my headline because there is so much hype on the net using high figures these days and many of these hype peddlers have a special liking for figures that run into millions.

The reason why this simple technique works like a miracle is because of the referral power of the net and because each person who joins the viral web site has a motive to keep on introducing just a few people so as to get traffic for their blogs or sites. As they do this traffic to your blog will explode.

Q- Why are you so sure that this will work for almost anybody? People are different and...?

A- I have vast previous experience in referral marketing techniques and the secret is to get a successful technique and then get everybody to copy it. That's how it works and on the net, it is very easy to do this. Anybody who can read and understand English can do it.

Q- There are those who have read your amazingly useful tips on how to use only articles to generate traffic. Does this mean you are admitting now that articles alone are not enough?

A- No. Articles can work on their own and are enough to generate serious traffic to a blog and to even make money selling something. For years they have served me well and I have made a steady living on the net using them as the only marketing method for my writing services. As all my writing clients will testify, they found me through my articles. And I still use articles a lot.

However this is a hybrid system that works much faster.

Q- So how does somebody get started?

A- Visit my site now at:

When you get there, register to join this amazing viral web site. In a few minutes you will have your own freeviral site. Read the instructions carefully and they will tell you how to promote your site and thus start the journey that will end up giving you huge explosive traffic. That's it.

Q- Now there seems to be a problem here. The people who will visit my blog when I register, will normally do it hurriedly, is this the sort of traffic people should be looking for?

A- That's a very good question. No the sort of traffic everybody needs is the sort that is regular and takes a little time at your blog looking around. But I tend to look at this powerful method the same way I view those expensive 30 second spots on TV during the superbowl or other major events or shows. Some people may have the sound turned down when the ad comes on while others will leave the room. But the numbers are so big that even if a small fraction takes note, the sales the advertiser gets are substantial.

Look at this method like a TV spot that you are broadcasting across the net only that you are not paying a bomb for it, like they do for TV ads, it's actually FREE. But with the kind of numbers you are looking at here, you are bound to get amazing results.

Q- Final question. What is the most important skill a person needs to make this work?

A- I wouldn't call them skills but you really need just two things

1) Ability to follow instructions (but don't put up the pop-under ads if you don't like them. There are several other options of marketing your site at

2) Patience. You need lots of patience.

In my case, nothing happened the firt two weeks. And during the next few weeks after that progress was slow, then it suddenly started exploding.

If I may just add one important illustration here. The best way to understand how this thing works is to do a small experiement.

Take a piece of paper and a calculator. Draw 30 blank boxes and on the first box put the figure 1 (standing for one dollar). Multiply that 1 by 2 and put $2 on the next box and continue to multiply each answer you get by two and put the answer on the next box (so on the third box you will have $4). You will be shocked what you end up with on the box representing day 30. You will notice that at first the figure incraeses slowly then after a while it starts building up at an amazing rate.

That is exactly how this thing works and that is how the net works best. Try it.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Debt consolidation comes before effective marketing

Debt consolidation? Seems like a mighty strange title for an article in a blog about marketing, does it not? More like finding an article on diamond jewelry, silver prices or accutane lawsuits here. But there is a simple explanation.

Over the years I have found that a sizeable percentage of the people attracted to my services of marketing with little or no ad budget, are mostly people with serious cash problems. Many of them are in debts and believe that if they can find an effective way to market their business and sell like crazy, they will pay off their debts and ease off the pressure that they are feeling. In other words they believe that marketing can be an effective debt management tool.

NO WAY. It can’t be done.

It is sometime very difficult for me to get the courage to tell them the truth in their faces, especially when I imagine how desperate they are. I was there myself so I fully understand.

There are several reasons why this thinking is not correct

1) Successful Marketing happens when somebody is relaxed

For you to be successful with your marketing, especially while using the methods in this blog, you will need to be totally relaxed. This is the only way you can be able to do the daily analysis of what you are doing and have the creative juices flowing to deal with the various inevitable obstacles until you have your cash machine up and running.

Believe me, I tried it myself, it cannot be done when you’re worrying where the rent will come from or if you will find your car still in the car park at the end of the day.

2) If you are in debt a debt management solution is the priority not marketing.
There was a time that billionaire publisher Rupert Murdoch was in a serious debt problem and for a moment it looked like his empire would come crumbling down. He got out of it by getting his loans rescheduled (very similar to debt consolidation). Still my point here is that Murdoch who is a marketing genius (love him or hate him) did not indulge in some marketing campaigns for some of his highest grossing newspapers or media houses. He dealt with his debt first. And so should you.

