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Friday, June 30, 2006

Make Money Online With Low Web Site Traffic

Anybody can make money online with low web site traffic. It is actually easier than you think.

The vast majority of web sites and blogs online qualify to be classified as low traffic and most folks have resigned their low traffic status to also mean low income. So rather than trying to make money from their existing online traffic they are busy trying to build their traffic overnight. Building traffic overnight so that you move from a low traffic site to a high traffic site in no time at all, is a pipe dream. It is a much better strategy to build your traffic at a realistic rate and to then meanwhile cash in on the traffic you already have. The truth of the matter is that it is very possible to turn any low traffic site into a super high income money making site.

One of the major problems with many site owners who own low traffic sites is that they tend to behave as if they are the owners of high traffic sites. This means that the tips and advice that they take in most of the time are actually designed and meant for reasonably high traffic sites. Little wonder that most of them end up very frustrated.

Just to give an example, many webmasters apply for affiliate programs that can only work for very high traffic sites. The people running these affiliate programs never bother to advice new and potential affiliates that without a certain level of traffic, the program will not work for them. The reason for this is simple. Quite often the main objective for many web sites running affiliate programs is to get as many links pointing to their sites as possible. This usually has a huge impact in terms of the site's SEO (search engine optimization).

And the very low traffic they end up with from most of the low traffic sites that sign up for their program tends to add up quickly to very high traffic coming in from numerous little frustrated web masters. Site owners who will never make any money from their low traffic web sites no matter what effort they put in.

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The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.
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Make Money Blogging Without Having To Get More Web Site Traffic

Many people blogging do not make any money from their efforts because they have no idea that they can achieve a lot long before they can get more web traffic for their sites.

If only the millions of people currently blogging could understand that they do not need high traffic to make money, it would make a huge difference. But first and foremost, it is important to understand that you will need to completely change your approach. The whole idea is that there is stuff that is best suited only to high traffic sites, just like there are things that work best work with low traffic sites only. There are also certain things that work well with both low traffic and high traffic sites. The tricky part is getting to recognize them.

Let me give an example here of an affiliate program that usually works quite well for both low traffic blogging sites and high traffic sites. This is the Google Adsense program. By focusing on high value Adsense keywords a low traffic site can do just as well as a high traffic site that really doesn't bother so much about attracting high value Adsense ads on their sites using the right keyword phrases in their content.

There are many more affiliate programs that will work well enough with low traffic blogging and web sites to make you some money. To find them you will need to study various affiliate programs that are best suited for the audience covered by your site, and then you will need to do intensive and careful testing until you find the right one. Your chances of success are much higher when you start off knowing exactly what you are looking for. In this case an affiliate program that will work for a low traffic blogging site so that you can start to make money long before you can find more traffic.

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The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

Make Money Quick From Low Free Web Site Traffic

Admittedly, you will need to be very creative to make quick money from your low free traffic web site.

Here's an example of the sort of creativity you will need to maximize on the money you can make from a low traffic site. If you have a site where you are selling services or products, you can apply to join the Western Union money transfer affiliate program and then get most of your clients to send you money using your affiliate link. That way you'll maximize on your low traffic by earning money both from the product and the actual money transfer. This is a very viable idea because although most people use credit cards and services like Paypal to transfer money online, there are those who for various reasons do not use these services.

But actually success with a low traffic site does not necessarily need to come from affiliate programs. What should happen is that there are certain things that every low traffic web site needs to be doing all the time to maximize on their immediate income.

The first thing that every low traffic blog and web site must do is to establish a system for capturing email addresses from those who visit their site. The whole idea is to have a constantly growing opt in email list of their targeted audience. In the long term the list will grow large enough to be very profitable to the site owner. In the short term, it has the potential of maximizing income from low traffic. It guarantees that the site will get plenty of repeat traffic. This repeat traffic is valuable in terms of boosting revenue for any site.

Anybody can make quick money from their low free traffic web site, you just need to know how to do it.

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The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

Build Web Site Traffic Slowly Even As You Make Money

Instead of being in a big rush for big impossible traffic, you should concentrate on techniques that will help you build up solid reliable traffic slowly even as you make money from your existing low traffic.

At the same time you should be careful not to behave like a high traffic site. Many site owners building their opt in email lists behave like big sites in the sense that they never bother to have a more personal relationship and dialogue with the few growing members on their list. There are many advantages of doing this. The most obvious is the fact that you get to know and understand your target audience better. This is very important in helping a site owner grow their sites. Understanding one's audience intimately is of extreme importance.

Yet many site owners with email lists of half a dozen or so behave as if their lists run in the thousands and fail to take advantage of the personal touch when the list is still small.

