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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free content for website: Secret on how to become number one on Google in less than an hour Part 1

If you have plenty of excellent free content for your website that has already been written up in the form of articles, it is fairly easy to rank number one on Google or thereabouts, even for competitive keyword phrases and to achieve all this in less than an hour.

Before you do anything it is important to appreciate the most significant Google secret for ranking highly for anything. It is what has made this search engine so popular and you can be sure that for them to have remained number one for so long the giant search engine still places a lot of emphasis on this little secret.

Here is the secret. The most significant factor for Google that is the motive behind every action the company takes concerning its’ search engine is to always enhance and keep improving on user experience. In fact black hat search engine optimization techniques are usually things that frustrate or deteriorate on user experience while white hat search engine optimization methods of optimizing sites always take care NOT to interfere with user experience and to in fact strive to work towards enhancing it. And so whatever you do always think about improving on user experience and you will hardly go wrong.

And so once you have decided which keyword phrase you want to use and the article you want to optimize that has those keyword phrases, ensure that the article is at least 700 words long. If it is shorter write in extra paragraphs so that the article gets longer. And keeping the user experience in mind, write in useful information that truly adds value to the article and not just some boring paragraphs to simply help you fill in the words.

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Free content for websites: How to select the top 10 article directories to post your articles in

It is not enough to generate free content for your website. You will have to device a careful plan on how to use the content in the most effective way possible.

The first thing you will have to do after posting the articles on your site is to select 10 top notch article directories where you will post the same articles with links pointing back to your site.

How do you select these 10 article directories?

All sites including article directories are given a Google page rank or PR. The Google PR ranges from 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest. Try and select article directories with the highest page rank. The main reason for doing this is that the higher the page rank of the site where you post your articles, the higher the article will appear in Google results for relevant keyword phrases. This will result in much more traffic for your articles and since they have links pointing to your site some of this targeted traffic will end up on your site.

Posting your articles in high ranking article directories has a double advantage because it will also have a tremendous SEO impact because the links pointing back to your site will be from high ranking sites.

Before you decide on your top 10 article directories to use, you should also use your most important keyword phrases on the Google search engine and observe which article directories rank highest for those keyword phrases. Chances are that other article directories you may have not considered will pop up in your searches.

Once you have taken your pick of the top ten article directories, list them down on a page in your favorite word processor and then put in details like your sign in and password for each article directory so that you speed up the posting process as much as possible for your free website content articles.

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Free content for your website that is NOT PLR articles

Free content for your website that is NOT PLR articles
Many folks doubt if they can ever get free content for their websites in large quantities that is not PLR articles. What are PLR articles? These are private label rights articles that are sold to a large number of people and most of them end up using them exactly as thye are.

In the days before duplicate content became an issue and when there were other search engines controlling sizeable chunks of the market, PLR articles were effective. When you target different search engines PLR articles make much more sense. But when you consider the situation today where Google controls such a huge part of the pie and literally dominates search, PLR articles have become increasingly ineffective. And when you also consider that the campaign against duplicate content has intensified greatly in recent times PLR articles are almost useless.

Fortunately you can get tons of free content for your website that is not PLR stuff. There are many ways to do this. For starters it is important for you to realize that your email is a goldmine of fresh content waiting to be tapped. And what is even more amazing is that a lot of these articles are already written and ready to use and need only very minor adjustments. Obviously you require the skills to be able to transform this raw content into powerful fresh content that will be extremely useful for your website or blog. These skills are not too difficult to acquire if you put your mind to it. And the rewards will be huge because you will be able to come up with tons and tons of fresh useful content for your website.

Get more information on Free content for your website that is NOT PLR articles.

Free content for websites: Choosing keyword phrases to insert

The way to use keyword phrases in your free website content is to start by selecting a single keyword phrase that best describes what your website stands for. You should then focus on this keyword phrase and other related synonyms. Using the tool I usually use for this exercise, you can get dozens of similar keyword phrases.

This approach is in sharp contrast to what most people do. They tend to select a wide range of keyword phrases and then hope for the rest. There are many reasons why this approach of selecting wide ranging keywords is wrong. No website can do everything. In fact the web is a huge ocean where it is easy to get drowned and lost forever. The only way to prevent this from happening is narrowing your focus to a very specialized niche in your industry.

