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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do promotional articles win traffic?

Would you go into the cockpit of a commercial Jumbo jet and then when you fail to get it taxing on the runway, let alone fly, you then turn around and say Jumbo jets are too large and therefore they can’t fly. You tried and it didn’t work!

That is exactly what people are doing when they say articles don’t work and yet thye have just written a handful of terrible articles. The reason why articles don’t work for most people is because they just rush out there and start writing as many articles as they can and then they post them in every article directory they can find. Predictably it does not work and so they sit back to announce to the world that articles don’t work.

That is exactly how absurd it is to ever claim that article marketing is not effective. Search engines are hungrily looking for content round the clock and they reward good content with steady traffic for years to come. That is a fact. Read more

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