The other important thing that a low traffic site has to do is set up their site in such a way that they maximize on the page views each new visitor clocks. The way to do this is by placing relevant links leading to other interesting stories in the site. Increasing page views will always have a very high impact on the revenue of any site. For example the site owner will be able to earn more from Adsense because page views will dramatically increase the number of Adsense ads the visitor is exposed to which will also increase the chances of getting them clicked. In other words, the more the page views, the more the clicks on Adsense ads and therefore the higher the revenue earned.
The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beware Online Marketers: California Is Top Car Theft State

The latest National Insurance Crime Bureau's (NICB) latest report says California is home to six of the top 10 auto theft locations in the nation. Wow! This was announced in a web release from GEICO recently.

It is useful to take some common sense precautions with your car and also to install the right anti-theft devices because this is a growing menace. Many car insurance companies give discounts for the installation of certain devices.

Then you need to shop around for the right car insurance so that if your vehicle does get stolen, you are fully compensated without any hassles. Don’t you think it is a big shame that many leading online marketers never bother to shop around online. They never bother to look at several car insurance companies before making their decision about whom to insure with. It’s a pity because it is really such an easy thing to do online.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

News Article Traffic Secret I Stumbled On

I will be honest and admit that I stumbled onto this high traffic generation news article secret totally by accident, although it had been staring me right in the face for a long time. I am fully aware of the fact that this sort of admission may not make me look very good or impressive as a traffic generation expert. But then I sincerely believe that at the end of the day, folks will always prefer somebody who insists on sticking to the truth rather than a "plastic" creation of some clever spin-doctor.

For years I have closely studied the effect of keywords in article generation and the result has been the generation of massive amounts of traffic both for my own blogs and client sites as well. I have also discovered many fascinating ways to use keywords in content to dramatically boost Google Adsense earnings. But through it all, I remained completely unaware of this amazing news article secret.

There is this current affairs blog that I launched almost on a whim and had not been updated the content for a long time. One day some interesting news item broke and I wrote a couple of quick news articles and posted them at the blog. When I monitored the traffic after a few days I was amazed at how high it had jumped. I carefully studied my tracking stats to see where the traffic had come from. What I discovered amazed and excited me.

I was shocked to realize that most of the traffic was from search engines. I was eager to understand why things had happened the way they had and that was the beginning of my journey of discovery. Probably the most important immediate news article secret you need to grasp is the fact that search engines have a way of monitoring and classifying news articles so that they will tend to get indexed much more quickly.

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The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

News Article Strategy For Posts At Your Blog Will Increase Your Traffic At Lightning Speed

Leading search engines treat the news article different and it may have something to do with frequency of posts at a site. However my tests clearly show that news articles have an edge over non-news article posts done frequently. Still this is an extremely valuable secret. This little secret has helped me generate thousands of targeted hits and has given me some interesting earnings from my Adsense ads. It is amazing how big an impact stuff that you discover almost by accident can have on your life.

There are several high traffic advantages that news article posts come with. To start with, everybody knows that news and current affairs usually has a major impact on searches in terms of the keywords being used. Breaking news often leaves many unanswered questions that will tend to send droves to their favorite search engines in search of more information. New popular keyword phrases emerge that do not have any competition yet and therefore it is fairly easy for a small unknown site to gain high rankings with search engines for those particular keyword phrases.

And the really huge advantage here is that it is fairly easy to predict popular keywords in advance when you opt to go for news article posts. When you consider the fact that some news items and subjects remain at the center of the public's attention for a long time, you will quickly realize the real power of a single news article post in increasing traffic for a site and keep it high for a long time.

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The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

Value Of News Articles In Your Blog As Link Bait

One of the many advantages of opting to create news article posts at your blog is the fact that they often make very effective link bait. In other words you will find that many other loggers and site owners tend to create one way links from their site pointing to your article.

You can post a non-news article piece at your blog that readers will greatly appreciate and find very valuable. They will simply appreciate it and that will be the end of it. Very few will even bother to leave a thank you comment note. But when you post a news article based on a subject of public interest, everything changes at your blog. People will leave comments, some of them very strongly disagreeing with what you have to say. There are bloggers who get very upset when somebody disagrees with what they have to say when instead they should be delighted, because disagreement creates debate and the more heated the debate at your blog, the higher the traffic you will tend to attract. In fact some bloggers have a deliberate policy of saying controversial things in their news article posts in their blogs, knowing full well that this is in fact one of the most effective ways of generating traffic anywhere. And the most wonderful thing that will tend to happen with news article posts is that within a very short time, you will find that you have rapidly accumulated lots of links pointing at your blog.

Later in this series we will discuss how practically any blog can create news article posts that are relevant to the subject, topic of the blog and still persent them in the blogger's personal style. This means that literally anybody can benefit from the power of news article posts at their blog.

