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Monday, September 25, 2006

Check Your Resource Box And Anchor Text Link To Avoid Duplicate Content

To ensure that you avoid being penalized for duplicate content when posting at article directories, always make sure that you use a different resource box for every article.

Even more important, make an effort to change the anchor text you use to link the back to your site. You can target the same two word keyword phrase but add other words so that it looks different every time.

This is very important if you use article directories the way I use them. Actually I post my articles to only one articles directory which tests have shown me is by far the highest traffic, most effective articles directory for those looking to attract high traffic via your article posted at other sites. The directory I use gets articles re-posted rapidly all over the net by the huge numbers of webmasters who come calling looking for quality content.

So it save you the energy and time of having to re-post your marketing article at dozens of other sites so as to attract significant traffic. Those who have tried this posting exercise will agree with me that it takes ages to just post your article in 10 different lousy directories.

The effect of having half a dozen or so articles posted at the same time in this high traffic articles directory can end up giving you extremely high targeted traffic.

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