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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SEO Copywriting Gives Residual Traffic And Residual Income

If there is any reason for SEO copywriting that is much more important than all the other ones put together then it has to be the fact that it guarantees residual traffic and ultimately residual income.

Residual traffic means enduring and recurring traffic from an article done once and never touched again. Assuming that you have monetized your site using some affiliate program, promotional SEO articles would also guarantee you residual income.

This is one huge advantage that most webmasters and site owners have been very slow in taking note of. Most of them want super fast results like what they get from PPC ads and fail to see the fact that even if your SEO copywriting produces just one article that gives you only one hit per week, that article is much more valuable than any other form of online advertising (or even offline) that you can conjure up.

Let me give you an even more dramatic illustration of this point. Let’s say that your hired a top notch celebrity ghost writer who charged you $100 for each SEO article they did for you. The bill for 100 articles would be a staggering $10,000. Let us then assume that the articles were not much good or effective and that each generated on average only 1 hit every week. That would give you traffic of 100 unique visitor’s weekly. Believe it or not, you would still be guaranteed to receive a profitable return on your investment because of the following reasons;

a) The traffic you receive from articles is usually more prepared to buy than traffic you get through PPC (pay per click) ads that you purchase. Articles are great at pre-selling. The conversion rate would therefore be much higher.

b) Articles last forever online justifying SEO copywriting and meaning that you could go to sleep for the next 10 years and your site would still receive targeted traffic regularly. The power of residual traffic will be working for you all the time.

c) The number of hits per article that you will get is bound to grow over time as more people discover your articles and re-post them at their sites or simply link to them. Here it is a good idea to give you the typical traffic generation trend with articles. When they are new, they will give you high traffic but the hits will gradually reduce over the next few weeks until they reach a certain level where they will remain steady and then begin to very gently rise again.

d) I guarantee that within 5 years you would have made more money from your residual traffic SEO articles and copywriting than the person who spent the $10,000 on ppc ads over the same period.

The power of residual traffic is really something and the only way it can happen is through SEO copywriting.

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