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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Easiest Article Marketing Technique For Affiliates: Get More Traffic Easily For Your Website Or Blog

Many people will swear that articles and article marketing just don’t work when it comes to generating significant traffic to an affiliate site or any other site. Some will swear by their experiences where they have gotten nothing more than a small insignificant trickle of traffic at best from their supposedly affiliate-program-traffic-generating articles. And even that stopped just too quickly.

Actually this is a ridiculous claim when you really think about it. You and I know that there are sites that generate millions of hits daily and when you get to those sites through a search engine, what will you usually be looking for? Information, of course. And that information is naturally bound to be in the form of an article. In other words articles have been known to generate millions of hits daily.

The truth is that generating traffic to your affiliate site or even blog using articles is the easiest way to build serious traffic to your site and very quickly at that. And yet an article can last years as a viable traffic generating medium. I know because I earn a living online (I have no day job or any other source of income) and the only marketing I do is article marketing. There is no other technique I use to generate traffic and ultimately sales other than promotional articles. Many times I even make a sale from an article I wrote many years back.

If you can learn how to use promotional articles on the web to sell stuff you will quickly agree with me that there is no better and more effective promotional tool ever created.

Can You Get Articles To Work IF You Don’t Know How? Can You Fly A Commercial Jet Plane If You’re Not A Trained Pilot?

The reason why articles don’t work for most people is because they just rush out there and start writing as many articles as they can and then they post them in every article directory they can find. Predictably it does not work and so they sit back to announce to the world that articles don’t work.

This is just the same thing as going into the cockpit of a commercial Jumbo jet and then when you fail to get it taxing on runway, let alone fly, you then turn around and say Jumbo jets are too large and therefore they can’t fly.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but that is exactly how absurd it is to ever claim that article marketing is not effective. Search engines are hungrily looking for content round the clock and they reward good content with steady traffic for years. Sometimes search engines send millions of visitors daily to a single web page or affiliate web page and they end up making the owner of that page a millionaire overnight. So the naked truth is that articles not only work, they are the most effective marketing tool ever invented.

The Easiest And Yet Most Effective Article Marketing Technique

It is good to carefully research a few important keyword phrases before you write your article. What you need to do first is establish how many hits the keyword phrase you are interested in has been generating on a daily basis. This is important and to be able to do this you will need to find a free online keyword tool that will give you this information.

The second thing you need to do is post your promotional article in article directories that will get you traffic. The truth is that 99.9 per cent of the article directories out there are not worth your effort posting articles to. I only post at two article directories and not only do I get loads of traffic from the two sites but each has a distinct strength and both combine to make my article marketing very effective indeed.

I dare say that it is my article marketing skills that have led you to this page to read this article.

I discuss all my most hot, valuable article marketing secrets and tips every week in my weekly newsletter called article marketing secrets to get you 1.5 million hits.

Do you need a ghost writer who uses these techniques described here?


duarte said...

great blog.very nice

duarte said...

hi,nice blog,great work you make hier,congratulations.......greetings from switzerland

gerryc said...

Nice blog, I struggled with articles too until I changed tack and wrote articles relating directly to my personal websites just for content and later posted them to article sites for a few extra clicks.
Now 3 of my sites get most of their new hits from these and new articles I write.

Anonymous said...

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