Once you have selected your principal keyword phrase, list all the synonyms under it chances are that the lower down the list you go the less popular the keyword phrases are bound to be. And so what you must do is start with the less popular and less competitive keyword phrases and work your way upwards. This is the most effective strategy. Remember that building a website or blog is just like building any other business or even a building. It has to be a sustained effort over a long period of time before you start to see really solid results from your work.

The other common mistake most people make is to choose the right keywords and then they create content that is of very little use to prospects. The articles do not offer any tips or useful information. It becomes clear that the content was written almost like the writer had a gun held to their head to produce some content—any content to go with the keyword phrases. Too many times site owners produce lots of content for their sites with the right keyword phrases suggested by experts and then wonder why traffic to their site does not go through the roof.

Luckily if content for your site is originated from real client queries and questions from prospects, chances of you generating useless boring content for your website are dramatically reduced.

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Free content for websites: How to quickly get your hands on 100 fresh original articles

Free content for your website in the form of 100 fresh original articles can have a tremendous impact on your site in terms of traffic and visibility. To ensure maximum impact it is also important that apart from posting the articles on your site, you should also post them in at least 10 leading article directories with links pointing right back to your site. This will rapidly multiply the total number of links pointing to your site and enable your site to get a lot of traffic directly from search engines and also from the directories where you post your articles.

Use your emails
I know many websites that have enough email exchanges with clients to generate more than 200 articles. But chances are that the same cannot be said for your business and you may not be able to generate even 50 articles from your emails. Don’t worry about it, there are other ideas that will help you expand your articles to the magic figure of 100.

Get ideas from your existing articles
The man with a record for generating the highest number of articles in the ezinearticles article directory Lance Winslow has something very interesting to say about his techniques. He says that usually as he is writing an article he gets an idea for another one or two articles and this keeps on happening as he writes article after article. In the same way, after quickly generating your first articles from your emails, use the same articles to create ideas for more articles. Read through each article slowly and every time you get an idea scroll down to an empty space and write it down. To speed up proceedings further you can cut out entire paragraphs from articles you have already written and paste them where you are going to write the new article.

Select the most informative blog comments in your industry
The remaining articles can be gotten by looking for the most informative blog comments in your industry and then use them to generate articles of your own. You will of course have to re-write the articles in your own words and pepper them with your own experiences. Still this will be much faster that sitting down to generate your own ideas for articles.

This is the way to quickly generate 100 articles in free content for your website.

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Valuable free website content: How to never run out of fresh content

Once you have mastered all the techniques involved in mining the gold that is free website content from your old emails, the next step is to ensure that you never run out of a constant supply of this splendid fresh content. You must do everything to maintain high standards on your site.

When there are no more emails to turn into fresh content, two online sources should keep you very well supplied with fresh useful content. These are blog comments and discussion forums covering your area of interest.

For blog comments you will need to re-write the content but this should be fairly fast because you already have all the details in the comment and so all you have to do is write it in your own words while being careful to slip in the keyword phrase that you are targeting.

With discussion forums, you will need to use the information in both the questions and answers given as part of your article. You can decide to use a question and answer format (this kind of format is very popular online. Or alternatively you can write in the first paragraph as the question and then the rest of the article as the answer. Again you must be careful to put in your targeted keyword phrase in the title, in the first sentence (as early as possible) and in the last sentence as late as possible.

In order to ensure the quality of content being generated from your emails, you must take a lot of care in answering all their queries you receive from prospects in great detail and then going further to anticipate other related questions and also answering them. That is how you turn a prospect into a paying customer. If you do this you can be sure that you will never run out of quality free website content.

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Valuable free website content: How to use it to dramatically increase revenue from your site overnight

People take questions from prospects way too lightly and yet they are gems that can be used to easily and quickly create free website content. And even more important, they can be used to dramatically increase the revenue you are currently earning from your site virtually overnight. Allow me to explain.

What you must realize is that many prospects and would-be-clients ask questions in their minds when they visit your site and simply click away without making the effort to write an email to ask you for a solution to their nagging query. You are losing them in this way every day. Always remember that folks are in a terrible hurry online. They hardly have time to write you an email to ask you anything. It is much easier for them to hit the “back” button and look for the information in another more informative site. There are usually hundreds of other options for them and sometimes thousands. I can bet you that that is exactly what they have been doing at your site and are still doing even as you read this article.

