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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Headline Writing Service & Powerful SEO Article Writing Tips For Dummies And Non-writers

Powerful SEO Article Writing Tips For Dummies And Non-writers

Get your hands on this amazing eBook that will change your life and can help anybody, even if you are a dummy in all matters to do with the web.

You will be able to do the following;

* Write your own powerful SEO articles even if you can hardly write a shopping list. The way to do this is through writing simple list articles. My detailed eBook gives you step by step instructions on how to do exactly that.

* Turn every article on your web site or blog into a powerful SEO traffic generating tool. It's so easy if you know exactly what to do.

* Written in simple non-technical language that any dummy and any non-writer can understand.

* Links to all the useful free tools online (many of them little known) that you will need. This includes which high traffic article directories will give you more traffic than you can handle.

* Every writer is vague about how they usually find those golden keyword phrases that are capable of pulling tens of thousands of page views daily. I am blunt and simple and pour out my heart without holding anything back. The result is that you will never again have problems identifying the right magical keywords to use.

* What anchor text keywords to use (those are the vital keywords that you use to link back to your site from high traffic article directories).

* The little known secret that has to do with your web stats that will triple and even add many zeros to your weekly traffic volumes within a very short time. Don’t worry of you currently have no web stats tool installed at your site because in my special report I recommend an excellent free one that will take any dummy 2 minutes to install at their site and will give you more info than you will ever need.

* The simple linking strategy to use when your site is brand new or yet to be indexed or recognized by Google.

* Plus many more life-changing seo article writing techniques that are guaranteed to change your problems from lack of traffic to where to find the extra bandwidth to accommodate the huge traffic.

There are 2 Ways to get your hands on this valuable Ebook.

Method 1

If you don’t have a minute to waste and would like to get your hand on the Ebook immeditaley, just send $5 via Paypal now to and I will email you the Ebook in PDF format. If you are interested, on purchasing the Ebook, you will also qualify to receive my weekly email newsletter (that would have otherwise cost you $19.90 for an annual subscription) packed with SEO article writing information for dummies

Method 2
You can also get my eBook for FREE by referring your friends to my site which talks about this important and valuable Ebook.

Here are your simple instructions;

1) Place the link below as your email signature in your email so that the next 10 emails that go out have the message modestly but noticeably at the bottom. (you avoid the embarrassment of trying to push something to your friends because it looks like a message from your email service providers and yet you still get the message out to them powerfully.).

2) Send me a blank email to ckyalo (at) with the signature at the bottom before you start sending it out with your usual emails to your friends and colleagues.

3) When just two of the people you email click on the link and visit my site (they don’t have to do anything else) I will email you the $5 Ebook packed with valuable information for FREE. You will also receive my weekly email newsletter (that would have otherwise cost you $19.90 for an annual subscription) packed with SEO article writing information for dummies.

It’s that simple.


Headline Writing Service

I also offer a service to provide unique, powerful headlines complete with keywords which you can then use to write content for your blog or web site that is guaranteed to get you plenty of attention and traffic.

I only charge $2.85 per article headline/title. So my minimum 7 attention-grabbing headlines will cost you only $19.95cts.

Write to me now at; ckyalo(at)

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