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Friday, May 11, 2012

Where To Get Plenty of Unique Fresh Original Content For Free

Webmasters and even bloggers fret over content all the time and usually end up hiring some writer and paying for some rather lousy and inappropriate articles that do not quite fit in.

And yet for a small business site with limited resources paying for a reasonable amount of content can be a major challenge. No the amazing thing here is that chances are that you have gone through all this suffering and yet there is plenty of unique fresh original content staring at you in the face and it is all free, only that they just can’t see it.

Let me explain. If you have been running your business for any length of time you will have received email from prospects making enquires about your offering. If you have a handful of customers chances are that you have an angry email or two bitterly complaining about something.

If you take a closer look you will find that you replied to all these emails. Lengthy descriptive emails that you wrote in an effort to fully answer the questions put to you.

Would you believe that all that beautiful, original fresh content is lying around in your email account gathering dust while your website or blog hardly has any content on it?

What is so difficult cutting and pasting these emails onto a word processor, writing a brief introduction, doing a little editing? When this is done you will suddenly realize that what you have is a unique, fresh, brand new article done and ready to be posted.

If you have had your site for sometime now chances are that you will have hundreds of these emails. Guess what? That means hundreds of articles lying around somewhere in your computer while you suffer desperately looking around everywhere for content.

It is important for you to realize that content that you generate in this way is extremely valuable because it I based on the actual needs of your prospects and customers. You can be sure that for every single person who took the time to write in there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of others with the same query who never got round to shooting you an email.

This is an excellent technique which will ensure that you never run out of content for your site. The beauty of it is that you do not even need to do a lot of thinking coming up with topics for the articles that you want to post on your site. All that work has already been done for you by your very own customers and prospects who have written to you with your queries. And you have already written the most important parts of those articles and so they need very little time and attention from you and they will be ready to be posted.


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