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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How I submitted my internet marketing articles to only 20 sites but within no time 16,000 other high traffic websites had also posted them

There is no internet marketing chore that I enjoy more than doing a regular google search to check the viral effect and progress of my online marketing articles. Within a recent short period I saw the number of websites where my articles are listed grow by a staggering 16,000.

The full implications of this is that without me lifting a finger 16,000 more websites, blogs and their pages, with search engine prominence, now contain my articles. This means that even if just one person in the entire month reads only one of my articles in each of those locations, I will end up with a total of 16,000 unique readers per month. And without any more effort on my part.

But for articles to enjoy this kind of magic they must have 3 key ingredients.

An effective internet marketing article will have a good headline
What causes you to click on a link or ad? What attracts your interest to any content online? It is of course a headline. Writing headlines is an art in itself. Those who are good at it, earn a lot of money. Tabloids like the National Enquirer or The Sun in Britain understand the power of a headline because they’ve sold millions of copies of their publications regularly for many years and it all hinges on how effective the main headline is.

I learnt this lesson well in my offline marketing days when a newsletter I used to publish would sell a few hundred copies on one headline and then sell over 300,000 copies with another headline.

On the net, headlines are even more important and when writing articles you should bear this in mind. Apart from taking care of the keywords (with search engines or google adsense ads in mind), your headline should be so enticing that anybody mildly interested in the subject you are covering will want to read it.

In writing this article, this are the headlines I considered and discarded before I ended up with the headline I used. Study them carefully and learn something about internet marketing headlines.

- 3 things an effective internet marketing article must have
- Why my internet marketing articles posted in only 20 sites suddenly appeared in 16,000 other websites shortly after
- Why my internet marketing articles grew from being in only 20 sites to 16,000 within no time
- 3 things an internet marketing article needs to go crazily viral

I would have chosen this last headline listed here, except that more specific headlines are more believable in a World Wide Web that is choked with hype these days.

An effective internet marketing article must contain useful information or tips
Why would somebody bother to take an article and post it at their website or blog? There is only one reason that would cause them to do this. Your article must contain useful and valuable information. Some internet marketers deliberately hold back vital information and refer others to their websites for it. This is a mistake because the reader will judge you from the information they read in your article. If there is little or no information then the assumption is that your website will not be any different and probably has more of the same.

Remember that online there is always too much to do and too many websites to visit. So for anybody to visit your site, they will need to see some really useful and valuable information.

An effective internet marketing article must be well written
Your internet marketing article must be very well written to be read and posted widely. Remember that people on the net are in a hurry and they have the widest choice mankind has ever had in history. So if they have a problem making head or tail of what you are trying to say in your article, with a simple, impatient click of the mouse, they will move elsewhere.

Online writing should be brief, direct and to the point. It also helps a great deal if the article is broken down the way it has been here, with simple points listed in bold.

With a little effort, most people can write reasonably well. But even if you can’t good online writing services are very affordable. In fact the going rates are so dirt cheap that many offline writers used to earning a minimum of $500 for any piece of writing they do, are bitterly complaining. Luckily their complaints haven’t changed anything.

Check this site for details on an excellent experienced online writer who charges only $9 per article.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why free articles traffic can earn you more sales than pay-per-click leads

To be successful at any affiliate marketing program, you not only need traffic but you also require a certain type of traffic. In fact this rule also applies to any online marketing you can think of.

Recently some across an amazing audio interview where one man says he abandoned pay-per-click ads for free articles online marketing because he found the latter more effective in his case. You will find the audio interview here;

Personally I have been earning a living online for a while now and I have never seen any need to purchase pay-per-click ads (at least not yet). Free articles have done everything for me. Recently I’ve also started combining the free articles with other free online tools and the results have been very good.

While I have seen successful affiliate marketing and online marketing done using traffic generation sites and viral marketing sites (see my other articles), one generally requires very high numbers of this type of traffic to be successful. But with articles, you only require very little traffic to be hugely successful. I’ve run blogs with google adsence ads posted (one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs on the web currently) and have quickly noted that just a tiny amount of traffic from articles has had a major impact on the number of clicks that happened at my blog. I also get clicks from traffic generation sites but I usually require more than 10 times the traffic I get from articles to get the same results I get from articles. That is a tested and verified figure from my blog.

