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Monday, May 08, 2006

Young Adsense Affiliates And Why You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

(More articles) Young Adsense affiliates who also happen to be some of the leading bloggers on the net with blogs that have colossal amounts of traffic are having a field day on the World Wide Web.

The huge advantage with which young Adsense affiliates start off with is their ability to reach out to the important market of younger folks on the net. They are able to reach this market with the right kind of interesting content that is able to hold this market captive. This is critical for anybody who wants to make money from Adsense, because the longer people stay at your site, the more likely they are to click at your Adsense ads.

Older Adsense affiliates have many more issues bothering them than the young when it comes to generating good quality content for their sites. Even older content providers transferring from offline rates where every freelance written articles was
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paid for in hundreds of dollars are having a huge problem with the going rates online. Online content is usually paid for with a small single digit or double-digit handful of dollars. Meaning that for an online content provider to make any decent cash they will need to churn out significant volumes of content.

That is the reality of the net which young Adsense affiliates seem to grasp more quickly than older folks who find the idea of churning out content repulsive. This is one reason why young Adsense affiliates have tended to enjoy an advantage over older Adsense affiliates. Content is very important for success in the Adsense program and the young Adsense affiliates tend to much more readily embrace the realities associated with content on the net.
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