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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Marketing Articles That Become Your Slaves Forever

The slave trade was a horrible evil trade that is said to be alive and well to this day and understanding the motivation behind it will help us understand and appreciate the true value of a good marketing article.

A slave works for you for life to produce wealth and yet receives no wages or investment from your part. Imagine a tool that does that for your marketing and you are definitely thinking of a marketing article.

Well written marketing articles where you have taken the time to carefully choose the best keywords to use will continue to attract increasing traffic from search engines. This traffic is usually not only highly targeted, but it is free in more ways than one. You are not paying a dime to maintain your marketing article and neither are you spending any time making alterations or updates to it, and yet it faithfully continues to generate more and more traffic for you.

The reason why your marketing article will tend to yield increased traffic rather than reducing or constant traffic is because as your site grows in age and as you increase the number of links pointing at it, its’ ranking will improve. More sites will also link to it and the same old ‘slave’ marketing article will therefore tend to get a bigger audience.

Then there is the fact that the viral effect will be more wide spread with time, meaning that more sites out there will re-post your marketing article from the directories where you may have posted it complete with your resource box to direct traffic to your site.

How many 'slave' marketing articles have you put out there to work for you today?

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