By simply taking the precious emails where you answered questions from prospects (both those who ended up purchasing from you and those who didn’t) you will automatically and immediately improve the response you get from visitors to your website. The person who places an order is the one who has had all their questions answered on your landing page and site. If there is any nagging question still lingering you can be sure that they will postpone placing the order and will probably never again have the opportunity to do so. So you will have lost that particular client forever. How many such clients are you losing daily? How much money have you lost in this way so far?

By using the simple techniques that will enable you to transform old emails into free valuable web content and placing it on your site, you will immediately and dramatically improve on the number of people saying yes to your products or services and placing orders. Depending on the layout of your website or blog you may need to go further and use the same information from your valuable email on the landing page that you use to sell. In this way you will be answering the queries of those prospects who are clicking away from your site without making any purchase.

Did you ever think that emails could prove to be such valuable free web content?

Valuable free website content in plenty.

Free web content: 3 Signs that an email message is ideal for transformation into an article

I have already said in countless articles on this subject that your emails are the best source of free web content. The kind of content that is bound to market your site like crazy and to the right people too.

And so one of the questions that you are bound to be asking is how do you identify email messages that are ideal for use as content on your website? What are the signs to look for?

Relevant keyword phrases will already be in place
Although I usually show the techniques to be used in inserting the right keyword phrases in an email in the process of transforming it into an article, the truth is that the best email articles will already have the keyword phrases in place. If not the exact keywords, then it will have synonyms or similar words that say the same thing. This is a sign that the contents of the email are bound to be valuable especially if most of the email focuses on explaining the keyword phrase it starts out with.

Email to be transformed to free web content will be a result of some nagging question from a prospect
Another sure sign that an email will make a great article for your website is if it is the result of some nagging question or questions that a prospect asked. Why? Because the question asked is bound to be the same question that others will ask and some of them will ask the question using keyword phrases at their favorite search engine. This guarantees a relevant article with useful content that will do big things for your website or blog.

Email explains some important point in your industry that you were called to clarify in the course of your reply
If the email you are looking at explains some key point or central theme of your industry that you found yourself detailing in the course of your reply, then this is yet another sign that the email would make a great article. The kind of information folks are looking for online is the type that will enable them to quickly understand things. The key industry truism that you talk about in your email is important in helping people understand it better. And when you help them achieve this, chances are that they will remember you as an expert in the industry and people naturally place their orders for stuff with experts.

There you have your 3 key signs that will help you a great deal in identifying the emails that are actually gold hidden away which you want to retrieve and use as free web content.

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Precious free website content: Why your email account is the best source

I know of no other ready source of free valuable website content that can rival your email account. NONE!! Why is it that the free content (most of it already written) that is lying around in your emails is so ideal and suitable for your website and web marketing?

For starters it is all fresh and original and has not been published anywhere on the web. In an increasingly crowded World Wide Web, the importance of fresh original content has continued to increase dramatically. There has been a lot of talk about duplicate content and the penalties for it in search engine rankings. The bottom line is that leading search engines like Google, eager to always enhance and improve the user-experience have increasingly found ways to limit repetition of the same content in high ranking search results. This has also extended to similar content which means content that is saying exactly the same thing even if it is not the same content.

In other words there is increasing evidence that search engines will reward fresh new original content that is very different from what is already indexed but targets the same keyword phrases.

Your email communication in many cases will fit the bill perfectly.

The other huge advantage of sourcing ready-to use fresh website content from your email account is the fact that it is already written the way web content should be written. It is brief and to the point while giving out lots of information. Chances are very slim that you will have bored your prospects by writing them long emails that say nothing and fail to answer the questions they raised. There is plenty of that kind of writing on the web. How many times have you clicked through to some information from the search engines to find that the article actually tells you nothing new? Leading search engines like Google are popular because they have remained focused on improving the user experience and so you can be sure that they are always looking to penalize such kind of pages. And reward pages that are packed with plenty of useful relevant information.

But it is not only search engines which are important. You want to ensure that prospects who land on any of your pages will appreciate the information because this will dramatically increase the chances of them rewarding you with an order for whatever it is that you sell on your website.

Admittedly you will require some very specific skills to be able to quickly sift through your email to find the best content and after that skills to make the minor quick adjustments to change the raw content to the powerful marketing tool for your website it should be. Bit isn’t it absolutely amazing that your best source of free content for your website is free?

