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Monday, October 09, 2006

Fascinating Blog That I stumbled On The Other Day

I stumbled across this rather interesting blog, the other day.

The blogger basically writes about business, business travels and mostly about his beloved discovery engines like Pandora and stumble upon. Blogger says that he is anticipating the release of Repliqa. This is supossed to be a powerful discovery engine that helps you find cool things on the World Wide Web.

I’m not one for freebies, but what really got my attention at The Fish was the ipod nano given free to this guy who thought up the company/discovery engine name for the blogger. It seems that freebies are given at this blog on a regular basis. What a brilliant marketing strategy, I think I should try it out sometime.

Quick tip:
To be able to achieve your objective of larger traffic fast and to thus be able to see more money from your blog, you do not need to promote every single post you make. Choose instead, the best and most useful and even if they end up being only a handful at a time, they should be enough.

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