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Friday, June 30, 2006

Build Web Site Traffic Slowly Even As You Make Money

Instead of being in a big rush for big impossible traffic, you should concentrate on techniques that will help you build up solid reliable traffic slowly even as you make money from your existing low traffic.

At the same time you should be careful not to behave like a high traffic site. Many site owners building their opt in email lists behave like big sites in the sense that they never bother to have a more personal relationship and dialogue with the few growing members on their list. There are many advantages of doing this. The most obvious is the fact that you get to know and understand your target audience better. This is very important in helping a site owner grow their sites. Understanding one's audience intimately is of extreme importance.

Yet many site owners with email lists of half a dozen or so behave as if their lists run in the thousands and fail to take advantage of the personal touch when the list is still small.

The other important thing that a low traffic site has to do is set up their site in such a way that they maximize on the page views each new visitor clocks. The way to do this is by placing relevant links leading to other interesting stories in the site. Increasing page views will always have a very high impact on the revenue of any site. For example the site owner will be able to earn more from Adsense because page views will dramatically increase the number of Adsense ads the visitor is exposed to which will also increase the chances of getting them clicked. In other words, the more the page views, the more the clicks on Adsense ads and therefore the higher the revenue earned.
The easy way to increase your traffic dramatically.

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