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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Article writers for hire

My fees are extremely reasonable; (all articles 400-450 words)

100 articles will attract a rate of $17 per article, which will total $1,700 for the lot.

50 articles will attract a rate of $19.50 per article, which will total $975 for the lot.

25 articles or less will attract a rate of $19.90 per article, which will total $497.50 for 25 high-traffic generating articles.

Don't waste another minute; Email me right away order your articles.

Just to sum up everything we have said here and highlight some of the benefits you will enjoy;

a) Get permanent traffic for years to come. Get it done now continue to receive heavy traffic for months and years to come.

b) Get thousands of one way links legally and the way search engines would love you to get them, through links in resource boxes and within articles at high page rank sites.

c) This will also dramatically improve your Google page rank (PR) which will give you even more traffic via search engines.

d) You will end up paying much less per hit than you would with PPC ads at leading search engines. In fact over time you will have paid a small fraction of a cent for each article because the more traffic each article attracts the more its' cost drops.

So whether you want to start with a few articles and grow from there or you are anxious for huge traffic straight away and want to order 100 immediately, Email Me right away so that together we can get this show on the road and your web site traffic up there where it belongs.

You will automatically qualify for a 5% discount if you can tell me how you found this web page.


Rodgers said...

Seems you are a great writer, what other sites do you write for chris?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the I nfo is very promising ... please also share how one earn currently?