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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How To Turn Your Old Tired Web Content Into Gold

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There are two simple methods that you can use to turn the content you already have lying around at your site into pure gold.

Turn Your Content Into Residual Passive Cash
Did you know that there are web sites on the net these days that sell content under license to other sites. What this means is that the same article can be licensed out several times and each time this happens, it puts money in your pocket. All you would need to do is get a ghost writer to go through your content and rewrite your articles for you. You can then post them yourself at the site, which will aggressively market them for you even as thousands of webmasters looking for instantly available content visit the site daily.

Kindly (email this writer now) for the identity of the leading web site on the web that sells content under license on behalf of clients.

Turn Your Content Into Huge Daily Traffic
Before Wilbur and Orville Wright discovered mechanized flying, there are many people who confidently said in public that it was an impossible pipe dream. Generating a lot of traffic from articles is much easier than flying because the currency of the web is content. Yet you will meet many who swear that articles can never generate huge traffic.

My advice is that if you hire a ghostwriter who understands what needs to be done, or educate yourself on what the experts do with articles to generate traffic, you will practically prove the skeptics wrong. You can even make a hefty bet and win BIG.

The content on your site can be carefully re-written with the magical keyword phrases and posted at a high traffic articles directory, turning it into a highly effective traffic-generating tool.

You will meet many webmasters who have posted their articles at hundreds of directories without any significant results. Personally I post my promotional articles at ONLY ONE Articles directory, which is frequented by hundreds of thousands of webmasters every day. The result is that a decent article will get re-posted all over the net complete with the links in the resource box pointing directly back to your site. Apart from the immediate traffic that this will give you, the SEO effect will be to dramatically improve your Page Rank and position for most popular searches which will bring you tons of additional traffic from popular search engines like Google.

My fees for turning your old content (currently idling on pages with very low daily traffic) into gold are extremely reasonable;

100 articles will attract a rate of $17 per article, which will total $1,700 for the lot.

50 articles will attract a rate of $19.50 per article, which will total $975 for the lot.

25 articles or less will attract a rate of $19.90 per article, which will total $497.50 for 25 frequent-cash generating articles.

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So whether you want to start with a few articles and grow from there or you are anxious for results and want to order 100 immediately, Email me right away so that together we can get this show on the road and turn your idle content into cash right before your very eyes.

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