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Monday, February 14, 2005

Why Ebay auctions are the easiest way to start making money online today

By Christopher Kyalo
Did you know that most people who make big money on the net do so by selling dubious money-making schemes to others?

And they seem to get better at it every day. They have mastered the art of using enticing headlines that grab you by the neck and pull in sales even from Spam. Make no mistake about it, these guys know human nature and use their knowledge to the maximum. This gives an honest guy like you and me no chance at all. Little wonder that so many of us have lost so much money online, ordering "guaranteed money-making schemes" that never worked.

This article is not supposed to discourage you or kill your dreams of making it big online. The aim here is to give you the facts. Facts that will help you decide on a course of action that will change your online fortunes.

The facts are that there are thousands of people making money online. This is a fact that the hype and scum artistes have cashed in on to sell their schemes, which benefit nobody else but themselves.

The facts are that vast majorities of people who make money online, genuinely, make it using well-known web sites.

So while your efforts to be original and unique are appreciated, would it not be a better idea to find a proven, easy way to make money online? You can then use your profits to finance all the other adventures you have in mind, and your experiences to help you succeed much more easily with project number two.

You would naturally want to get the information to succeed from an expert. An expert being somebody who has made money from the particular well-known site you have chosen to go with.

Let us say that you make the wise decision to zero in on the single site that has had the highest number of publicized cases of people who have actually made money. Real people with real names and addresses. The site is of course

You would naturally want to get your information from an Ebay expert.

Actually there is such a person. Somebody who has made over $350,000 in sales, in less than one year, working part-time. Somebody who has successfully auctioned a wide variety of items like: Wide screen TV sets, wedding dresses, DVD players, garden ornaments, jewelry, designer goods, VCRs, tools, binoculars, cars and even information products.

Brian McGregor is such an expert and he has documented all his experiences and some simple steps and ideas to follow to ensure that you are successful with Ebay. It is all in an amazing ebook aptly titled "The eBay Formula." It is available at this link:-

By simply understanding and knowing what you are doing, you can be very successful doing your online business through Ebay.

The traffic on Ebay is massive, check out the figures for yourself at any source you trust. has a staggering 10 million items on sale at any point in time. The site gets 1.5 billion auction page views each month. This is the key that makes it so easy for ordinary people to make money on Ebay. It is simply a matter of taking your products to where the customers are waiting for it. But you need to know what you are doing. It all boils down to getting the formula to maximize your auction effectiveness.

About the Author
Christopher Kyalo is a writer/marketing expert who makes money online only by posting free articles. Get his free course at bizboom at

Friday, February 04, 2005

Beat rising click fraud with articles

By Christopher Kyalo
Recently there was an interesting article in Newsweek magazine about online click fraud.

It seems that what has been the most effective way of advertising online, by far, is now under serious threat. The Newsweek article tells the story of a European entrepreneur who runs a web marketplace for cargo firms. His chief method of attracting customers to his site has been by putting pay-per-click ad links on major search engines. The strategy worked very well and the businessman was expanding rapidly when he suddenly run into problems last summer.

He started noticing that his site was getting an amazingly high number of visitors but there were no corresponding sales to show for it. It did not take him long to trace the problem. Somebody had written some simple software that just kept on clicking on his links. This false traffic was costing him a fortune. The businessman told Newsweek that he estimated that he lost a whooping $50,000 in potential business by the time he hurriedly pulled out his ads.

Click fraud is on the rise even as search engine executives desperately seek solutions. So far nobody seems to know what to do.

And the temptation for fraudsters is high. Using Google’s AdSense program, Web site publishers can run the ads posted by Google and share the revenue. So it is possible for these unscrupulous swindlers to find a way to collect revenue from false traffic.

This is yet another reason to opt for articles advertising instead. Apart from the fact that you do not pay for the clicks that end up at your site as a result of an article, good articles that end up enjoying the viral effect of being re-posted at various other sites, will last for years.

And click fraud does not work with articles because you do not pay for the traffic. You simply post your useful articles in as many high traffic web sites as you can and then seat back and enjoy the attention and the profits.

Granted, the click through rate per single article is not as high as that of a strategically placed link on a search engine. Still, if you ensure that you constantly increase the volume of articles with your links out there, even as the viral effect takes place, you can end up with a sizeable amount of free traffic pointed at your site.

There is one other important advantage posting useful articles all over the net has. The traffic generated is usually highly targeted and much more likely to buy when they arrive at your site. As opposed to traffic from ad links at search engines where people read a few catchy lines and then click through, many times just on impulse. People who arrive at your site after reading an article will have much more information and will know exactly what they are looking for.

About the Author
Christopher Kyalo is a writer/marketing expert who makes money online only by posting free articles. Get his free course at

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