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Saturday, February 21, 2015

How Important Is Local SEO?

In our uncertain new digital world there are a few certainties after all. One of them has to be just how important your local SEO is. Folks are always on the move but they will have their mobile devices with them, if nothing else. And you can be sure that if you are small restaurant somewhere a bunch of them will regularly seek out a place just like yours. They are also bound to do the same with much larger businesses in the vicinity.

But the common complaint you will tend to hear way too frequently is the immense time required to put your local SEO house in order. So how important is local SEO and what can be done to raise rankings?

Consistently Correct Is The Secret
This is probably the reason why a vast majority of businesses have never taken the time to even take a look at their local search presence. What happens is that mistakes and inaccuracies duplicate and so do inconsistencies. In other words the longer you put it off the worse it gets. And the worse it gets, the longer it will take to clean house. You can now begin to understand how it can take 6 long months just to sort out what has rapidly multiplied into one giant SEO mess.

So businesses that take the trouble to pay attention to their local SEO will always have a huge advantage over those that do not. Never allow errors to go viral as they certainly will.

Don’t Look For Quick Fixes
The huge temptation for most is to believe that there must be some easy magical short cut to sort out their SEO mess quickly, painlessly and cheaply. There has to be, especially if they look hard enough. After all it all comes down to a name and address, just listings really. If you can fix just a few listings then everything should be fine. Right? Wrong!!

As the say the devil is in the details. And naturally you will never get to the details unless you roll up your sleeves and get down on your knees. Because it is the impact of the collective whole that will increase your rankings and raise your websites’ authority. Absolutely nothing short of that will work.

Pay Close Attention To What Your Competitors Are Doing
Some people can only be motivated by threats. So maybe you need to ask yourself what your competitors are doing. The immediate message you are bound to get from this exercise is that you will obviously need to do more to rank higher than them. That gives you a clear goal which in many cases has made things a lot easier for some. Just remember that you make yourself vulnerable by ignoring your local listings because you can be sure that there will be a competitor out there somewhere who will do the opposite and reap huge benefits and rewards from their efforts.

Local SEO is an extremely important part of your marketing and deserves your full attention and efforts no matter how bad your current situation is. Even if you have to start with just the little effort you can manage in the little time that you have found, a start is better than nothing and staying away, staring at the mess wondering where you will ever get the time to do all that has to be done.

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