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 5

Yet another place where you can get lost of free website content for your site is your own website or blog. How many articles do you have on the site. 20? 50? Believe it or not all these articles are a priceless source of lots of new free content for your website or blog.

Take all the articles and paste them on an empty page of your word processor. Go to the first article and look for the following.

a) Is your article written in such a way that it has various points listed? For instance the article could be titled 5 ways to get a new boyfriend and lists the five different ways. Take the first paragraph and use it to create a single article. All you have to do is put in more details. There are many ways of doing this. You can write in an introduction explaining why this method of getting a boyfriend is effective. And then below the paragraph list the pros and cons of that method. There, you already have an article from your old content. And what is more you can create five articles from a single one. So those readers who did not quite find all the information they needed on your site because it was not detailed enough will now find it a lot more detailed and answering the questions they need answers to in much more detail.

b) Or maybe the article is crying out for an update. For instance it could be about a certain model cell phone. Since you wrote the article a new model has probably been released with better features or with the same features which work in a different way. If you have enough information about the new model, you can simply write in the new details in the old article and you have a brand new fresh article.

c) Look at the article. Can you go in the opposite direction? For instance if the article is talking about the advantages a desktop computer has over a laptop, write another article that talks about the advantage of a laptop over a desktop. Think opposite.

d) Read the article through carefully. Chances are that by the time you reach the last paragraph you will have gotten numerous ideas for articles. There are times I have read through a single article and gotten ideas for at least 5 other articles. And in most cases all the information is in the same article and just needs to be written in a different way to answer a different question. This may not be very easy at the beginning but as you practice using the same technique many times, you will become better and better at it.

You will have realized by now that the articles you can use to generate other articles need not be your own. They could be from your competitor’s site and using this technique you have a chance of generating content that is much better than theirs for your site in no time at all. And it will all be free website content.

Always have more free content for your website than you can use.

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 4

There are actually many other ways of identifying and using emails that you have sent and received to generate lots of free content for your website. It all depends on the type of email you are looking at and what provoked you to write it. These are the key pointers that will help you decide how best to adapt the content to your site and ensure that the article is useful enough to attract attention when posted in other article directories with links pointing right back to your site.

But emails are not the only source of website content. Chances are that you have sent out some SMS message to prospects in reply to questions they raised. These too can create excellent content. Simply take the question as it is asked by your client or prospect and write out in more detail. And then take your answer and write it out in more detail. Give one or two examples and you should have a complete article.

Another great source of content for your site is in blog comments and it does not need to be your own blog. Remember that for it takes time and effort to write out a comment in a blog. And so it means that they felt passionate enough about whatever it is they are writing for them to sit down and pen a response. Chances are that some of your prospects out there will be in situations similar to what the writer of the comment faced so that they got all worked up enough to take the time to write. We are assuming that it is not the spam comments that have poisoned many blog comment areas these days.

And so any genuine comments in blogs discussing issues relevant to your product and service are an excellent source for priceless articles. Read the comments through and then simply re-write them in your own words and you have a complete article ready within no time at all.

Some blogs have hundreds of comments and this means hundreds of original articles for you and your website. This is all very precious and easily accessible free website content for you.

Want to ensure that you always get an an endless supply of free website content?

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 3

In the first two parts of this free website content article we dwelt on where to find free content lying around waiting for you to use it and how to edit this content so that it is perfectly useable.

Actually we dwelt with one way of identifying and using this free website content lying around in your email account.

Let us look at another type of email that you will find. You are bound to have some kind of sales letter explaining in detail what your site does and detailing the services or products that you offer.

Take one such email and if it deals with various products separate the different paragraphs that detail the different products. Each paragraph no matter how brief will create an article on its own. Here’s how.

Take the first paragraph and paste it on a fresh page on your favorite word processor. Above it list briefly the various problems that your product solves. Try and put a little detail into the problem. For instance if the paragraph was about an mail course that teaches prospects how to find free content you can list the problems faced by webmasters and site owners when it comes to getting content for their sites. Another problem can be the limited finances they have and yet professional content providers charge very high fees for providing content.

