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Saturday, June 11, 2005

FREE Affiliate marketing secrets to grow a huge income – Part I

There are many sites on the web that have grown really big without spending a single dime on advertising. And while I have nothing against pay-per-click advertising (it is actually very effective) my advice is that there is plenty you can do for free before you start spending money.

Besides it is much harder promoting a site you have just started than it is to ride on the success of other better known sites by getting involved in an affiliate program.

The secret of successful affiliate marketing starts with your choice of an affiliate program. Choose something that is close to your heart. If your main hobby is gardening, then specifically look for a site related to gardening. There are several key advantages in this, the first being that you have the advantage of knowing exactly where to find your clients.

There was a time I was introduced to a content-writer’s website and within a week I had signed up over 60 new affiliates under me. It was all because I knew exactly where freelance writers hang out on the web and what they are looking for. Some little creativity did the rest. Remember that whenever you want to get other people to do something you need to think like them and know how to give them what they want or are looking for, even as you get what you want. A few articles here and there and a single classified ad brought me instant traffic and instant affiliates signing up under me. Actually this is one of the huge advantages of most good affiliate programs – the fact that you earn a commission from other people’s efforts even as you continue with your own efforts. That is how to take full advantage of the networking power of the net.

The way to approach your affiliate marketing strategy is to divide your marketing tools and methods into three.

1) Short term methods
2) Medium term methods
3) Long term methods

Before I deal with each of the three separately let me just emphasize why all three are important. You need short term marketing methods to bring in the initial service and to give you an idea of what the response rate is going to be. For example I joined an affiliate program selling a very effective book that can help anybody make a huge success of selling at Ebay. My short term strategy for selling this book was to use articles submitted daily to different article and ezine directories. I got my first sale when less than 50 visitors had visited the site. But my excitement dampened when I received more that 120 visitors without making a second sale. In the end I discovered that I required about 180 hits to make a sale.

Although I was disappointed, this information was invaluable to me, because all I needed to do now was find a way of getting 180 hits per day to make at least one sale every day. That is what short term methods are supposed to do for you.
The methods you come up with to reach your targets are the medium term methods. Continuous submission of articles loaded with your links and the setting up of a blog or two specifically to market your affiliate program are my favorite and most effective medium term methods.

Your long term method or marketing tools, should explode the traffic to your affiliate program. But this is unlikely to happen overnight. To read about my favorite long term tool capable of giving your affiliate program site or blog promoting your affiliate site 1,000,000 visitors a day read my excellent article available at this link:

In the Part II of this article I discuss the 3 free marketing strategies you can use to earn a huge affiliate income. The article will be posted after the weekend. Meanwhile you can register at the site recommended in my article at the above link and get your long term marketing moving.


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