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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ever heard of silver?

Not many people know this but when it comes to buying precious metals for investment purposes, everybody thinks of buying gold. But the truth is that you don’t necessary have to buy gold coins to profit in this area.

Have you heard of silver as a viable investment? Actually there may never be a better time for buying silver than right now. The demand for silver worldwide is very high. In fact it exceeds demand and has been exceeding demand consistently since the beginning of the 1990s. And this is in an environment where above ground stockpiles of silver are rapidly shrinking. You can invest in silver by purchasing it in coin or ingot form.


Move4less said...

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Winston Riley said...

Hi Chris. You might say I came in through the back door. I read an article about novels written as blogs but couldn't find a way to respond without searching you down and then finding this blog. This particular entry was written last year in October, so obviously, you have other places you contribute more regularly. I just haven't spent enought time searching to find the most appropriate place to engage you on the issue I'm asking about.

I don't care so much about making money from my blog, although I certainly wouldn't mind. At this point it is simply getting readers for my adventure novellas. My stories are a mix of satire on current culture, world religions and human nature, but I try to write them so they're an entertaining ride along the way.

But it is so discouraging to submit short chapter after short chapter without much indication of readership.

I'm guessing you don't have time to take a look. All a person can assume is that the stories aren't worth reading, otherwise someone would be reading them. I've even developed a FB group page for the current novella and it has about 14 "likers" now from my list of 625 FB friends. But the blog itself only has 3 followers. I think those are basically friends who would support me whether the stories stink or not.

How do I reach my audience. I think it would required dozens of readers to get started and then for them to recommend the stories. Or maybe it is just a matter of poor penmanship and lack of skill.

Current story is called Oats, which is a sequel to the Children of Zol. The blog is at

Any thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!