If you have listed three or four points you can then go back and write in one or two more sentences to explain each point. Those will be paragraphs all leading to your last paragraph which explains your product. But you will also need to re-write the last paragraph and remove the blatantly sales stuff and write it in a more general way. For instance instead of saying; my email course is the most suitable, write about the features of an effective email course or book in solving the problem. Never attempt to sell in the middle of your article. It will put off your prospects. Instead focus on giving useful information and leave all the selling to your sales landing page or the resource box (when you post the same article in other article directories).

This is yet another way to maximize on the usefulness of all the free website content you get in this way.

free website content is easy to find if you know where to look.

How to Use Automated Blogging Tools to Get Free Website Content and Free Website Traffic

By Gert Hough

Thousands of people all around the world, are earning an income online on a daily basis by writing/posting on web blogs.


A Blog is an online resource/tool/platform where you can publish your own thoughts, articles, videos and ideas. You can also publish articles and videos from other people, where copyright permission permits.

2 Types of web blogs:

2.1Some Free Online Blogging Services

  • Blogger, a hosted blogging service by Google
  • WordPress, another free hosted blogging service
  • Squidoo
  • and much more...

2.2 Free WordPress Blogging Software

WordPress is not the only free blogging software but it is the most versatile and popular self hosted blogging platform. Self hosted means that you have to pay for you domain name and hosting and upload the software to your website in order to blog this way.


1. The Inherent Website Investment Protection Plan

Thousands of users are using Blogger and other free blogging platforms and most are like fish in water. Nothing to pay to have your say and fast and easy to set up right from the start. You can literally start blogging within a few minutes. Why then would millions would rather choose the self hosted option and pay about $50 per year to maintain their own domain name and self hosted WordPress installation? An own domain name is usually not used with free blogging services but is needed to blog using a self hosted blog. Your own domain name can help you get ranked in the search engines if it contains the keyword or keywords you want to get ranked for. If any content on your free Blogger blog is frowned upon, Blogger may delete it. That is the same with any other free blogging service.

It is understandable that any domain owner (such as Blogger) have to protect their online interest - the same way you have to if you own a domain name and hosting. You cannot publish anything without taking responsibility for what is put on there. The difference with a self hosted blog gives you the opportunity to edit your blog (delete a post someone complained about) without losing everything overnight. This is a big deal if you have build up your blog over time and your investment is at a stage where you earn some money from your blog content pulling traffic from the search engines. Losing your blog overnight will result in cutting off that online stream of income overnight as well.

$50 seems like a small price to pay for a self hosted blog if it means helping you protect your investment, especially if you earn $1,000 a month from your blog. Other than this inherent protection plan you also get two more major opportunities if you have a self hosted blog.

2. Free Website Content

You can get free website content for your blog by publishing articles other people wrote if you have their permission. This is a great benefit to any blog - and since you have to do the work it is possible to achieve this on any type of blogging platform. You can save a lot of work if you can get people to upload their own work to your blog. This is called guest blogging.

Getting people to do guest blogging if you are using a free blogging service is a unthinkable. Although this may be possible you have all the tools included in a self hosted blog in order to benefit from this opportunity.

3. Free Website Traffic

You get free website traffic when people find your blog posts in the search engines when they have search for something your blog may provide the answer to. If someone search on something specific and you published an article on your blog that is about that topic of interest, you can say that a person who finds your article listed in the search engine results and comes to your website, is absolutely targeted (interested) and can easily buy from you if you have a related product or service advertised on your blog.

3.1 Free Website Traffic From Guest Blogging On Your Blog

The more people you get that contribute to your website the more traffic you get from the search engines. Since monetizing your website is so much easier with a self hosted blog you can therefor potentially earn a lot more from the increased search engine traffic.

3.2 Free Website Traffic From Guest Blogging On Other Blogs

If you write for other self hosted blogs, you are a guest blogger yourself. But in return a guest blogger get something in return for adding content to someone else's blog. They get the opportunity to get a visitor from reading their article/post who may click through to their website link at the bottom and the link in itself tells the search engine that your website have related content. The more such backlinks the greater the possibility that the search engines may rank you higher for that keyword or phrase. Contributing to other self hosted blogs this way creates an increase of free website traffic from the search engines.


There are tools that you can use with a self hosted WordPress blog that make it easier or guest bloggers to add their posts/articles to your blog. These automated blogging tools also enable you as the guest blogger to automate your blogging on other blogs. Guest blogging this way is much more sufficient and time saving.

