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Monday, April 25, 2005

Write a single article and get loads of free traffic to your blog or web site Part II of II

3) It will all happen, or fail to happen, in the resource box

If I usually spend a lot of time on the headline, I spend even more time on the resource box. I am constantly changing and improving on my resource box. It is the most important part of the article after you have gotten the reader to start reading.

You need to decide what it is the typical reader of your article wants most and then offer it to them in a convincing way. For example if you build web sites, saying in your article resource box that you are a very experienced web designer will not fly.

Saying that you have over 20 years experience building web sites is better, but the best would be telling your readers the exact number of web sites you have designed. You will always be much more believable by being specific. For example you can say (Your name) has designed 5,670 successful web sites in his 20 year career so far.

Finally in the resource box statement you will have what I call, your instructions. Your call-to-action to the reader. What you want the reader to do as soon as they are done reading your master piece.

“Visit my web site,” is too weak. “Get free templates from my web site,” is much better. Bear in mind that the idea at this juncture is not to sell, but to get the reader to seek for more information.

Remember that people who go fishing should never show the hook to the fish. That is a golden rule when writing an effective resource box.

You will find plenty of valuable tips on writing your resource box in my other article available at this link:

4) Post, post, post, post

Finally for your single article to work in getting you loads of traffic, you will have to post it in as many web sites as you can. Do not attempt to use auto-posting software, it will only damage your reputation or at worst get you into serious problems for spamming. Do your posting manually.

Here’s how. Go to your favourite web site and do a search using the keywords that most identifies your target readers for the subject you have written about. This should give you the most popular sites. Use the results to do another search to find which of these web sites will accept article submissions. You do this by using the keywords “submit article".

Read my article on the site I post my free articles to that gives the best results by far. Find the article at this link:

Even as the viral effect takes hold, as you post to as many web sites as you can, you will be speeding up the process. Keep track of your visitors by using a counter at your site (there are several good ones available for free online).

Yep. A single article can get you loads of traffic and revenue. But imagine the impact when you do several or many good articles using these rules?

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