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Saturday, December 08, 2007

SEO Advertising Ghost Writer Secret: Creating Articles That Will Go Viral And Attract Residual Traffic

The real power of articles in SEO advertising is hardly understood by most folks and even many ghost writers involved in churning out SEO articles for online promotional and advertising purposes. Part of the problem is that many of us are completely stuck in the old conventional way in which offline advertising has always worked. This traditional way is to advertise to as many people as possible hoping that a large enough percentage of them will immediately respond and boost the sales of whatever it is that is being sold. It is then possible to quickly pass judgment on your advertising and how effective it has been in getting you sales because as soon as you stop advertising, the response stops.

SEO advertising with articles is very different.

For starters everybody knows that a well written SEO promotional article will remain online forever and will therefore attract residual traffic for years to come. A small percentage of the people your article pulls in will link to it from their sites or blogs after reading it for the first time. Others will re-post it at their sites or re-publish it in their ezines complete with your resource box (if they have found it at some popular article directory). What all this means is that some of the good people who read your article will cause hundreds and even thousands of others within their circles to read it. That’s online viral marketing at its best.

In other words, if your article is worth the fuss, it will attract residual traffic for many years to come and that traffic will constantly be growing virally. WOW!!

That is why I find it so difficult to pass quick judgment even over an article that has not had the hit counter turning wildly. One such article shocked me recently when quite suddenly out of the blue, it inspired somebody so much so that they got in touch with me and ended up giving me thousands of dollars worth of business. Actually this happens all the time, so I shouldn’t have been that shocked.

The truth is that there is no promotional article written about your business that can ever turn out to be useless. Each article will deliver value for years to come. Good promotional articles crafted by an experienced ghost writer who knows what they are doing are guaranteed to give you both residual and virally growing traffic. Now that is a powerful combination and enough incentive for anybody to devote their entire life to generating valuable useful free content.

But to be effective, it is not only important for a ghost writer to understand this powerful SEO advertising articles secret but they should also be familiar with the subtle techniques that are used to speed up the viral effect and the residual traffic in promotional articles. I talk about that in Part 2 of this article.

To Be Continued.

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George rosenberg said...

Yes, it is hard to make people understand SEO advertising, but once the SEO advertising is published, huge numbers of people immediately respond and boost the sales, no matter what product is being sold.