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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Silent Online Protest: Why This Article Has No Relevant Headline

Contrary to what many good folks think, headlines and article titles DO NOT save us time. In fact they waste too much of our time in this data-laden information age where one of the overwhelming consequences is that we now have facts and figures literally oozing out of our ears and no time to read half the stuff that is really important; nay, life saving for us.

Yesterday I wasted a whole morning on the web and as I retired late in the night, it dawned on me that I had nothing to show for the day. Meaning that I would have been better off had I not gotten out of bed that morning. I got very angry when I realized that most of my morning (which set the trend for the other half of the day) had been spent clicking on enticing headlines promising the information I was seeking only to end up on some pages jam-packed with advertising and a single paragraph of totally irrelevant gibberish.

Why Google Should Ban Headlines And Article Titles
Big brother Google can do us all a favor by ignoring headlines in their next algorithm adjustment, because this keyword thing has gone way overboard. It is not uncommon these days when some twit with an Internet connection discovers that the word Mesothelioma pays in double digit Adsense dollars to have the following headline on their matchmaking site;

Mesothelioma: How I Met The Person Of My Dreams

Not to mention the story of the nice lady executive on a business improvement blog she had just discovered, who eagerly clicked on the article title; How to grow big overnight only to find her screen crowded with a part of the human anatomy that is the preserve of men and with content about how its' enlargement helps men keep mostly their female companions. And she may just have been the kind of lady whose face fills with blood at the mere mention of the word "penis" let alone elaborate explanations of exercises and concoctions meant to allegedly grow them in size.

Imagine what would happen in real life if we allowed everybody to carry around a headline describing themselves. Most convicted rapists would probably have the headline Gender Sensitive Gentleman while bank robbers would best describe themselves as Rapid Growth Financial Experts. Not to mention every scum of the earth proudly wearing a I Hate SPAM headline. Imagine the confusion and grief it would cost most of us. By the way that's exactly how to describe the current situation on the World Wide Web.

That's why it would make plenty of sense to transfer real life online. We search by category from the search engine, just like you would go to a single's pub knowing exactly what you are looking for.

And then you would devise your own way to judge and decide if you are interested in "reading on." Like scanning the first few lines that come out of the mouth of the prospect/article.

I am certain that had this idea been in place yesterday, I would have gone to bed a much happier more accomplished person.

Nothing I say will change the world as it is today where headlines are terribly important. That's why getting the right interesting keyword-rich headlines for every article you write for your blog or web site is the beginning of high traffic and online success.

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