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Friday, June 17, 2005

Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing free articles

Before you start using anything it is always a good idea to understand its' limitations and disadvantages even as you appreciate its' good points. Let's start by looking at the disadvantages of free articles as an online marketing tool.


Requires patience. It takes time for the viral effect to start working
Most folks on the net are in a terrible hurry. They want it all to happen in a few seconds. Even minutes are too long.

An online marketing articles campaign requires a little patience. Even the much desired online marketing viral effect where your article gets reposted all over the net, will take time to start happening.

You need to be a good writer
You need to be a good writer who understands the difference between writing offline for a newspaper or in some magazine, and writing online. Online writing needs to be clear, easy to read and loaded with facts. The competition for readers is crazy online and very few people will waste time trying to make sense out of some poor writing. The problem is that not everybody doing inline marketing is a writer, let alone a good online writer.

May require some work and consistency

If you use online marketing pay per click ads, all you need to do is pay for your ads and wait for your traffic which will surely come. With free articles, there's loads of work to be done. And it is consistent work, you will have to keep writing and posting articles to keep on getting good traffic.


There is nothing else that is so effective and yet free on the net
You've probably heard the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. And it is very true. Writing affects people's emotions, thoughts and ultimately their actions. Good writing can be extremely powerful online marketing, especially when it is read by the people the writer intended. This is achieved easily on the net and the sort of quality traffic that articles will tend to generate for your website or affiliate program site, will be impossible to get in any other way. That's why they say content is king on the world wide web. The most amazing advantage is that posting this powerful online marketing tool at high traffic web sites all over the net is free.

If combined with other tools can work faster

Although it is true that articles take time to give you good results in terms of traffic, there are various methods of speeding up the whole process. You can for example use traffic exchange sites and get much higher readership for your articles at a website or posted at your own articles blog. Either way you will speed up the required effect. See my article on this subject at this link:

You can also ensure that your long term results from articles is nothing short of amazing and ends up resulting in millions of hits by using an amazing tool which I describe in my article which you can find at the following link:

You can hire a writer or write list articles yourself
It is also true that you need a good online writer. But you can easily hire one. At $5 per article, this will hardly make a dent in your budget. I charge $15 myself for very high quality keyword rich articles that will get anybody loads of traffic.

Alternatively you can do list articles yourself, even if you are not a good writer. This article has deliberately been written using the list article method.

How do you write list articles?
As the name suggests, you write your headline then list all the points briefly. You then run through the list again, explaining each point in more detail. Even if you just leave your article as a list with very little explanation, it can still be read and appreciated and can show-off your knowledge on a particular subject. Always remember that articles are a very powerful online marketing tool.

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