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Monday, February 23, 2015

YouTube Marketing Made Easy - Promote Your Business With YouTube

By Expert Author George Yeo

There are already millions of people who are registered with YouTube, and this video site is growing every single day! Can you imagine your potential customers/prospects that you are losing out if you are not using YouTube or any other video sites to promote your business? You can tap into this vast market with a few simple videos that you can create easily. Here is how you can start.

1. Getting the video done. There are 2 main ways to do so. You can either take a video of yourself / someone. Talk about the product and how it has benefited you or your customers. Provide testimonials if possible. Make sure there are no unnecessary background sounds when taking the video. In this way, the viewer can hear your presentation clearly. Another way would be to use a video-making software to produce your video. There are many such programs where you can enter text, sounds and images to make your presentation lively and interesting.

2. Uploading the video. To attract more viewers, make sure you use an interesting preview. This can be done after you have uploaded your video. You will be given 4 screenshots of your video. Choose the one that looks most interesting. Remember to use an interesting title as well as this can increase your click-through rate significantly.

3. Using a few keywords in the title. This is considered keyword spamming, but it is 'ok' as long as you do not overdo it. There are many people who will be looking for your videos with different keywords, so use 2 different keyword phrases in your title.

4. Driving traffic to your videos. You can use many methods to do so such as writing articles, social bookmarking and social networking. With more views, potential viewers are more likely to click on your video to watch it.

5. Include a link to your business in the description.

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