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Friday, February 27, 2015

Most Affordable Email Marketing Tool: TrafficWave AutoResponder Review

You may have heard it said quite often that an opt-in email list is better than money in the bank. Nobody can deny the fact that permission-based email marketing works. Any online marketer is easily able to use this powerful tool to quickly build a relationship with their prospects which will inevitably lead to high volume sales. However it cannot work without an autoresponder to manage and send out emails. The challenge is always in being able to find an affordable autoresponder. This is because the norm with a vast majority of autoresponders is that as your list grows so does the amount that you have to pay the service provider to host and manage your list.

And that is probably where the rather unique Trafficwave autoresponder comes in. Admittedly this is one autoresponder for email marketing that is both extremely affordable and has some pretty compelling advantages.

Amazing Pricing
All the top super online marketers and affiliates have huge email lists and autoresponders to run them. This is the real secret behind making a super income on the World Wide Web. However autoresponders are pretty costly and you have to make payments every month to continue enjoying the services of this amazing marketing tool. And what is more, as your list grows so does the cost for your autoresponder. It can be quite a strain, especially in the initial stages where the list may not be as responsive.

That is one of the main reasons why the Trafficwave autoresponder offer is so great. In fact it is so good that there is always the danger of somebody feeling that it is way too good to be true. It charges a flat fee for unlimited use. And there is more. The fee in question is under $20. There is absolutely no way you will be able to find such a powerful and effective autoresponder for that price.

An autoresponder That Is User-friendly
Actually most of the autoresponders that I have come across not only charge you hefty fees, but this price usually comes with a tool that is normally difficult to use. In fact in some instances they are so complex that it will take most of us months to get the hang of it. Not only is Trafficwave a very affordable autoresponder but it is also fairly user-friendly. This means that you are unlikely to spend a long time trying to figure it out. The result is that you a will be able to focus on what matters most. And that is your list and how best to build it up quickly and then create offers that will get snapped up and bring in the revenues.

Critics will argue that Trafficwave is too much of a barebones auto responder that lacks a few fancy features like being able to type in your RSS feed so that emails will be sent out automatically every time you do a new post. Also you will not find those impressive graphs that may be available elsewhere. Still there are those who hail the simplicity of this autoresponder quickly pointing out the fact that it is mainly those fancy added features that make autoresponders so confusing and complex so that they are not user-friendly and require a lot of time and patience to figure out. This simplicity saves time and enables you to build your email list quickly.

Another advantage those who have used other autoresponders will find here is that it is possible to bypass the “thank you” page url as well as the confirmation page url. In other autoresponders this is practically impossible to do and it can be a tad annoying when you want to do certain things like giving away a free eBook only to people who have confirmed subscription to your list.

A Great Opportunity To Earn Money From An Excellent And Affordable autoresponder
It is quite obvious that a simple and effective product like the Trafficwave autoresponder will never have any problems rapidly picking up customers all over the place. That is why the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) opportunity also available at Trafficwave has proved to be such an exciting preposition to many. With the Matrix payment plan adopted it means that those who sign up for the site’s affiliate program will not only earn a direct commission from those visitors who sign up for the autoresponder but will also earn from all the referral business that results several lines down. In other words they will earn revenue from those introduced by the folks they have signed up as well. This result in the kind of residual income that will keep coming in again and again, month after month for an indefinite period after you have done all the initial hard work in setting up your autoresponder.

Wide Range Of Potential Customers For Any Affiliate
No matter how rosy or attractive an income generating opportunity appears to be, there is really no point in joining it if the market of potential prospects is way too small. And so the next question we must ask here is if there are enough potential customers to make this work.

Actually there are more than enough. Every internet marketer and blogger needs an autoresponder and there is really no cheaper option than Trafficwave. Add to that every kind of business you can think of from hotels and restaurants to publishers, home based businesses and even entertainers. The truth is that it is very difficult to make money online any other way. Everybody needs a good affordable autoresponder. There is hardly any other way to effectively generate interest from prospects and increase engagement leading to regular sales and revenue from your online business.

And remember that all this is residual income because each and every customer you land will need to promptly pay their subscription every month. So every time they pay you get to earn. In this way it all accumulates into a super income very quickly. The Traffic Wave affiliate program is free to join.

Whether you are just interested in using the auto responder to grow a small side business or want to use it for a major online campaign I would never hesitate in recommending Trafficwave autoresponder. It is a unique and yet affordable autoresponder that is guaranteed to work magic for you.

TrafficWave AutoResponder Review

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