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Friday, November 02, 2007

How To Get An Inexpensive Ghost Writer Who Will Focus

You Need To Know How To Write A SEO Article To Supervise Your Ghost Writer

Most of the time, it is easy to identify content on sites that has been written by a ghost writer, it matters little whether they were inexpensive or expensive, experienced or just starting out.

The tell tale signs are a lack of focus where the articles jump from keyword to keyword without much depth. Instead what should happen is that all the content on a site should focus on a single keyword phrase which signifies the niche market the site targets. From this single keyword phrase there will be numerous synonyms and related keywords which is all that the site should concentrate on.

To get an inexpensive ghost writer who will focus and understands the power of this strategy, you can do either of two things. You can hire the experienced SEO writer of this article, or alternatively you can get any decent inexpensive ghost writer and then supervise them closely. Admittedly to supervise their work closely you will need to understand exactly how SEO articles are supposed to be written.

How To Write A SEO Article
Before a single SEO article is written for a site, a decision must be made on which main keyword phrase the site will focus on.

In this life people become highly successful by focusing with laser beam precision on something very particular. The rays of the sun fall harmlessly (mostly) on the planet until somebody gets a magnifying glass and focuses a few of those rays on a particular precise point and it is enough to start a bush fire of colossal proportions

It is critical for you to focus on a very particular niche and the smaller that niche, the better. This focus should be portrayed by the main keyword phrase you select for your site. Don’t panic and wonder what you will do with a single keyword phrase, I can assure you that whatever keyword you come up with, it will have dozens of synonyms and related keyword phrases to keep you busy for years. In other words, get this truth firmly into your mind; one keyword phrase is enough to last you more than a lifetime.

The next thing you need to do is to develop exceptional article ideas from your main keyword phrase. In generating ideas, looking at synonyms to your keyword phrase will help a great deal.

When you get down to writing the SEO article make sure that your main keyword phrase for the article is within the title as early as possible and in the first sentence. It is also very important that your keyword phrase is repeated in the last sentence of the article.

These days the emphasis is on writing SEO articles in as natural a way as possible, so the keyword phrase does not have to be repeated that many times in the main body of the article. Your keyword density should be 5% or slightly less. However it will help to create subheadings and it is a good idea if your keyword phrase is repeated in those subheadings a few times.

More tips on how to write a SEO article.

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