The reason may not be too difficult to guess. Traffic that you get from the search engines and pay-per-click ads will be the sort of traffic that is not entirely sure of the content they will find at your site. Remember that these folks are usually lured in using catchy headlines which may not always be very clear in meaning. In sharp contrast, a visitor to your affiliate marketing site or blog who has read one of your articles will have already sampled much more than just a catchy headline and will therefore not only be sure but will also tend to be extremely interested in what you have to say and is therefore more likely to visit many more pages within your blog, site or affiliate site. The longer a visitor stays, the better the results you get and the more valuable that traffic ends up being to you.

The longer they stay, the more likely it is that they will click on one of your google ads, thus earning you income. The longer they stay the higher the chances also, that they will end up buying something or joining the affiliate program or purchase the affiliate product that you are marketing.

However, not all articles are effective in driving traffic where you want it to go. To be effective the articles will have to be very well written and they will also have to be loaded with lots of valuable information. Some affiliate marketers or online marketers deliberately hold back a lot of information from their free articles and end up referring people to their site for any useful information. This is a big mistake. If your article is not well written or the information in your article is not valuable, then you will find that most people will not bother to visit your website or blog.

There should really be no excuse for poor writing online. There are loads of good writers available (click this link to read about this writer’s very affordable online writing services;

Christopher Kyalo has made money online while using articles as his only marketing tool. Visit the following link to find out the most effective site to post your free article to;

The guy who gave up pay-per-click ads for an articles campaign

...And his sales actually went up!!

I recently came across this amazing audio interview about the power of articles. You'll not believe it but this guy gave up "optimizing" his site and stopped paying for pay per click ads and concentrated on only free articles to market his site. His sales shot up as a result because his conversion rate went up to an amazing 3.5%

Listen to it for yourself, the link is below. Once you get to the site, find the audio interview at the bottom of the June 20, 2005 post.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing free articles

Before you start using anything it is always a good idea to understand its' limitations and disadvantages even as you appreciate its' good points. Let's start by looking at the disadvantages of free articles as an online marketing tool.


Requires patience. It takes time for the viral effect to start working
Most folks on the net are in a terrible hurry. They want it all to happen in a few seconds. Even minutes are too long.

An online marketing articles campaign requires a little patience. Even the much desired online marketing viral effect where your article gets reposted all over the net, will take time to start happening.

You need to be a good writer
You need to be a good writer who understands the difference between writing offline for a newspaper or in some magazine, and writing online. Online writing needs to be clear, easy to read and loaded with facts. The competition for readers is crazy online and very few people will waste time trying to make sense out of some poor writing. The problem is that not everybody doing inline marketing is a writer, let alone a good online writer.

May require some work and consistency

If you use online marketing pay per click ads, all you need to do is pay for your ads and wait for your traffic which will surely come. With free articles, there's loads of work to be done. And it is consistent work, you will have to keep writing and posting articles to keep on getting good traffic.


There is nothing else that is so effective and yet free on the net
You've probably heard the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. And it is very true. Writing affects people's emotions, thoughts and ultimately their actions. Good writing can be extremely powerful online marketing, especially when it is read by the people the writer intended. This is achieved easily on the net and the sort of quality traffic that articles will tend to generate for your website or affiliate program site, will be impossible to get in any other way. That's why they say content is king on the world wide web. The most amazing advantage is that posting this powerful online marketing tool at high traffic web sites all over the net is free.

If combined with other tools can work faster

Although it is true that articles take time to give you good results in terms of traffic, there are various methods of speeding up the whole process. You can for example use traffic exchange sites and get much higher readership for your articles at a website or posted at your own articles blog. Either way you will speed up the required effect. See my article on this subject at this link:

You can also ensure that your long term results from articles is nothing short of amazing and ends up resulting in millions of hits by using an amazing tool which I describe in my article which you can find at the following link:

You can hire a writer or write list articles yourself
It is also true that you need a good online writer. But you can easily hire one. At $5 per article, this will hardly make a dent in your budget. I charge $15 myself for very high quality keyword rich articles that will get anybody loads of traffic.

Alternatively you can do list articles yourself, even if you are not a good writer. This article has deliberately been written using the list article method.

How do you write list articles?
As the name suggests, you write your headline then list all the points briefly. You then run through the list again, explaining each point in more detail. Even if you just leave your article as a list with very little explanation, it can still be read and appreciated and can show-off your knowledge on a particular subject. Always remember that articles are a very powerful online marketing tool.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

FREE Affiliate marketing secrets to grow a huge income – Part II

1) Short term methods
Short term marketing tools are very important to any business more so in an affiliate marketing program.

