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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dans Success Plan Review

Product name: Dans Success Plan
Owner: Dan Webster

With the kind of clever marketing gimmick approach being executed here, not to mention the cocky claim that nothing is being sold, it becomes rather confusing and difficult to decipher exactly what is really going on when it comes to Dans’ Success plan. This review goes well beyond the surface to dig rather deep and behind the scenes. In taking this closer look the real nuts and bolts in this Dans Success Plan Review our intention is to lay everything bare with the aim of reaching a fair verdict on whether it is a scam or real. And more importantly, if it isn’t a scam, whether it is worth your time and effort to join or you should just let it pass.

What’s really going on here?
When you sign up for Dans’ Success plan the promise is that you will be shown a website that you can then use to make between $500 to $5000 a month. Dan tells us it is easy money to make and no prior experience or special skills will be required. Then the shocker; there is absolutely no cost to signing up, it is all free. It all sounds way too good to be true and nobody will blame you or anybody else for having serious doubts. A valuable money making system all delivered into your hands for free? Sounds very unlikely does it not? What’s the catch? There has to be one... right??

Let us now take a much closer look at this then and attempt to answer these nagging questions about the program.

The nuts and bolts of Dan’s Success plan
On signing up you will discover that the website you will be referred to is actually the one that runs the popular Coffee shop millionaire program which happens to be also owned by Dan Webster. Yep the same Dan who is positioning himself as a middleman with the Dans’ Success plan program. In other words he is referring you to his own training program website. Now that sounds sneaky does it not?

The website you will be introduced to on signing up for Dans’ Success plan runs an online marketing training program for rookies and those who are new to making money on World Wide Web. That is what the coffee shop millionaire program has become famous for.

The advantage here is that before this Dans’ Success plan offer there was no way anybody could access the site without being a paid up member. Now by joining Dans’ Success plan, which is free, you will be able to have access to the Coffee shop millionaire system for making money as well as all the valuable information that comes with it. But at what price? Depends on how much you end up purchasing after a couple of months on the free program.

So the question that has to be burning in your mind right now is what is Dan really up to here?

Actually the idea behind Dans’ Success plan is to sign up large numbers of affiliates for his Coffee shop millionaire program. These affiliates will help promote the program even further and chances are that a significant enough number of those affiliates will even go ahead and take advantage of the available chance of purchasing the training program later and ending up as paid members of the said site.

Now this makes a lot of business sense and is a rather smart entrepreneurial move on the web. However does it benefit those who decide to sign up?

Granted, since you have paid absolutely nothing it is difficult to pin down and label Dans’ Success plan a scam. A scam is where you pay cash and get nothing in return. However there is the valuable time you will spend on the program only to end up being solicited to buy something. Looked at this way it can be classified a scam.

What customer service options?

After a week Dan promises that he will have one of his business coaches call you. They will help you set up your online business and answer any questions that you may be have concerning your Internet business. The question is what happens after that? What will you do long after this one-off consultative encounter is over and you run into some real issues?

It should also be remembered that Dan Webster is not a novice in internet marketing and has in fact made substantial amounts of cash online with some of his online businesses. But what benefits will you end up with on signing up? It is unlikely that he will just hand over all his secrets.

If by any chance you do opt to move to the next level then you will need to part with some cash and when you do Dan will show you his 6-figure monthly money making system and all you will then need to do is replicate it for yourself and hopefully in the process replicate his sensational success. This is a very long shot.

Although there is nothing illegal being done here, the main objectives of Dans’ Success plan seems to be pretty clear. And that is to drive tons and tons of traffic to his other site for his personal profit.

Also once you join Dans’ Success plan program for free all information coming to you is bound to be accompanied by numerous ads and solicitation for you to upgrade and join the paid program. Or the ads will be to get you to pay for some other product. This could prove to be very annoying for those accustomed to freebies that have minimal ads or promotions. For those more receptive you can be sure that you will definitely end up paying for something after few weeks or months in the success plan that Dan is offering here.

The whole idea here is to sign up tons of affiliates for Dan's other program. The partial access you will be given to his money making system is unlikely to have any major impact on you making money online. When you add that to the fact that Dan is not being honest when presenting his offer here, the verdict becomes rather obvious. This Dans success plan review says that despite the fact that this program is allegedly free, it is indeed a scam. Folks out there need to be very careful not to be sucked into Dan's clever schemes.

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