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Monday, July 02, 2007

Make Money On The Internet Without A Website: Some Brilliant Ideas

It is very possible to make a lot of money online without having a website or blog. That is exactly how I started out online, so we are not talking far-fetched theories here.

The truth is that running and maintaining a site of any sort takes a lot of hard work and the kind of attention most people may not be in a position to give. Especially those who want to make money online on a part time basis as they keep their day jobs. So any idea that enables one to make money online while saving a lot of time has to be very welcome. Just like the ideas this article is trying to present.

Come to think of it, I was a part timer in those days when I started out making money online without a website. So maybe I should start off telling my very own story.

a)To Make Money Online Without A Website, Join An Affiliate Program And Then Use Only Articles.
When I ventured online for the first time in a serious way a number of years ago, I knew very little about establishing and building web sites. Blogs hardly existed then. I figured that I should simply make use of my writing skills to start an online business immediately so that I could learn the ropes. I would be my own ghost writer. So I joined an affiliate program selling an Ebook detailing little known Ebay opportunities. All I had to do was to refer people to the sales page for the Ebook, so I wrote plenty of articles and littered them with links to the page. I then posted these articles at high traffic article directories like and It was a joy to see for the first time a steady stream of traffic flowing from my articles to the affiliate page that I referred them to. Inevitably I made my first sale after about 300 hits and I was beside myself in excitement.

Looking back now, I can say without any doubt on my mind that it was the ideal way to learn Internet marketing and I absorbed a lot of very valuable knowledge and hot tips that I still put to use today.

One of the first things I learnt was how to predict sales. To make serious money online, you must be able to predict your sales and revenue. There are two methods of doing this. The first is by using a counter at your affiliate websites to count how many hits it takes you to make a single sale. So say it takes like in my case about 300 hits to make a sale, then it simply means that if I increase my hits to 3000 hits per day, then I will be making 10 sales per day at a commission of $50 per sale, I will be making $500 a day and in a month about $10,000 (I multiplied by 20 instead of 30 because most weekends are very low in terms of traffic for most sites. Besides the smart thing is to always project things on the low side, that way you will always get a big kick out of exceeding expectations every time).

Now the problem is that most great affiliate programs do not have a counter at the affiliate site. It was because of this that I learnt an even more effective and powerful way of predicting sales. Each promotional article I posted at article directories had a counter, usually somewhere at the bottom. So I just kept on writing and posting articles and then the moment I made a sale I looked at the number of articles I had written and how many hits I had achieved in those articles. If I had written about 10 which had received an average of about 60 hits each, then I knew I needed 600 hits from my articles to make a sale, which will tend to come from about 10 articles. So to be able to achieve 10 sales a day, all I have to do is generate 100 articles only. If I write just 5 good promotional articles and post them at a leading article directory every day, in 30 days I will be earning $500 a day. It is that simple.

Here it is important to note that not everybody who reads your article will click his or her way through to your affiliate page. But on the plus side, if your article is any good, it will tend to get re-posted all over the place complete with your affiliate links. So as times goes by, your traffic should be constantly on the rise.

Use these techniques to join and make serious cash from my amazing affiliate program now. Or discover how professional ghost writers usually do it.

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