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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ghost Writer Blues: When SEO Article Marketing Campaigns Fail To Work

Ghost writer blues happens even to the most seasoned online writers. They do their SEO research properly and churn out the articles in plenty but end up with very little to show for their SEO marketing efforts in terms of traffic and links generated.

This does not mean that SEO articles are not effective. Actually there is no online marketing tool that is more potent. What actually happen is that the ghost writer running the campaign got a few things wrong. Let us look at some of the most common mistakes made.

Ghost Writer SEO Marketing Lacks Keyword Focus
Many times I have personally found out that the reason is a failure to focus on a single keyword phrase only. Many clients who hire ghost writers insist on spreading their risk across many different keyword phrases. This is a big mistake. Have you ever tried to hit several birds flying the air with a single stone? It’s just plain impossible.

When a ghost writer writes their articles and posts them both at their site and leading article directories, the success of their articles in generating traffic will rest heavily on their choice of keywords. If they “spread their risk” chances are that the campaign will fail where it would have yielded sensational results.

The golden rule which you ignore at your own peril is that your entire site or blog MUST focus on one single keyword phrase and the synonyms of that chosen keyword phrase ONLY. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Failure To Post SEO Marketing Articles In The Right Article Directories
The idea here is not to spam every article directory you can find with your SEO marketing articles. Rather you need to select a handful of specific article directories and if you chose wisely the viral effect will take over soon enough and your article will be re-posted all over the World Wide Web giving you a breathtaking amount of back links.

One of the most common reasons for failure of SEO marketing using articles is where the site is still too new to compete with keywords for search engine traffic and then the ghost writer fails to post the articles in the right article directories. Remember that when a site is new, traffic to the site will be best triggered off by articles in article directories ending up at the top of search engine results and therefore generating a sizeable amount of hits through the resource box at the bottom and links within the article as well.

Boring Articles Will Cause The Best SEO Marketing Campaign To Fail
Boring articles will quickly kill off any SEO marketing campaign. Your articles must be interesting enough and of value to generate back links and traffic for your target site. There is no other way.

The way to make articles useful is to start with a problem. This article you are reading started off with the problem where webmasters hire a ghost writer at great expense only to find that the SEO marketing campaign using articles ends up attracting disappointingly minimal traffic to their sites.

Failure To Have A Linking Strategy
Many ghost writers do not understand how search engines work and simply have very little SEO knowledge. The inevitable consequence of this is that they do not create an effective linking strategy. Each article posted at the article directory will have to link somewhere and it is not advisable to have all 3 links in an article pointing at one place.

A clever linking strategy is to have the links point to an article you have posted at a social networking site. Usually these sites have a high page rank meaning that chances of scoring high in search results are much higher than if the article were on your own site. And since your article at the site points back to your site, this will have an impact on your site’s page rank and also there will be plenty of direct traffic for you. Other times I can point a link to an article I have posted at an article directory for the same reason.

Ghost writers who do not have this knowledge will fail to exercise enough options to ensure that their SEO marketing article generates the maximum possible traffic.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SEO Copywriting Gives Residual Traffic And Residual Income

If there is any reason for SEO copywriting that is much more important than all the other ones put together then it has to be the fact that it guarantees residual traffic and ultimately residual income.

Residual traffic means enduring and recurring traffic from an article done once and never touched again. Assuming that you have monetized your site using some affiliate program, promotional SEO articles would also guarantee you residual income.

This is one huge advantage that most webmasters and site owners have been very slow in taking note of. Most of them want super fast results like what they get from PPC ads and fail to see the fact that even if your SEO copywriting produces just one article that gives you only one hit per week, that article is much more valuable than any other form of online advertising (or even offline) that you can conjure up.

Let me give you an even more dramatic illustration of this point. Let’s say that your hired a top notch celebrity ghost writer who charged you $100 for each SEO article they did for you. The bill for 100 articles would be a staggering $10,000. Let us then assume that the articles were not much good or effective and that each generated on average only 1 hit every week. That would give you traffic of 100 unique visitor’s weekly. Believe it or not, you would still be guaranteed to receive a profitable return on your investment because of the following reasons;

a) The traffic you receive from articles is usually more prepared to buy than traffic you get through PPC (pay per click) ads that you purchase. Articles are great at pre-selling. The conversion rate would therefore be much higher.

b) Articles last forever online justifying SEO copywriting and meaning that you could go to sleep for the next 10 years and your site would still receive targeted traffic regularly. The power of residual traffic will be working for you all the time.

c) The number of hits per article that you will get is bound to grow over time as more people discover your articles and re-post them at their sites or simply link to them. Here it is a good idea to give you the typical traffic generation trend with articles. When they are new, they will give you high traffic but the hits will gradually reduce over the next few weeks until they reach a certain level where they will remain steady and then begin to very gently rise again.

d) I guarantee that within 5 years you would have made more money from your residual traffic SEO articles and copywriting than the person who spent the $10,000 on ppc ads over the same period.

