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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Huge Response From Text Links Within Articles Shocked Me

I don’t quite remember where I first started reading about text links, but I had always ignored them. Those ugly-looking highlighted words buried in the text of something interesting that I was reading online can be very effective and as aggreassive as Ortho Evra Attorneys.

Still I ignored to use them that is, because looking back, I do remember that I always had a tendency to click on them a lot. Sometimes my click through would end up in total disappointment as I landed on some totally irrelevant web page that I had no interest for. But most times I would end up at a highly informative page that would greatly add to the information I was looking at.

When I started using text links for the first time, in my articles in my blogs and in high traffic article sites where I distributed them, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the response I received. It has gotten me really excited and I now have a number of clients that I have introduced this amazing concept to.

Why Are Ugly Text Links Within Articles So Effective?

So why do we click so much at these hyperlink text we come across? Why are they virtually irresistible? The answer is simple. It is the same reason why search engine PPC (pay-per-click) ads have worked so well and are at the center of shifting advertising dollars online at a rate that has many offline advertising mediums very worried. It is the same reason why TV spots did not transfer too well online.

You see it was always assumed that the Internet was an advanced Television medium. Some people still think in these terms. If this were true then TV ads should have made a killing online, instead of causing a record number of bankruptcies. But if you take the Internet to be the most advanced telephone in the world, then suddenly everything makes sense.

Pop up and pop under ads are similar to a situation where you are having a telephone conversation and somebody rudely comes online, interrupting your conversation to ask if you’d like to buy some baked beans. Banner ads are like some advertising jingle playing in the background as you are having your telephone conversation. Probably less annoying but still intrusive.

When you are having a telephone conversation, you tend to be interested only in what is relevant to the current conversation. So even if you are currently in the market for a new car, this is just not the time for somebody to give you that information. The key thing here is relevance.

Text links within articles are even more effective than PPC ads. My tests have clearly shown this. The traffic they attract to sites tends to stay much longer (always remember that relevance is very important here).

Text Links In The Middle Of Relevant Articles Are More Effective Than The Old Classified Ads

In those offline days, nothing helped to prop up more start-ups and small businesses than classified ads in local newspapers. Those tiny small fonts that were best read with a magnifying glass, were super effective in creating valuable sales leads for many small businesses.

The text link is the online answer to classified ads. But it is even more effective. Classified ads were usually stuck at the back of the newspaper. These online classified ads (text links) appear right in the middle of interesting related stories. Information is the main currency online and all you need to do is to ensure that your text links are placed in well written and informative online writer’s articles.

Text Links Create Valuable Links For Your Blogs/Sites

Search engines place a lot of weight on links to a site. In fact keywords used in text links to a site are so effective that they will work better than keywords actually used in the content at the site when it comes to ranking a site. So apart from creating immediate traffic, they will also have a huge impact on your search engine positioning. Relevant text links are too effective for you to ignore them any longer.

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