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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Easy Way To Increase Your Traffic Dramatically And Create Thousands of One Way Links Pointing To Your Site Instantly

This writer and his team of dedicated and experienced online writers are currently delighting many bloggers and webmasters with this wonderful service that has seen many blogs move from oblivion to over 200% traffic increases within a very short space of time.

It's a very simple but hugely effective technique for building up both targeted traffic and one way links pointing to your site, very quickly.

We write brief keyword articles (200 – 250 words) that can also be used as posts at your own blog. We then post them at the leading articles directory site on the net. It has very high traffic and has proven in test after test to be more effective than having an article posted at 100 other well-known article directories.

Because of the carefully selected non-competitive but popular keyword phrases used to create your article, the articles created for you will be indexed and will then tend to appear very highly ranked when posted at this articles directory. This will result in plenty of traffic for you for each article created and also plenty of one way links pointing at your site which brings in even more traffic.

My fee for each article is only $8.50 (if you order a minimum of 50 articles at a time). But there is nothing wrong with starting off with as few as 5 articles or 25 (recommended minimum for the best results) just to see for yourself how well this technique works for your site. The rate for fewer than 50 articles is $9 per article.

What makes this a real bargain is the keyword research done to identify the least competitive and most viable keywords to use for your articles to attract traffic from search engines. The fee also includes the time-consuming exercise of posting the articles at this leading article directory.

What's more, this is a ghostwriting service and you will therefore own full rights to the articles and your name will appear on them as the author at the articles directory posts.

Don't waste another minute, kindly email me now before we close this deal to any more new clients coming in (which at this rate should happen pretty quickly – you see this thing works and that's why we're accumulating the sort of clients who never want to leave, at a very rapid rate.)
Learn all about links and the various other methods of accumulating them and the huge traffic that comes with them.

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