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Monday, September 17, 2007

Two Types Of Article Headlines That Will Always Lose You Tons Of Traffic

There are articles that appear on the first page of search engine results for a very high traffic keyword phrase but, because of their weak headline or title, end up with very little traffic? Still there are other articles that appear on the second or even third page of the same search results that will end up with much higher traffic because of the headline used.

Let us look at two types of headline mistakes many people writing online content frequently make. It is a good idea to carefully examine them because this is very serious business and millions of dollars are being lost every hour by many webmasters because of these mistakes.

Are Your Article Titles Appealing To Everybody And Nobody?
We all know that people online will tend to click only on links that interest them. So it is only natural to create titles to our articles that will appeal to as wide an audience as possible. This is a big mistake because such a strategy will always give you very weak headlines.

The basic principal about headlines that has never changed since the offline, bricks and mortar days is that a headline is supposed to flag down, only people that you can interest. Get that expensive lie that you can interest everybody, out of your mind.

Even when marketing a general product, the right strategy is to do it by picking out and dealing with one specific segment at a time. This is a very valuable rule to remember when creating titles for your content.

The Trick Headline That Gets You Plenty Of Angry Hits
There are some folks who are pretty good at building in curiosity into their headlines so much so that they will always end up with a very high click through rate. But readers will always feel cheated when the minute the read the first paragraph and will quickly and angrily click their way out of the site. So why do you want to upset your prospects?

Contrast this to a site careful to ensure that all their headlines deliver on the promises they make. Visitors that and up at their sites will spend much more time there and are likely to talk to other people about the site and possibly return in future. That is how successful sites are built.

And remember that it all starts with good article titles that inspire clicks.

Change the headlines to your content and replace them with keyword rich headlines that will get you tons of traffic. Remember that you can guarantee your success by getting the best headlines to your articles before you write a single word.

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