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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The most successful internet marketing model - start with free tools, spend money later

There is a particular web site where I regularly place my free internet marketing articles to generate traffic to my blog. Quite often several so called internet marketing experts place articles shortly after one of mine has been posted talking about the impossibility of making any money online without spending lots of cash on advertising.

Recently one of these "experts" bluntly called some of the techniques that I was suggesting, "tools for beginners on the net."

No, I was not offended. All my life I’ve met dozens of "experts", not only on internet marketing, but on scores of other unrelated subjects. They have never intimidated me. More so because many times, I have seen many of them fail miserably when asked to put their theories into practice. And make no mistake about it, some of these folks who have failed the practical test have had a long string of degrees and fancy qualifications next to their names.

I’ll tell you the sort of guys that get my attention. People who have earned lots of money doing what they are suggesting to others. Sadly these guys are very rare to meet. As soon as most people find a winning formula for success, they will tend to keep their mouths firmly shut. So most of the "experts" you will meet online especially the internet marketing ones, are simply peddling theories they have read about or learnt somewhere else.

You will not find theories or stuff that I read somewhere else in any of my internet marketing blogs(not here and certainly not at All the writing and advice I give is firmly based on experience, my own experience in internet marketing. That is not to say that I don’t read. I read a lot and later in this article I quote from some reading I did recently in the New York Times.

So why do I reveal my very profitable internet marketing secrets?

I reveal my secrets because that is the only way to grow. And in a place as dynamic and fast-changing as the web, you can be sure that your secret will not remain a secret for long. So instead of clinging onto something that will not be mine for that long why not release it a little earlier and gain valuable publicity and image from it, to help me make even more money from my internet marketing?

Part II

Luckily I have always been an ideas person. New ideas literally come out of my ears and I usually waste no time in trying them out. And I’ve realized one thing (you do not have to believe me) the more valuable internet marketing ideas I give out, the more fresh new ideas I receive. The more I hold on to my internet marketing ideas, the less I receive.

There is also an exciting new development on the net that is going to have a major impact on internet marketing. The growing success of pay-per-click advertising is helping numerous web sites make increasing revenue from advertising. Many of them are recovering their investment for the very first time through these ads like the google adsense ads. The pressure has therefore dramatically shifted to the quality of information because to earn from ads, one needs traffic and traffic is heavily dependant on the quality of the content.

This is one of the reasons why the demand for online writers has exploded and will continue to do so for a long time to come (visit my other blog for more details on this subject, if you want to cash in and make money from online writing.)

This is good news for everybody because it means that the quality of free information available on the net will continue to improve dramatically for some time.

I firmly believe that this will only make the current most successful internet marketing business model even more powerful. This model strongly contradicts what the internet marketing experts, I was telling you about at the beginning of this article are saying.

The model is that a web site starts off with free tools and grows to a huge size where they are in a position to attract a venture capitalist. They then move to the next level and set up a sizeable marketing budget to attract even more traffic.

The companies that have done this are just too many to mention in one article like this one. However I will pick just one internet marketing example from an article I read recently in the New York Times.

The newspaper was quoting Mark Pincus, founder of the hugely successful site which raised $6.3 million in venture funding in November 2003. Tribe is a free service that charges for classified ads. The site had 243,000 unique visitors in March. Pincus told the New York Times that traffic to his site had tripled over the last 12 months.

"Up until now, we haven’t spent money on marketing because we've wanted to be conservative," Pincus told the New York Times this month (May 2005), "But with revenues starting to come in, we’re now spending money on marketing to get more traffic."

I rest my case on free internet marketing.

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