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Thursday, January 26, 2006

This Trick With My Promotional Articles Made Traffic To My Very First Blog Swell Rapidly

When I launched my very first blog, I would get really excited when just one soul visited after several days. I was very lucky to get three regulars (two nice young ladies and a gentleman - bless you wherever you are) very early on, who came calling almost daily. Actually my first site was a fiction blog which I updated daily - or at least I tried to.

Had it not been for those early visitors, I am certain that my fiction blog would never have been finished and my experiment with blogs would have ended prematurely. This article would never have been written. And I would not have grown to become as knowledgeable on traffic generation as I am today.

But that’s just the point - the early days of any business are so critical and if nothing happens chances are that it will get abandoned and that will be the end of it all.

The tricky part of it all is that when a blog or site has just been launched it isn’t so easy to generate traffic to it. Search engines have not indexed pages yet and if you are a novice, you really have no idea what you are doing.

I was lucky in that I started using articles shortly after my first three regulars came on the scene. The result was that my traffic swelled to such an extent that I have long finished writing this fictional blog but it still receives an amazing volume of traffic and contributes to my income from programs like Adsense. Lots of experiences later, I have still not found a better way to launch a new site and I doubt if anybody ever will. But there is a special way in which you need to use the articles to make them work for you (more on that later).

Why Promotional Articles Are Your Best Bet

Promotional articles have many advantages for a new blog or site. To start with they do double duty. Firstly they give you valuable content for your site and secondly they are capable of generating very targeted traffic to your site.

Then there are numerous advantages of using promotional articles for a new site. To start with it is free and utilizes something a new entrepreneur usually has plenty of as they launch their business - time. There are usually no clients yet to spend plenty of valuable time with sorting out problems and issues that have arisen. There is also no cash to account for or receivables to follow up on.

Articles are a good foundation that will continue to get you traffic for years to come. I recently landed a client who read an article I wrote and posted two years ago! Articles will remain online forever, in blogs, search engine rankings and article directories.

But the truth is that many have tried to use articles without much success. Actually if you just write and post articles without a special strategy to ensure that as many folks who read the articles as possible visit your site, then you are short-changing yourself. Chances are high that you will probably fail.

There is a special way to use articles so as to reap maximum benefit from each article you write. Here’s how

You Must Get People To Visit Your Site

Many articles have a serious problem in that when you read them, they are complete in themselves and therefore there is really no point in visiting the site.
Others do not have a resource box that is effective enough to get readers eager to visit their sites for more information.

Both articles fail miserably because they will hardly get you the traffic you require. The first skill you will need to acquire is that of compiling a resource box. Then you will need to use a certain system when writing and posting your articles. This idea is repsonible for a very huge chunk of my traffic.

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