Invite Guest Bloggers For Free Content -- FREE WEBSITE CONTENT
Submit Your Articles To Other Blogs -- FREE ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 2

We have already seen that the content locked away in your email account is valuable free website content that your website or blog is yearning for. However this content cannot be used the way it is. It needs just a little work. Actually very little work to get it all ready for your site.

It will not be a matter of working hard, rather it will be a matter of working smart to get all the content ready for the web where it really belongs.

Actually there are several techniques to use here to prepare the content for your site.

If you notice in your emails that a prospect asked a very common question that you have been asked many times before or one which many of your prospects are bound to ask you, then what you need to do is to start your article with the question. You can actually cut it and paste it and put a big “Q” (which stands for question) right at the beginning.

The next paragraph will be your answer and you can put a large “A” right at the beginning of the email reply you sent and you have a very valuable and complete question and answer article.

Search engines love this kind of format because it focuses on the subject beautifully and it is bound to be detailed information that is told briefly and is therefore ideal for quick reading and grasping by those seeking information.

You can go ahead and produce a different version of the same article where you will have the question as your introduction and you simply re-write it a little so that your first paragraph is the question that the rest of the article answers.

It is important for you to place your target keyword phrase as early as possible in the first sentence of the first paragraph. Place it again in the last sentence of the article. The rest of your article should have synonyms of your keyword phrase repeated over and over again.

There you now have a powerful search engine optimized article. And it is content that you got for free for your website.

Do you want free content for your website TODAY?

Free website content: Is it really possible to get lots of it? Part 1

Is it possible to get free website content? And lots of it for your site? Actually the answer is an emphatic YES and it is much easier than you ever thought it was. And it is NOT anything to do with PLR (private label rights articles). The truth is that PLR articles will NOT help you. They will only get you into all kinds of problems including all the problems that go with duplicate content. The only people who profit from PLR articles are the folks selling the useless stuff.

And even if you take the PLR articles and use all those clever tools we have these days to re-write it as fresh content, it will still NOT be very useful. The reason is simple and I have seen it in virtually every re-written PLR article I have come across. They tend to just rumble on and on without giving out any really valuable information to readers and those who are seeking it out. And yet most people looking for information online are desperate for the right valuable information they are looking for and do not have time for paragraph upon paragraph of information that does not really say very much. In fact in most cases it ends up being terribly annoying and irritating to those who visit your site and so they will leave upset and with a bitter taste in their mouth about you and your website.

So what is it I am talking about? Where can you get plenty of valuable content for your site already written up?

Actually there are many places where you can get lots of free useful content for your website or blog which is lying around unused at the moment. Let me mention a few.

If you have been running your business for any length of time, even a few months, you are bound to have received some email inquires. If you did you no doubt answered them carefully giving full details of how you can be of service to the person who sent you the email. But even before that did you write to friends and possible financiers explaining what you wanted to do with your new business? All this is valuable fresh original content lying around in your email account unused and yet you thirst for content for your site.

The huge advantage with this content is that you can be sure you did not rumble on and on and bore the people you were writing emails to. Secondly you are answering real queries and questions loaded with real problems from prospects that your business is capable of solving. What that means is that it is difficult to find content anywhere that is more valuable than what you will find in your email account. It is all unused free website content.

More tips on getting tons of free website content for yourself.

Don’t have the time to create tons of your own free content?

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Everybody knows how important content is for any website that wants traffic. Search engines are designed to greatly reward sites that have plenty of valuable content. And yet for most people getting content for their sites is very hard work. Either the owner of the site has no time to write it or they don’t have the cash to hire a qualified seo ghost writer to generate it for them.

Now you have the perfect solution. All you need to do is send me the raw content and I will quickly generate 100 articles or even 200 articles for you. Don’t have any raw content in your email and elsewhere? Don’t worry email me right away and I will tell you exactly what to do to get all the raw content you will ever need.

And what will surprise you even more is the cost. 100 articles will cost $3.50 per article which will total $350. 200 articles will cost $2.75 per article which will total $550 for the lot.

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Everybody knows how important content is for any website that wants traffic. Search engines are designed to greatly reward sites that have plenty of valuable content. And yet for most people getting content for their sites is very hard work. Either there is hardly any time to write it or they don’t have the cash to hire some expert SEO ghost writer to generate it for them.

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You can also order my weekly FREE email newsletter on the same subject. Email NOW to start receiving it.

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