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Friday, May 28, 2010

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free website content: Do articles from directories work anymore? Part 2

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A clever strategy for many SEO experts is to study a site that is ranked highly and then try to copy what those sites do to get so successful. Take a close look at highly ranked sites and you will notice that virtually all of them have a very high number of links pointing to other sites. Let me give an example of a site that is ranked very highly and is exclusively made up of links pointing to other sites, billions of them in fact. I am talking about a site that receives over 100 million hits daily. That site is

So if you want your free content from article directories to help you get lots of traffic from search engines, then always make sure that you leave all the links intact. The more relevant links you have on your site pointing away from your website or blog the better.

Are there techniques to make free content from article directories more effective?.
There are many things you can do to maximize on the effectiveness of free content from article directories. I have already said in the first part of this article that it is a big mistake to break the rules and leave out the hyperlinks pointing to other sites.

Also choose articles that already have the right keyword phrases. Remember that you are NOT allowed to change the articles from article directories in any way and so you will have to use the article exactly as it is. When you use articles with the right keyword phrases you will find that your article has a lot more presence in search engine results for various keyword phrases.

Content from article directories is still very useful for websites and if you don’t use it then you should start because you are missing out on something really big. However for maximum impact it is important to combine it with your own original web content and if you are smart you can get plenty of it absolutely free.

Looking for a source of Free web content to add impact to the article directory content you are using on your site?

Free website content: Do articles from directories work anymore? Part 1

Content is absolutely critical for any website. There is absolutely no debate over that. And yet many owners don’t have the time to write the articles for their sites by themselves nor the budget to hire a content writer. And so some of them rely heavily on content from article directories.

Still many will tell you that content from article directories does not really serve them well. Others will even tell you that they have stopped using articles from article directories because they no longer work.

Is this true? Does content from article directories no longer work these days? Is there a technique that you can use to make them more effective? I will answer both questions in great detail in this series of articles.

Does content from articles directories work well these days?
To answer this question we first need to be clear about what a site owner expects from free content from article directories. I would want excellent quality content that my readers will find useful. I would also want content that helps me attract lots of traffic from search engines. I use content from article directories and I can tell you that these articles still achieve both objectives for me. But you need to look carefully for content that is perfect for your site and your prospects. Use your most important keyword phrases at your favourite article directory to help you find them.

Some folks usually break the rules and use content from article directories but leave out the links in the resource box because they don’t want to direct traffic away from their sites. This is NOT a smart thing to do for many reasons. But most important is that leaving out the links does not gain your site traffic but makes you lose traffic from search engines. Here’s why. Many people know that links pointing to a site play a major role in making Google rank you highly. However what many folks don’t know is that links pointing away from your site are also very important and will also help your site rank highly.

Looking for a source of Free web content to add impact to the article directory content you are using on your site?

The most successful free website content site makes billions

Which is the most successful free website content site in the world? The answer may surprise you. It is actually Google. Heard of them?

Google uses a free website content model where they do not generate any content of their own but simply refer people to all the relevant content that they are looking for through the Google search engine. In other words Google is just a site that links to other sites.

Can you duplicate this fascinating business model in your industry? Remember that you can easily make a huge reputation as the site that best helps your prospects quickly find the information that they are looking for. The advantage with this kind of approach is that you will always have an endless supply of free website content and you will never need to write a single sentence or even edit anything.

But how do you make money by giving away your traffic and referring your valuable prospects to other sites? Well the most direct answer to that question is to tell you that Google have done it. In fact they have become hugely successful by doing exactly that. What you must remember is that people still appreciate any tool or any site that saves them time and helps them find stuff more quickly. And this appreciation will be rewarded by constant visits to your site which will help you pick up traffic rapidly. Assuming that you point to the best information with your links.

Links that point out of your site also have a major SEO impact, meaning that Google will reward you with plenty of traffic from search engines.

A quick disclaimer here is that I am NOT talking about those spam sites that are filled with links that lead nowhere and the whole objective is for you to click on the Adsense ads usually posted in these sites. I am referring to useful sites that have content and selflessly lead readers directly to other sites with the kind of information that they are looking for.

Free web site content and especially 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter.

Free website content that is better than your competitor’s. GUARANTEED!!

What most folks are yet to fully appreciate is that the real competition for search engine traffic is for the website that produces the best and most useful content. Should be pretty obvious if you think about what you do every day when searching for information online. You will click through to a couple of sites and then decide which one has the most relevant, best quality content and information. And that is where you will settle.

And so it is not enough just to have relevant content. It has to be better than what all the others have. How do you accomplish this?

