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Friday, October 06, 2006

Make Blog Money Fast Using This Distinctive Single Page Traffic Generation Technique

Carefully implementing the following simple technique will make a huge difference in your traffic and your blog will make you money so fast that you will think you were dreaming.

Most bloggers think in general terms when promoting their blogs for traffic. This is a big mistake. Try and change your approach and instead focus on promoting only one page or post at a time and you will witness a huge difference.

The way to do this is to come up with a marketing and promotional plan and strategy for each page the minute you have posted it. Sit down and clearly formulate a specific promotional strategy for that single page.

It will help a great deal if each post you make at your blog focuses on as narrow a topic as possible. For example this post is about the unique traffic-generating technique of promoting posts individually, which should be able to help any blog make money fast from whatever affiliate programs they have on site.

A good place to start promoting your post is by answering questions related to your posted article at discussion forums. Use the most important keyword phrases related to your article at your favorite search engine to find relevant discussions and discussion forums. You can also leave comments at blogs. Be careful not to spam by making sure you make genuinely useful and relevant comments. Do not link to your site at the least excuse or at every opportunity. Instead make your comment first and later follow it up with the useful and relevant link.

The more useful the comments you make, in as many different places as you can, the higher the traffic you will be able to generate to your post. With more traffic arriving at your post and blog, it will be that much easier to make significant money fairly fast from your blog.

The other thing I usually do is to post special articles at high traffic directories whose sole purpose is to direct traffic to my post. Again, if you are able to give useful information here, people will visit your blog page in large numbers.

You should also promote your post by linking to it from other related posts in your blog. Usually I will sometimes decide to promote a single blog page for the next week or so of posts. I have found that this is very effective in increasing page views dramatically for the blog post I want to promote.

Repeat the same process for every important key post at your blog and you will soon find that traffic to your site will start rapidly climbing. This is in sharp contrast to the situation where bloggers simply make posts and then quickly forget them and move on, hoping that visitors to the site will somehow find useful earlier pages.

To be able to achieve your objective of larger traffic fast and to thus be able to see more money from your blog, you do not need to promote every single post you make. Choose instead, the best and most useful and even if they end up being only a handful at a time, they should be enough.
If you think this strategy is useful in helping you increase traffic to your blog pronto, then I just wonder what you will say when you see this killer high traffic strategy that has the potential of "roasting" your servers.

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