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Friday, February 28, 2014

Small Businesses Should Sell More During Hard Times? You Must Be Joking

 You will never see people celebrating the terrible news of hard economic times such as what is beginning to bite in many parts of the world just now. Least of all those who own small businesses. However the facts and research on the ground suggest that there are many reasons for small business owners to pop the champagne even as the news gets worse.

Unbelievable to many but true. Consider the following solid facts;

a)    During the worst of economic recessions there is still plenty of money being spent; only that it is being spent differently.

b)    The greatest economic depression in the history of the human race (1930s) produced the highest number of brand new self made millionaires most notably in the United States. Other recessions always have entrepreneurs who are laughing all the way to the bank.

c)    When the economy is bad it causes upheavals and chaos, no other environment in the world produces opportunities in more abundance for small-unknown-entrepreneur-nobodies to make serious quick money. Throughout history do you know how many families have made absolute fortunes in times of war and chaos?

d)    Products and businesses launched during economic depressions become recession-proof so much so that they almost always outlive the great grand-children of their founders.

e)    Small lean businesses will always find it easier to adjust and change direction quickly to take full advantage of the huge opportunities that a bad or crumbling economy suddenly presents.

f)    There is very little competition for those who discover the secret because everybody else is just looking for a way to survive or relocate to a better economy.

Actually it is a lot easier for you to sell more and prosper your small business to new heights during hard times. It starts with a little research on your part. Ask yourself questions like what has happened in the past when money became so tight. How did consumer spending habits change and how can you take advantage of those changes to position your small business or product to reap the rewards?

For instance one of the things that may appear puzzling at first is the consistent habit in virtually every recession of consumers buying consumables in bulk. Items that were purchased in small quantities are suddenly bought in big packs and stored in the home. Makes sense when you remember that buying in bulk will always give you a much better price per unit.

If you have been worried sick about what is happening to your small business you need to take a fresh look at the whole situation and I guarantee that you will find a silver (or is it gold) lining in the darkest clouds.

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