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Monday, October 09, 2006

How Blogger Software Made My Adsense And Affiliate Revenues Explode Overnight

For a long time I had known that to make money from Adsense, there were really no two ways about it, one needed lots of pages. So I had always made a big effort to generate them manually and being a good and fast writer, I guess I didn't do too badly.

Yet the big break never seemed to come. I continued to read about other people making the sort of Adsense income I could not make in a year of 12 months in ONE DAY! I could have written them off as frauds and cheats and indeed I did. But it did not make me feel better. Deep inside I knew that the figures of what others were earning were correct. Especially when Google were posting some of the stories and figures at their own blog.

For a long time I had always ignored software. After all software has a bad name online. Its' what all those spammers use to make life so difficult for all of us online. For instance I have stubbornly refused to use software to post my articles on numerous websites all over the net. Once even a client I had done some content for asked me to consider using the software and I preferred to lose the client rather than accept to use "spammer's tools."

But in a moment of desperation a couple of months ago, I relented and decided to use some special software specifically designed for blogger software. I immediately saw how unfair an advantage those using this kind of software had over those who were not. Believe me, there is really no comparison.

But I am not here to sell you specific software, this is not what this article is about. Do your own research and read what others are saying about the various excellent products in the market currently and make your choice. Don't make it hurriedly, make it very carefully indeed and change your life, like mine did.

The big bonus was that using the software one is able to optimize pages for the right keywords, which inevitably has a dramatic effect on the volume of traffic arriving at your sites. There are a couple of affiliate and CPA affiliate programs that I have signed up for and they have benefited enormously from the loads of targeted traffic that the software has helped me generate within a very short space of time.

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