It is easy to tell a hungry man to be patient but unless they get some food over the short-term they will die. In the same way, any online business or affiliate business that does not get any clients over the short term will meet with the same fate.

Even if the cash is available to continue, the affiliate online entrepreneur will get discouraged and abandon his affiliate marketing program. Even if it is not costing them a single dime.

Traffic exchange sites can be combined with articles posted at web sites that accept free article posts. Or you can use the traffic exchange site to get traffic directly to your affiliate program site.

To find the best way of writing creative and effective affiliate marketing articles to drive traffic to your affiliate program feel free to read and study the valuable articles packed with tips that are in this blog.

Many of the people visiting your affiliate website from a traffic exchange site will be in a hurry to move on. But that’s fine because what you are doing here in your affiliate marketing strategy is creating initial awareness and giving the hungry man some food to retain his strength for the better days to come. A few of your visitors will mark your site and become regular visitors.

It will also help if you post your affiliate marketing articles at high traffic websites. Read my article about the highest traffic website on the net for articles (I have tested it extensively). Find the article at the link below.

2) Medium term methods

Blogs are the most effective online marketing tool I know. They are very effective affiliate marketing strategy to lead valuable and highly targeted traffic to your affiliate website. All you need to do is establish a blog that will attract the target market for your affiliate marketing. The more creative you are the better. Again there is plenty of useful information on this elsewhere in this blog.

As I have already mentioned, you can easily earn some extra money by pasting Google adsense ads at your affiliate marketing blog.

3) Long term methods

I have already covered the most effective long term method for huge traffic. In my opinion, this affiliate marketing tool is a much more effective long term tool than even tools that you have to pay for. Read all the details in my detailed article elsewhere in this blog. Find it at the following link;

It is very possible to make lots of money with free tools in affiliate marketing.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

FREE Affiliate marketing secrets to grow a huge income – Part I

There are many sites on the web that have grown really big without spending a single dime on advertising. And while I have nothing against pay-per-click advertising (it is actually very effective) my advice is that there is plenty you can do for free before you start spending money.

Besides it is much harder promoting a site you have just started than it is to ride on the success of other better known sites by getting involved in an affiliate program.

The secret of successful affiliate marketing starts with your choice of an affiliate program. Choose something that is close to your heart. If your main hobby is gardening, then specifically look for a site related to gardening. There are several key advantages in this, the first being that you have the advantage of knowing exactly where to find your clients.

There was a time I was introduced to a content-writer’s website and within a week I had signed up over 60 new affiliates under me. It was all because I knew exactly where freelance writers hang out on the web and what they are looking for. Some little creativity did the rest. Remember that whenever you want to get other people to do something you need to think like them and know how to give them what they want or are looking for, even as you get what you want. A few articles here and there and a single classified ad brought me instant traffic and instant affiliates signing up under me. Actually this is one of the huge advantages of most good affiliate programs – the fact that you earn a commission from other people’s efforts even as you continue with your own efforts. That is how to take full advantage of the networking power of the net.

The way to approach your affiliate marketing strategy is to divide your marketing tools and methods into three.

1) Short term methods
2) Medium term methods
3) Long term methods

Before I deal with each of the three separately let me just emphasize why all three are important. You need short term marketing methods to bring in the initial service and to give you an idea of what the response rate is going to be. For example I joined an affiliate program selling a very effective book that can help anybody make a huge success of selling at Ebay. My short term strategy for selling this book was to use articles submitted daily to different article and ezine directories. I got my first sale when less than 50 visitors had visited the site. But my excitement dampened when I received more that 120 visitors without making a second sale. In the end I discovered that I required about 180 hits to make a sale.

Although I was disappointed, this information was invaluable to me, because all I needed to do now was find a way of getting 180 hits per day to make at least one sale every day. That is what short term methods are supposed to do for you.
The methods you come up with to reach your targets are the medium term methods. Continuous submission of articles loaded with your links and the setting up of a blog or two specifically to market your affiliate program are my favorite and most effective medium term methods.

Your long term method or marketing tools, should explode the traffic to your affiliate program. But this is unlikely to happen overnight. To read about my favorite long term tool capable of giving your affiliate program site or blog promoting your affiliate site 1,000,000 visitors a day read my excellent article available at this link:

In the Part II of this article I discuss the 3 free marketing strategies you can use to earn a huge affiliate income. The article will be posted after the weekend. Meanwhile you can register at the site recommended in my article at the above link and get your long term marketing moving.