Start by identifying the best content on the web in your industry. Take a very close at it and then improve on it. There are many ways to improve on it. The most obvious is to add more information. Then make an effort to make it as interesting as possible. Color your article with fascinating anecdotes. It will also be useful for you to refer your readers to more information elsewhere even if it is not on your site.

Now many site owners will have a problem with this. But I am here to tell you that you will rank higher in Google search results if you have plenty of links on your site pointing to other sites with more information on the same subject. This improves the user experience because they are easily able to move onto more information without going back to do another search or move to the next site in the results. Google always rewards sites that improve the user experience.

You should always actively look for ways to compare your content to what the competition has and to improve on it constantly. This is how free web content will pay huge dividends for you.

Web site content for free and especially 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information ion this free email newsletter and if you are a quick learner you may not need more information from the paid email course.

Free web content: Effective online writing

Writing for the web is very different and to generate effective free web content, you need to understand this and master the rules of writing for the World Wide Web.

Make it easy for somebody to scan through your article in a few seconds
Always remember that folks are in a terrible hurry online. They don’t have the patience to try and figure out your article. And so if you want to get read make every effort to simplify things. You will have seen many articles on the webs with numerous subheadings in bold type all through the article. This makes it possible for somebody to quickly scan through the article and still grasp all the main points. You can be sure that the articles that you write in this way will attract much more readership.

Be brief but detailed
Pack in as much valuable information in each paragraph that you write. Close to 80 per cent of the people who visit most websites land there from search engines. That is a big number and all these folks are hungrily looking for information. Not long empty prose that says very little or nothing. And folks tend to have the memory of an elephant when they get disappointed. This means that they will avoid your site if they arrived there once and failed to find what they were desperately looking for. They will remember how your site looked like. (Now you can guess why re-designing a website usually has an immediate positive impact for most. It’s because folks can’t remember the evil done to them.)

Color your articles with plenty of anecdotes
The web is a very colorful place with plenty of photographs, graphics and videos. And so it will help if the writing is as colorful as the surroundings. That means using plenty of anecdotes and captivating examples to illustrate your points. Remember that getting readers to your site is only half the job. The other half is getting them to read and appreciate the information you have. Remember that the longer they spend on your site the higher the chances that they will end up buying something.

Website content for free and especially 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter and if you are a quick learner you may not need more information from the paid email course.

Free web content: How to recycle your current articles endlessly

With the necessary skills, if you already have at least 50 pages of content on your site, you should never run out of content again. You can actually recycle your existing free web content endlessly.

Re-write each article from a different angle
Take an existing article and re-write it from a different angle. If it ends up looking fairly similar to the original article, then you should only post it in article directories pointing back to your site. In this way you will be increasing the number of links pointing to your site and thus increasing traffic both from the article directories and search engines. But some articles you re-write will look very different and can qualify to be put up on your site as fresh new content. Actually if you are the one who wrote all your previous content you will find that your re-writing effort will produce much better quality content than the originals.

Assuming you had 50 articles to re-write by the time you reach number 50 you will have 100 articles and you can start the whole process all over again. Remember that you should have an open mind even as you re-write your web content for brand new article ideas. And you can be sure that they will come. When I indulge in this kind of activity I usually find that out of every 50 articles I get at least 20 great new ideas for fresh articles. This means that I end up with 120 articles at the end of the exercise instead of 100.

Update your most popular articles
Another technique for effectively recycling the free web content on your site is to start with your most popular articles and just update them with new information and new thoughts that you should now have. Actually you are bound to have plenty of new things to say many months or even a handful of years after you first wrote the articles.

Write shorter versions of your long articles
Take your really long articles and write shorter versions of them and you have fresh brand new articles. In some instances more people will read the shorter version than those who had the patience to go through your really long article.

Write longer articles from your short articles
Read through any short piece on your website and chances are that you will have plenty to add now, some weeks or months later. The result should be a much longer article with a lot more detail on it.

Using these simple techniques, there is no reason why you should ever run out of articles and free website content on your site.

Website content for free and especially 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter and if you are a quick learner you may not need more information from the paid email course.

How more free online content for your website will boost your Adsense earnings

Nothing is capable of increasing your Adsense earnings quicker than plenty of free online content for your website. The rule is simple. The more pages you have receiving traffic with Adsense ads on them, the more money you will earn. That should be pretty obvious.

Google Adsense is not only the most successful online affiliate program but it is also the easiest way any website owner can quickly translate their website content into hard cash online. The way to do this is by creating quality articles and content and using the right popular keyword phrases to drive traffic to your articles. This is the easiest money-making model any writer can use to make money online.