The power of residual traffic is really something and the only way it can happen is through SEO copywriting.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

How Many Search Engine Marketing Articles Do You Need To Post To Get 10,000 Hits A Day?

Clients who use search engine marketing articles frequently ask me this same question in many different forms. It is the kind of question that does not have a straight answer because it depends on so many diverse factors.

Probably the best way for me to handle it is by looking at those different factors.

Is It Possible For Search Engine Marketing Articles To Generate 10,000 Hits A Day For A Site?
It is a good idea to start with this question that will always come from the skeptics. Luckily the answer here is simple and straight forward.

YES. In fact there is no limit to the number of hits that search engine marketing articles are capable of generating for a site. Hardly surprising when you consider the fact that currency of the web is NOT dollars but content. That is what search engines live off.

Choice And Quality Of Keywords Will Decide How Many Hits Your Site Gets
One of the most important factors that will impact on the volume of daily traffic that you will end up generating from your search engine marketing articles will be your keyword phrases. For starters you must focus on a single keyword phrase for your site meaning that you will be zeroing in on a certain tiny niche. After you have made this very important decision on which single keyword phrase/niche you want to target, you must find all the related keywords and synonyms as well as variations of the single keyword phrase you select.

It is very important that you remember that even if your main keyword only attracted 2,000 hits in a recent month, this does not mean that that is the maximum amount of traffic you will ever hope to receive in a month. All the different variations of your main keyword will attract traffic in their own right including numerous secondary keywords on your site that you will develop almost accidentally as you g deeper and deeper into your subject matter using your search engine marketing articles.

Viral Effect Of Search Engine Marketing Articles Will Impact On Traffic
One of the amazing things about search engine marketing articles is the viral effect that good quality articles quite often enjoy as other sites link to it while others re-post it on their sites complete with your resource box (if you are using article directories). It is not unusual for 100 quality articles to end up generating 10,000 back links for a site within a very short time. Naturally this will impact on the number of daily hits you end up generating from your search engine marketing articles.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

How To Get An Inexpensive Ghost Writer Who Will Focus

You Need To Know How To Write A SEO Article To Supervise Your Ghost Writer

Most of the time, it is easy to identify content on sites that has been written by a ghost writer, it matters little whether they were inexpensive or expensive, experienced or just starting out.

The tell tale signs are a lack of focus where the articles jump from keyword to keyword without much depth. Instead what should happen is that all the content on a site should focus on a single keyword phrase which signifies the niche market the site targets. From this single keyword phrase there will be numerous synonyms and related keywords which is all that the site should concentrate on.

To get an inexpensive ghost writer who will focus and understands the power of this strategy, you can do either of two things. You can hire the experienced SEO writer of this article, or alternatively you can get any decent inexpensive ghost writer and then supervise them closely. Admittedly to supervise their work closely you will need to understand exactly how SEO articles are supposed to be written.

How To Write A SEO Article
Before a single SEO article is written for a site, a decision must be made on which main keyword phrase the site will focus on.

In this life people become highly successful by focusing with laser beam precision on something very particular. The rays of the sun fall harmlessly (mostly) on the planet until somebody gets a magnifying glass and focuses a few of those rays on a particular precise point and it is enough to start a bush fire of colossal proportions

It is critical for you to focus on a very particular niche and the smaller that niche, the better. This focus should be portrayed by the main keyword phrase you select for your site. Don’t panic and wonder what you will do with a single keyword phrase, I can assure you that whatever keyword you come up with, it will have dozens of synonyms and related keyword phrases to keep you busy for years. In other words, get this truth firmly into your mind; one keyword phrase is enough to last you more than a lifetime.

The next thing you need to do is to develop exceptional article ideas from your main keyword phrase. In generating ideas, looking at synonyms to your keyword phrase will help a great deal.

When you get down to writing the SEO article make sure that your main keyword phrase for the article is within the title as early as possible and in the first sentence. It is also very important that your keyword phrase is repeated in the last sentence of the article.

These days the emphasis is on writing SEO articles in as natural a way as possible, so the keyword phrase does not have to be repeated that many times in the main body of the article. Your keyword density should be 5% or slightly less. However it will help to create subheadings and it is a good idea if your keyword phrase is repeated in those subheadings a few times.

More tips on how to write a SEO article.

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