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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ghost Writer Blues: When SEO Article Marketing Campaigns Fail To Work

Ghost writer blues happens even to the most seasoned online writers. They do their SEO research properly and churn out the articles in plenty but end up with very little to show for their SEO marketing efforts in terms of traffic and links generated.

This does not mean that SEO articles are not effective. Actually there is no online marketing tool that is more potent. What actually happen is that the ghost writer running the campaign got a few things wrong. Let us look at some of the most common mistakes made.

Ghost Writer SEO Marketing Lacks Keyword Focus
Many times I have personally found out that the reason is a failure to focus on a single keyword phrase only. Many clients who hire ghost writers insist on spreading their risk across many different keyword phrases. This is a big mistake. Have you ever tried to hit several birds flying the air with a single stone? It’s just plain impossible.

When a ghost writer writes their articles and posts them both at their site and leading article directories, the success of their articles in generating traffic will rest heavily on their choice of keywords. If they “spread their risk” chances are that the campaign will fail where it would have yielded sensational results.

The golden rule which you ignore at your own peril is that your entire site or blog MUST focus on one single keyword phrase and the synonyms of that chosen keyword phrase ONLY. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Failure To Post SEO Marketing Articles In The Right Article Directories
The idea here is not to spam every article directory you can find with your SEO marketing articles. Rather you need to select a handful of specific article directories and if you chose wisely the viral effect will take over soon enough and your article will be re-posted all over the World Wide Web giving you a breathtaking amount of back links.

One of the most common reasons for failure of SEO marketing using articles is where the site is still too new to compete with keywords for search engine traffic and then the ghost writer fails to post the articles in the right article directories. Remember that when a site is new, traffic to the site will be best triggered off by articles in article directories ending up at the top of search engine results and therefore generating a sizeable amount of hits through the resource box at the bottom and links within the article as well.

Boring Articles Will Cause The Best SEO Marketing Campaign To Fail
Boring articles will quickly kill off any SEO marketing campaign. Your articles must be interesting enough and of value to generate back links and traffic for your target site. There is no other way.

The way to make articles useful is to start with a problem. This article you are reading started off with the problem where webmasters hire a ghost writer at great expense only to find that the SEO marketing campaign using articles ends up attracting disappointingly minimal traffic to their sites.

Failure To Have A Linking Strategy
Many ghost writers do not understand how search engines work and simply have very little SEO knowledge. The inevitable consequence of this is that they do not create an effective linking strategy. Each article posted at the article directory will have to link somewhere and it is not advisable to have all 3 links in an article pointing at one place.

A clever linking strategy is to have the links point to an article you have posted at a social networking site. Usually these sites have a high page rank meaning that chances of scoring high in search results are much higher than if the article were on your own site. And since your article at the site points back to your site, this will have an impact on your site’s page rank and also there will be plenty of direct traffic for you. Other times I can point a link to an article I have posted at an article directory for the same reason.

Ghost writers who do not have this knowledge will fail to exercise enough options to ensure that their SEO marketing article generates the maximum possible traffic.

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