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Thursday, January 04, 2007

If By Chance...

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Turning Around A Struggling Blog By Targeting

There was this well-known car manufacturer that was on the verge of closing shop. They couldn't get enough customers to survive in business. Then they decided to change the direction of their ailing business. They decided to aim for fewer customers. The cash strapped company did not have the cash to develop a new engine. So all they did was to design a flashy sports car body and then fitted their old engine to their "new" car. Then they doubled the price tag.

An amazing thing happened. They started selling more cars at the higher price.

Targeting is extremely powerful. What this carmaker did in the 1960s can easily be done online today by many blogs and web sites with very low traffic.

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The undisputed best way of guaranteeing the quality and targeting of your traffic is with the use of quality, original articles posted at leading high traffic article directories and other high traffic blogs. You may be reading this with a sinking feeling because you are not a writer. Actually the kind of articles required to work in this sort of campaign have to be of very high quality. Naturally you must be worried about the cost implications. I have some very good news for you.

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