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Monday, October 08, 2007

Hot Traffic-Generating SEO Articles: How To Write Your Own

One of the most useful skills any web site owner can acquire is that of being able to write their own SEO (search engine optimized) articles. Actually it is very simple and anybody can learn how to do this.

Step One: Before Writing Your SEO article, Pick A Keyword Phrase

The first step in writing your seo article is picking a keyword phrase. This is the most important step and yet the trickiest. This is because if you choose a keyword phrase that is way too competitive, then you will be wasting your time because you’ll never be able to attract traffic using it. The best thing to do is to chose a keyword phrase within your reach and one that will grow in future so that you grow with it. This means the more words the better, but try not to go beyond 4 words.

To research my keywords I use my Adwords account which gives me a lot of information including synonyms or alternative similar keywords. And then I also check out the exact popularity of the keyword using the overture keyword tool.

Step Two: Agonize Over A Headline For Your SEO Article

The next step is to find a hot headline for your SEO article. I have used the word agonize because I usually spend a lot more time with my headlines. I cannot emphasize enough on how important the title or headline of your SEO article is. To start with it must have your main keyword phrase in it. And yet it must also be the kind of headline that grabs your readers immediately and gives them no alternative but to read the article. This is very important online because most of the times the first possible contact readers will have with your article will be the headline and they will then decide whether or not to click on it and get to read your article. It is possible to be right at the top of search engine results and yet get only a tiny fraction of the traffic that you should have gotten only because of a poor headline.

Many times I will list a few possible headlines and then get on with the rest of my article and then come back later to make my final decision when I’m done with the writing of the SEO article. You can avoid the agony of headline selection by using a very low cost but quality headline writing service.

Step Three: Write Your SEO Article Keeping The Keyword Density To Below 5%

If you are optimizing your article for all the major search engines (namely Google, Yahoo and MSN) then keyword density of about 5 per cent is fine. If you specifically want to score well with Google then keep it below 5 per cent and use a lot of alternative keywords for the same keyword phrase that you are going after. What I usually do is to write my articles as naturally as possible and then read through later to check the use of the keyword phrase and to decide where to place it.

Your Article Must be Interesting Or Else…
Always remember that there is just too much to read online and nobody is going to waste their time with a boring article. Part of the process of optimizing your article is to make it as interesting and useful as possible. To do this it is important that you pack it with valuable tips and hard to find information.

It is also very important to remember that the tinier the niche you target with your article the better and the more interesting it will be. It is just plain suicide writing an article that is too general aimed at everybody. That will get you nowhere on the web.

Just to give an example. If you are writing an article on how to find a good reliable web host, you will dramatically increase the power of your article by targeting a specific niche. For instance your article can be about how dating sites can find a good reliable web host. Rather than lose readership by narrowing down your target niche, you will gain because other webmasters who are well aware of the fact that dating sites tend to get very busy will also be attracted to read your article.

Finally never forget that a key part of SEO is attracting back links pointed at your site. The more interesting your article is the more the people who will link to it. So it is true to say that the most important aspect of optimizing an article for search engines is to ensure that it is as interesting and useful as possible.

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