3) Debt is a bottomless pit which will swallow your marketing
Many people do not take debt management with the seriousness it deserves. The blunt truth is that debt is a bottomless pit that will easily swallow you and all your smart marketing. The solution to debt can never be marketing. It is debt management and debt consolidation is a good place to start.

Contrary to what many people think debt consolidation is not another loan.

Debt consolidation is a process in which debt is restructured into one low, manageable monthly payment. It also helps a person dramatically reduce what is owed and thus reduce the interest accruing.

Debt consolidation is trying to restore some breathing space to your life so that you can get something done.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Effective affiliate marketing using articles

Every day thousands of people join affiliate programs and yet every day thousands more get discouraged and give up trying to make money from their affiliate programs.

Still, thousands others wait for their generous checks from all sorts of affiliate programs and laugh all the way to the bank, every month. I make good money from an affiliate program using articles as the main part of my affiliate marketing strategy.

But what is more is that there are plenty of other guys out there doing the same, although some of them use more expensive methods than free articles. For example, recently I personally saw a monthly check for $15,000 shown to me by a friend involved in a leading affiliate marketing program.

So what is the difference between the frustrated and the successful?

The difference is that the top earners have an affiliate marketing system for generating a constant supply of leads or traffic to the web sites they represent. In contrast, the ones who do not make any money do not have any system. They often just sit back and wait for things to happen. Sorry folks the hype is just not true. You have to put in some effort!

In this first article in a series, we will deal with 3 key factors one needs to address to launch a successful affiliate marketing strategy using articles that can work for virtually any affiliate program.

1) You must know what works and what doesn’t.

The problem with most affiliate programs is that you will not be able to know where your traffic is coming from. Online that is a disaster. It is like flying an aircraft blind. Sooner or later you will crush.

A good solution is to start a blog with an identical topic to your affiliate program. Use a good site meter to carefully monitor the traffic you are receiving. You can then easily refer the people who visit your blog to your affiliate site. To make your blog even more interesting you can carry Google Adsense pay per click ads. This way you can have some income even as you build up your affiliate program. Use the articles that you are posting elsewhere on your blog.

While generating revenue from your blog, do not lose sight of your main objective which is to monitor what articles posted at which web sites are bringing in the most traffic. You can then use this information to constantly improve on the volume of traffic headed to your affiliate program site.

This is yet another reason why it is so important to select an affiliate program based on a subject that you are personally interested in. Maybe closely linked to a hobby you really love. Only then will you have the enthusiasm to constantly come up with various new ideas to market your affiliate program and have the passion required to regularly test and improve and also enjoy doing so.

See my other articles on how to write effective articles and where to post them.

2) Write consistently
Some people will briefly post a few articles and then throw in the towel. What a waste. Not only do they lose the benefits of the viral effect all good articles enjoy on the net (of getting posted and reposted all over the place.) but they will also end up wasting a lot of their valuable time. Time is a very valuable resource, imagine spending so much of it on something and not then you abandon it and end up not having learned anything?

The other thing is that for traffic to rise and continue doing so, you will have to be very consistent with your posting.

3) Use keywords to increase traffic
Ignore keywords at your own peril. Keywords are the currency of online content. You will only enjoy 5% of the effect or even less, if you do not pay attention to keywords.

Look for keywords that are rising in popularity but do not have too much competition yet. That way you will have a fighting chance of pulling in traffic from the search engines, which is the most effective affiliate marketing method so far. This can easily be done using search engines and testing various keywords to see what results you get.

The effectiveness of search engines is the reason why many successful affiliates buy pay-per-click ads as the core of their affiliate marketing strategy. However since you are doing your affiliate marketing with articles, you will need to work a lot harder to place your keyword-rich articles in as many web sites as possible. Done properly it can be just as effective.

For example 10 keyword-rich articles placed in 50 different sites and viewed by an average of just two people per day on average will give you 1000 hits per day. If 20 per cent of these people make it to your affiliate site every day that is 200 serious visitors a day. Enough to make most affiliate programs work well for you.

Please do not take these figures too seriously. It also depends on a lot many other factors which we will discuss in future articles.

Christopher Kyalo is a writer/marketing expert who also writes keyword-rich articles that attract high paying Google Adsense words for a limited number of clients. Write to him NOW for this service at ckyalo at