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Monday, November 05, 2007

How Many Search Engine Marketing Articles Do You Need To Post To Get 10,000 Hits A Day?

Clients who use search engine marketing articles frequently ask me this same question in many different forms. It is the kind of question that does not have a straight answer because it depends on so many diverse factors.

Probably the best way for me to handle it is by looking at those different factors.

Is It Possible For Search Engine Marketing Articles To Generate 10,000 Hits A Day For A Site?
It is a good idea to start with this question that will always come from the skeptics. Luckily the answer here is simple and straight forward.

YES. In fact there is no limit to the number of hits that search engine marketing articles are capable of generating for a site. Hardly surprising when you consider the fact that currency of the web is NOT dollars but content. That is what search engines live off.

Choice And Quality Of Keywords Will Decide How Many Hits Your Site Gets
One of the most important factors that will impact on the volume of daily traffic that you will end up generating from your search engine marketing articles will be your keyword phrases. For starters you must focus on a single keyword phrase for your site meaning that you will be zeroing in on a certain tiny niche. After you have made this very important decision on which single keyword phrase/niche you want to target, you must find all the related keywords and synonyms as well as variations of the single keyword phrase you select.

It is very important that you remember that even if your main keyword only attracted 2,000 hits in a recent month, this does not mean that that is the maximum amount of traffic you will ever hope to receive in a month. All the different variations of your main keyword will attract traffic in their own right including numerous secondary keywords on your site that you will develop almost accidentally as you g deeper and deeper into your subject matter using your search engine marketing articles.

Viral Effect Of Search Engine Marketing Articles Will Impact On Traffic
One of the amazing things about search engine marketing articles is the viral effect that good quality articles quite often enjoy as other sites link to it while others re-post it on their sites complete with your resource box (if you are using article directories). It is not unusual for 100 quality articles to end up generating 10,000 back links for a site within a very short time. Naturally this will impact on the number of daily hits you end up generating from your search engine marketing articles.

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Even a single articles with fresh and unique you can get 10,000 traffic !