And it can quickly add up to some very serious money. A famous site like Plenty of fish has reported to making in excess of $10 million a year mainly from Adsense ads. Naturally you will need tons of traffic to make that kind of bacon. But the right free online content for your website is a very effective way of delivering it.

To ensure that you maximize on your Google Adsense earnings you should regularly do some Adsense keyword research to determine which keyword phrases deliver the highest earnings per click. There are online very effective online tools that will give you this kind of information. Remember that you can say the same thing but using different keyword phrases and earn much more than if you posted your free web content without doing any keyword research.

It might be a good idea to take a look at all your content already on your site and find ways to adjust it slightly by inserting the highest earning Google Adsense keyword phrases.

Free content for your website and especially 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter and maybe a little more from the paid newsletter, or maybe not. It depends on you.

Free content for your website: How to adjust your landing page and improve response overnight

Many online entrepreneurs usually agonize over the content on their website landing pages for hours at a time wondering what they can possible change to improve on response and save their online businesses. Those who monitor traffic to these landing pages usually notice that as time elapses the percentage of people landing on their sales pages that are converted to actual paying customers diminishes rapidly.

The result is reduced response and the nagging problem of what can be done to turn around the situation. Actually the answer is usually staring at them right in the face. Or shall I say the answer is usually lying around (somewhere they have easy access to) very idle?

That’s right. The answer to all their problems is right in their own email accounts. This is usually in the form of emails written to them by prospects and clients raising various questions that were not adequately covered or answered on the landing page. Bear in mind that out of every one person who writes in raising these questions, many more simply moved on with the unanswered questions choosing to take their business elsewhere.

And so by simply updating your landing page and site so that your produce content based on those email questions and the answers you gave, you will be providing the answers that have prevented many people from placing their orders and have caused them to hesitate before acting.

This single move using free content generated from your own email address has the potential of dramatically improving on the response that you are currently getting from your website landing page.

Free website content and especially 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter and maybe a little more from this paid email course.

How I created lots of free content for my website from a single article

I have on several occasions created lots of free content for my websites by generating dozens of articles from a single one. It is fairly easy to accomplish.

Do you have an article that is written in such a way that it has various points listed? For instance the article could be titled 5 ways to write an article and lists the five different ways. Actually this means that you can create 5 powerful articles from that single article.

Take the first paragraph and use it to create a single article. All you have to do is put in more details. There are many ways of doing this. You can write in an introduction explaining why this method of writing and article is effective. And then below the paragraph list the pros and cons of that method. There, you already have an article from your old content. And what is more you can create four more articles from the same single article.

This method can be applied even to articles that do not list points numerically. Actually every article is a collection of several ideas listed in several paragraphs. By simply taking the article apart and picking each paragraph and the idea it carries and expanding it, you create an individual article that your readers will find extremely helpful.

So those readers who did not quite find all the information they needed on your site because it was not detailed enough will now find it a lot more detailed and you will be answering the questions they need answers to in much more detail by going deeper into your subject.

It is imperative that you take time to carefully dream up appropriate titles for these articles you create from paragraphs to older articles. Make your headlines as attractive as possible because the better they are the bigger an impact your articles will have. So take the time you need to come up with explosive titles for your free website content articles.

Free content for websites, 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter.

Free content for my website: How blog comments can revolutionize your articles

One of the reasons why many folks just love blogs is because of their interactive nature. Somebody writes a post then a whole lot of people write comments usually greatly enriching the post in the process because they touch on various interesting points some of which were either omitted in the main post or not covered in a detailed enough way.

Comments also give you n instant feedback from the market concerning a new product for instance or a new idea or even an old one. You get to know what people are thinking. It is like doing market research amongst your prospects. The result is very valuable information that smart site owners can use to greatly improve on the quality of free content they are churning out for their websites.

There was this recent case where I got access to the comments on a website about skin care and the material from the comments produced the best and most useful articles. The articles were even better than the ones that came straight out of the client’s email account.

Ignore blog comments at your own peril

Admittedly there are some people who avoid reading blog comments as much as possible. And with good reason too. In blogs that have limited moderation some of the comments can be abusive and vulgar. But this does not happen in some of the best blogs. And even where it does, you can easily skip the offending comments and concentrate your efforts on the comments loaded with valuable information and useful points. These can be used to generate lots of useful free content for your website articles.

Endless free blog content and especially 200 articles right away.

