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Monday, August 13, 2007

Plant The Seeds For High Web Site Traffic And Revenue NOW

Some Frequently Asked Questions on the lowest cost quality articles on the web

Is it really possible to launch a serious traffic campaign for my site with only $19.90?

You bet it is. I am doing it all the time for folks who never dreamt that it was possible. What will $19.90 get you these days? Hardly anything to write home about. But with that kind of small change, you can get 3 well-written SEO articles done for you by an expert ghost writer with many years experience. Google me; Christopher Kyalo, to see what I mean and what others say about me.

What will only 3 articles do for me?

Sure 3 articles written by anybody won't do much for you. But 3 articles written by an SEO ghost writer expert who knows exactly what to do can make a huge difference to the kind of traffic your site currently receives. This fee naturally includes posting the articles at high traffic and high page rank (PR) directories and a blog on the net all with one-way links pointing straight at your site. When I am done you'll have a minimum of 11 links pointing to your site. If you were to look at this exercise as solely a link purchasing one then this means that each link will only cost you around 99 cents. It's cheaper than dirt cheap, but very effective.

So stop looking at the measly traffic arriving at your website/blog with that miserable-looking face. You can do something about it today with the small change in your pocket. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

I need more articles, what do I do?

No problem. If you order more articles, it will cost you even less. Ordering between 10 and 99 articles will cost only $5.90cts per article. Ordering 100 articles will cost you only $4.99 per article (that means only $499 for the lot) and that is a number that is sure to cause an avalanche of traffic at your site.

Did you say that you can help me get the budget to order your SEO articles?

You bet I did. I can refer you to a high earning ppc program so that the content you already have on your site will start earning you money today (as well as the articles I will do for you later which you post at your site). I am talking about the Kontera program. Usually it is reserved ONLY for sites that meet very high traffic volume requirements. But if I refer you, they'll accept your low traffic sites. To sign up just use the link below. I use the program myself on my own sites along with the Google Adsense program (there is no conflict, I have done this for a long time). I must say that I earn some amazing income from it.

Once you've joined, all you'll need to do is use your Kontera earnings to order more articles. That way, you'll never have to worry about content again.

Here's the link;

Sign up for Kontera now

This is really exciting, so what do I do Now?

All you need to do is email me now with the name of your site or the address and the number of articles you would like to get started with. It would help if you tell me what the site is all about. My email address for this service is strongwallafrica(at) I will then do the rest.

Ensure that you sign up for the Kontera program, that way even the articles I do for you, posted at your site will help you earn even more money. It's a win-win situation where you can't go wrong.

Sign up for Kontera now

If you order your articles NOW you can claim one free article so that you end up with 4 articles for $19.90. This offer is for a limited time only.

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