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The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

How To Create High Traffic News Articles

There is no denying the power of news articles when it comes to boosting traffic to any blog or site. It really doesn't matter what subject or topic your blog deals in, there is no reason why you should be left out and not benefit from the amazing power of news articles in generating traffic.

The first thing you will need to do to cash in on news article traffic is to stay very much informed on the latest breaking news. Then you simply need to think in terms of how that particular bit of news affects you and your audience. Always remember that hidden in every bit of bad news is lots of business opportunity. However it is not always easy to see these opportunities despite the fact that it is simply a matter of identifying the problems that have been created or are bound to be created and inventing a solution that you can sell. However by constantly reporting on the news as it affects your blog, it will be much easier for you to identify the numerous and constantly emerging opportunities that are always being created by breaking news.

The kind of news that you choose to cover in articles at your blog also matters and will have an impact on the sort of traffic that you receive. The more controversial the news, the better. Actually you will have to start thinking like an old fashioned newspaper editor keen on selling their newspapers.

Which brings us to the next important thing about your traffic generating news articles. All the newspapers covering a certain area usually cover the same news. So what makes one newspaper more popular that the others is not what is not the news covered, but how that news is covered. In your blog news articles, you will not attract high traffic not because of what you say, but how you say it.

Every news story has numerous different angles from which it can be looked at. As a blogger looking to create high traffic from your news article, you should choose the most interesting and controversial angle of the story as far as your readers are concerned.

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The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

News Article Sites Always Have This One Huge Advantage, Start Covering News Pronto, Today

There is one huge advantage that news article sites will always have over other sites. And that is the sheer number of search engine indexed pages.

Covering news by its' very nature, will tend to generate lots of keyword rich posts. Issues of duplicate content which search engines are now really clamping down on, hardly exist because every news item will tend to be different. The result is that news article sites end up with thousands and even tens of thousands of search engine indexed pages very quickly. This in itself has an enormous impact on traffic. Lets say your site has 1,000 pages and each page attracts an average of only 5 persons a day through a keyword phrase keyed in a major search engine. That will give you daily traffic of 5,000 people. That's huge and will enable you to make money from virtually any affiliate program, not to mention selling your own products or starting an effective donations scheme. And most of all, this is the sort of traffic that will give you a huge Google Adsense income. Not only that, with Adsense ads on all 1,000 pages, the odds of getting as many ads as possible clicked on increases dramatically.

Contrast this to a situation where a non-news site has about 100 pages. Firstly because the pages are so few the average hits through search engines will be much lower. Actually it is bound to be closer to zero. How much money do you think you can earn from Adsense with only 100 pages? Not very much I can assure you.

This is the reason why the pros make a big effort to build up the number of pages on their sites. It of course helps a great deal if the site covers news articles. However many bloggers either hire a (low cost content provider) or post articles by other writers from article directories. Most actually do both and quickly end up with thousands of pages. The resultant impact on their income and revenue is huge.

The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Easy Way To Increase Your Traffic Dramatically And Create Thousands of One Way Links Pointing To Your Site Instantly

This writer and his team of dedicated and experienced online writers are currently delighting many bloggers and webmasters with this wonderful service that has seen many blogs move from oblivion to over 200% traffic increases within a very short space of time.

It's a very simple but hugely effective technique for building up both targeted traffic and one way links pointing to your site, very quickly.

We write brief keyword articles (200 – 250 words) that can also be used as posts at your own blog. We then post them at the leading articles directory site on the net. It has very high traffic and has proven in test after test to be more effective than having an article posted at 100 other well-known article directories.

Because of the carefully selected non-competitive but popular keyword phrases used to create your article, the articles created for you will be indexed and will then tend to appear very highly ranked when posted at this articles directory. This will result in plenty of traffic for you for each article created and also plenty of one way links pointing at your site which brings in even more traffic.

My fee for each article is only $8.50 (if you order a minimum of 50 articles at a time). But there is nothing wrong with starting off with as few as 5 articles or 25 (recommended minimum for the best results) just to see for yourself how well this technique works for your site. The rate for fewer than 50 articles is $9 per article.

What makes this a real bargain is the keyword research done to identify the least competitive and most viable keywords to use for your articles to attract traffic from search engines. The fee also includes the time-consuming exercise of posting the articles at this leading article directory.

What's more, this is a ghostwriting service and you will therefore own full rights to the articles and your name will appear on them as the author at the articles directory posts.

Don't waste another minute, kindly email me now before we close this deal to any more new clients coming in (which at this rate should happen pretty quickly – you see this thing works and that's why we're accumulating the sort of clients who never want to leave, at a very rapid rate.)
Learn all about links and the various other methods of accumulating them and the huge traffic that comes with them.