Free content for websites: How to create viral articles

It is very difficult to predict a best seller. Sometimes you suspect that a book will climb to best seller status and then it either disappoints or confirms your suspicions. On other occasions what looks like a very ordinary book surprises everybody and quickly lands on best seller status list. The bottom line is that it is not easy to predict. In the same way it is not easy to create a best seller article online which would be the kind of article that takes on a life of its own and goes crazily viral being forwarded and spread all over the World Wide Web.

And just like book publishers do, work on every single free website content article expecting it to go viral. What this means is that you should put in all the ingredients that go into a viral article. And since you are churning out a large volume of articles using the techniques that I recommend, the odds of you hitting the jack pot are dramatically increased.

Choose a controversial topic
Many articles that go viral usually start out with a very controversial topic. Controversy sells and it certainly has a pretty good chance of going viral. What are the most controversial topics in your industry? List them down and then think of controversial ways to handle them that will not affect your image as an expert in your field.

Humor triggers the viral effect
Have you noticed that most stuff that goes viral is humorous? Can you create some funny articles even as you produce tons of free website content articles for your site and site promotion in article directories?

Be really useful beyond expectations
We live in a world where people are constantly looking for ways to solve problems. Can you create articles that are useful to readers beyond their expectations? If you can then chances are that they will love you for it and spread the good word to their friends.

A viral strategy makes lots of sense online because the World Wide Web itself grew virally. And so incorporating a viral strategy into your free web content strategy is a decision that could pay huge dividends for you.

Free website content and 200 articles right away as well and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter.

Free content for website: How to create instant articles from SMS, Facebook and Twitter messages

It would seem that the busy world has gone crazy over short messages. But the point is that you can take advantage of this to source lots of free appropriate content for your website or blog.

Remember that short messages are usually designed to draw attention to something using very few words. If the initial message, say on Facebook or Twitter has the desired effect then what will follow is some kind of “conversation” between many people over the usually hot topic. What different people had to say could easily be different paragraphs of the same article.

This is ideal material for content in your site because you are already sure that folks are very interested and passionate about the topic you are writing about. This is very important because there are times that a single article online has gone virally crazy and spread rapidly across the web being read by millions of people. This is not easy to accomplish but it is a good idea for you as a site owner to always strive to generate an article that has potential to go viral. Even if you create a single viral article in your lifetime, chances are that it will be enough to change your life. And that is why it is not such a bad idea to be on a constant look out for topics that could create viral articles.

Even simple SMS questions from your clients can turn into helpful articles for your websites. You can start the article with the question that your client posed explaining it in much more detail than any SMS is capable of doing it. The rest of the article can then be the detailed answer to that question.

Free content for all your websites and especially 200 articles right away easily and many more later with the information in this free email newsletter.

Free content for your website: Increasing the speed with which your articles are churned out

For you to be able to churn out free content for your website in large quantities all by yourself, you will need to apply a lot of speed in generating the articles. And you will need to do this without compromising on the quality of your articles.

Contrary to what many people think, low quality articles even with the right keyword phrases are useless and will not get you or your site very far. So quality has to remain high at all costs despite the high speed with which you will be producing the free articles for your website.

List the points
When writing articles, a lot of time is usually lost thinking and staring at the blank screen in front of you. The best way to solve this time wasting problem is to quickly list the points of your articles before you start writing. There is no harm in adding more points later when you have started writing. But at least you will start every article with a substantial skeleton of what you want to write.

Quickly expand on the points
After carefully listing your main points, it then becomes a simple exercise of expanding on them by adding a few more sentences to each point which should serve as the first sentence of the paragraph.

Add a brief introduction
Once your other paragraphs are written, write an introduction. There are several techniques for writing introductions. You could start with the question that the rest of the article answers. Or you could say the most important thing the article says. Still another option is to summarize the contents of the article in your introduction paragraph. Just see what works out best for you and the particular article that you are writing.

Create a conclusion
See if your article really needs a conclusion. Many articles do not need one and since we are talking about speed in churning out useful well written content here, do not waste time writing a conclusion that is not necessary.

Get paragraphs from articles you have already written
You can save a lot of time by cutting paragraphs form articles that you have already written and pasting them where you want to write a new article. It is then very easy to grow that paragraph and expand it into a whole article.

Break a long article into two, three or more articles
Yet another effective technique for writing more content quickly is to break a really long article into two or more separate articles with different headlines or titles. Alternatively you can have Part One and part two of the same article with the same title.

Use these ideas to generate more and more free website content for your site.

Free content for all your websites in the form of 200 articles and more right away easily with the information in this free email newsletter.