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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How To Make A Huge Profit From The Stuff You Paid A Web Content Provider To Do For You And Other Content Lying Around At Your Site

Did you know that you can make hefty profits from that valuable content you paid a web content provider or low cost online writer to get done some time back? It’s absolutely true. In fact there are 5 different ways that you can cash in on your current content lying around at your site getting stale.

You see the web really puts a premium on creativity and creative people and only the creative thrive and end up making lots of cash online. There are really no two ways about it. Not being creative online is like a person with Lactose Intolerance going to a dairy products feast, you will land into all sorts of dead end problems. But the good news is that it is easy to get creative, sometimes all you need to do is read articles like this one you are taking in right now and then simply find a way to apply the ideas to your site.

There are numerous and enormous benefits in learning how to make money from the content your already have or are churning out at great expense for your site or blog. In fact by simply learning how to turn a profit from content that you’ve paid some web content provider for, you will not only put some extra cash into your pocket, but you’ll also be able to afford fresh new paid-for content at your site all the time. Not exactly the sort of information that you can learn from your ordinary online college courses.

Whatever changes the search engines make to the way they rank sites, content remains king and by ensuring that web content provided at your site is always fresh and well-written, you’re sure to dramatically improve your rankings with search engines and at the same time generate lots of traffic.

Re-Sell What You Paid The Web Content Provider To Supply
The number of sites that you can use to sell off your content is steadily rising. It will of course help if you give your article a very striking headline and brush it up a little here and there. But this is not too much work or too much to ask for and can easily be done by virtually anybody you can pick at random at your local employment agency (for example) and not necessarily somebody who is a writer.

We now have on the net sites that will gladly display your articles for sale and complete the entire process on your behalf, for a commission from the proceeds. Some of these sites sell licenses to your content. What this means is that the same article can earn revenue for you again and again.

Here’s an example of a useful site that will sell articles and content on your behalf. Register by clicking on the link on the left side of the page in the middle that says “become an author”


There are so many websites out there covering every possible area of interest that you can think of. This means that there is bound to be somebody out there somewhere who badly wants that content which you are now sick off and looks worthless to you.

Earn Money By Placing Some Links To Web Content Provider Articles
We now have folks online prepared to pay you to place links to certain sites on your blog content. One organization I know that has been aggressively advertising and looking for people pays $5 for every link placed on content at your blog.

The particular organization I am thinking of can be reached by sending an email to
Brian.Ratzker at

If you have other related products or affiliate program sites, you can of course earn much more than $5 per link for a longer time by placing links in your content pointing to this affiliate program sites or product sites.

There is really no reason why you should not take advantage of every opportunity to earn something back from content that you’ve already paid some web content provider for.

Read about the other 5 amazing ways that you can turn a hefty profit from your articles and content lying around at your site by reading an article at the following link;

5 Amazing Ways To make Money From Idle Content

Have the last laugh on your web content provider, and at the same time find an ingenious way to finance fresh new content at your site all the time.

(Plus explore the magic of bulk email marketing)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Massive Rewards Of Aggressively Self-Publishing Your Website Content

Very few people ever think of self-publishing their website or blog content. Yet behind this simple thought lies a secret that has opened the flood gates of traffic for many.

I am not suggesting that you go out and publish a book (although this is even a better idea), what I am talking about here is online self-publishing. One of the wonderful things that the World Wide Web has done is turn millions of us into online self-publishers. You see by having a web site or blog, whether you acknowledge it or not, you are already self-publishing.

But it gets really powerful when a webmaster or blog owner goes beyond their own site and self-publishes their content elsewhere, in other people’s sites. It becomes even more interesting when they go even further in self-publishing and create an information product from their web content and offer it for sale online. Some smart webmasters are even doing both but using the former to help sell the latter.

You see there is an increasing number of websites that accept article submissions relevant to their subject of interest. Not to mention the dozens of high traffic article directories that will accept an article on virtually any subject of interest. The first thing that happens is that you instantly create valuable links back to your site (the rules of self-publishing free articles online are such that every article has a resource box with details on the source of the article including links). These links will do two things that are bound to have an enormous impact on your traffic. The first is that they will positively affect your search engine rankings. The second is that they will directly lead traffic to your site or blog.

By creating and promoting information products based on your site’s contents, you will often find that you are generating even more interest in the free content on your site. Since what is already on your site is similar to what you are selling, many people will want to examine it before they purchase your product. Others will want to glean as much as possible from it so as to avoid purchasing your product.

Are you getting an idea of the power there is in self-publishing your content?

I have nothing Interesting Enough To Consider Self-Publishing

Most folks don’t believe that their content is interesting enough to self-publish. The truth is that if this were true, then chances are that your site does not deserve to exist. Besides, what the World Wide Web has done is to create markets for tiny niches covering imaginable subject you would care to think of. In other words, whatever it is you have to say, chances are that there is somebody out there who is eagerly seeking that information.

As you aspire to attract as much traffic as possible to your site, self-publishing the content that you are using to do this becomes a breeze.

Self-publishing Sharpens Your Focus

By self-publishing your content at other websites and by creating other information products, you sharpen your focus on creating captivating content that will attract traffic and keep as many folks as possible coming back again and again. In the increasingly crowded and competitive web, this can be a huge advantage.

Self-publishing does this for you by forcing you to focus on the real value of your content and what your target market wants.

Online Self-publishing Is The Future And the Future Is Already Here

According to a recent article in BusinessWeek magazine, blogging is rapidly redefining media worldwide. If we take a moment to consider the role blogs have been playing in recent elections, most notably the 2004 US presidential elections, then it becomes clear that this is in fact an understatement.

Blogs are at the forefront of online self-publishing and it is not surprising that they are a powerful online marketing tool these days, frequently used by many Fortune 500 companies in their marketing plans.

The sooner you start looking into self-publishing your website content the better for you and your self-publishing business.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

You’re in Self-publishing and yet you don’t even know it

Through the ages self-publishing has proved to be rather lucrative and has made fortunes for many entrepreneurs as well as building up their image to the level where they have become the envy of many a PR spin doctor.

Since owning a popular website or blog means that in the vast majority of cases, you are making available quality content, and you are actually involved in self-publishing. Online self-publishing.

With this knowledge, you should actually maximize on all the self-publishing opportunities at your disposal like special reports and email newsletters to collect email addresses of visitors to your website and even sell some of the information your visitors highly value. Regularly emailing your clients with the useful information they desire is better and much more effective than if you were to send flowers.

Wake up and maximize on your self-publishing operations.

Why Articles Are Increasingly Effective in Internet Marketing

Getting enough traffic is an increasing concern amongst many online enterprises and Internet marketing experts. You can’t do anything without traffic. And yet folks are becoming increasingly hostile towards many forms of online advertising and Internet marketing promotional efforts making them increasingly ineffective.

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On the other hand well-written informative articles are like gifts that surfers seeking information welcome. When you post these informative articles online with your web address tucked in some corner in the resource box it can work like magic in getting you traffic. Readers will mostly behave like somebody has send flowers. How do you react when somebody sends you flowers? That’s right, the first thing you do is find out who they are from and then you’ll most probably smile and get in touch with that person (after putting them in some water of course). That’s exactly the sort of reaction that informative well-written articles get. No wonder they’re so effective. No wonder they’ve steadily climbed to the top of the list of effective Internet marketing tools.