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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Search Engine Marketing Articles: Base Them All On Your Web Stats And Pull In Tons Of Traffic Part 2

Your web stats are a rich source of even more traffic when you use them to create search engine marketing articles.

Popular Pages And Search Engine Marketing Articles
In the first part of this article we looked into one way of using your most popular pages to increase page views and thus the time visitors typically spend at your site.

The other way to cash in on your most popular pages is to create special reports based on the content on these pages. You should try and add as much as possible that is not published on your web site. When you are done, you can offer this valuable information via email to your prospects. In fact you can advertise this offer at the bottom of that most popular page. Done properly, what will result is a huge opt-in email subscriber list. You can use this list to get readers to return to your site every week by emailing them alerts of the highlights of the latest posts and is bound to be of interest to them.

In my special report Powerful SEO Article Writing Tips For Dummy Non-writers I give the name of a leading online free service that is idea for you to use to distribute your special reports and to run your opt-in email lists. Because of the filters all email software has to block spam these days, with virtually all other services, your weekly email newsletters will end up in the bulk spam folder and will therefore hardly have the desired effect. With this service I name in my special report you will be guaranteed that as long as your recipient opted-in to be receiving your email, your message will NEVER end up in his bulk folder but will always go straight into the main inbox. (See my SEO article writing piece)

Get your hands on the complete eBook on how to make a lot of money using your web stats details in my search engine articles blog.

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