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Monday, January 21, 2008

SEO Marketing Articles That Sell Much More Must Have This Strategy

Here is a little known marketing secret that is so simple and yet helps SEO articles sell much more effectively.

Admittedly there are plenty of people out there who do not even believe that articles are a very powerful selling tool if you know how to use them. In fact when you do a little key word research and come up with an article that not only sells but is also search engine optimized, the effect can be quite dramatic on your sales.

The simple secret that will make the difference for your article between selling nothing and selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of product has to do with your target readership. Every article has a target audience and the way to attract that intended audience is through the headline that you choose. A general title will attract a larger audience but no sales while a title that is targeted at a smaller niche will be read by fewer people but will sell much more. It is as simple as that.

For example, let us assume that you are in the business of helping people profit from their computers. “How To Profit From Your Computer” is not a bad headline for an article. The only problem is that it is too general and although it will attract a large and wide audience, it will hardly sell anything. But how about if you narrowed down your audience dramatically and specified exactly how to make money from a PC. Say you had a title like “How To Profit From Desktop Publishing.” While it is true that you will have a much smaller audience, it is also true that that audience will be more captive and will therefore be much more likely to buy from you.

There is no reason to be general with articles because you can easily cover each and every niche that you choose to go out for by segmenting your market and creating a different article for each segment. That is how you get SEO articles to sell like crazy for you.

To maximize on sales, your articles should not look like they are selling anything. What they need to do is discuss and solve common problems and get the reader really interested and enthusiastic. Your resource box at the bottom can then refer them directly to a more detailed solution which should be your product or service.

For example this article discusses about how SEO articles can be sued to sell products and services directly online. The resource box links you to more information where the services of an experienced SEO ghost writer are mentioned at the bottom of the article. This has proved to be a very effective way of selling ghost writer services.

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